Advisers Assemble - Lead Generation For Financial Services

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By: Alex Curtis

How to generate leads and market your financial services business. Alex Curtis from The Lead Engine interviews industry experts and marketing professionals to discuss how you can get more leads that create more business.

Dave Corbett - Business Superhero Series
Last Monday at 5:00 AM

The man, the legend Dave Corbett joins to chat about his move to The Money Group and what he's been doing since we last chatted before lockdown!

Rhys Schofield - Business Superhero Series

Peak Mortgages is a relatively young business but they have a hefty number of Google reviews, an enviable social media presence and the coolest office in FS! Hear how Rhys has grown his brokerage and what's in store for the future.

Mark Robinson - Business Superhero Series

Mark's business is just over a year old and it's moving at an incredible rate! He now has about 4 (we lost count) brands and websites. He's learnt SEO and some Google Ads to make sure not just he but new advises have a reliable source of leads. Let's catch up with Mark Robinson from Albion Mortgages, or is it Teacher Mortgages, no it's Willsmiths, or maybe Albion Life?

Andy Storch - Business Superhero Series

Andy Storch is the author of Own Your Career, Own Your Life. We obviously chat about the book but we also dive into the world of CryptoCurrency and NFT's too.

Craig Skelton - Business Superhero Series

Host of the Mortgage Broker Broadcast and the Mortgages, Money & More podcast Mr Craig Skelton joins us to talk about creating a positive company culture. We find what makes Craig tick, what he's up to and how he's grown (and growing) his financial advice brands.

Valerie Morris - Business Superhero Series

Valerie Morris is the digital marketing superstar and author of "We're All Ears: How to increase your impact, influence, and success online in a noisy world". We find out what makes her tick and how she helps people like you.

Lewis Shaw - Business Superhero Series

The bearded enigma and mortgage broker Lewis Shaw joins Alex on the business superhero series to talk about his own podcast on how he's been in the national press recently.

Bob Gentle - Business Superhero Series

Digital Marketing Supremo and friend of the Show Mr Bob Gentle joins Alex for the business superhero series. You'll hear how Bob has changed the fortunes of the brands he works with, the importance of a personal brand and what it's like to work with Bob directly.

Equity Release Leads

An introduction to marketing your Equity Release business and generating more leads online. What are people searching for on Google? What's the size of the market? How many searches are there? What does the joe public think about Equity Release? How can you approach your marketing message so you don't attract any negativity?

Bridging Finance Leads

We talk through the size of the market, the different audience types, content ideas and what to look out for if you run some Google Ads.

Pension Leads

For more information on Pension Leads head to our website.

A New Hope - Joseph Bojang - Business Superhero

Learn more about Joseph:

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Why Is Tom Getting Pizza Ads On Instagram 100 Miles Away From Home?

We discuss the changes in Social Media Advertising.

The Apple privacy restrictions in Apps.

An experiment on Facebook & Instagram comparing the privacy tracking.

We also talk about the FCA authorisation to advertise in Google.

What budgets do you need for Facebook advertising?

More info about Financial Services PPC


Google Display (Banner) Ads FAQs

We answer your questions on Google Display ads so you can get a much better understanding of what is possible. What is the display network? Do you have to make the banners? Can you do animated banners? Who sees the ads? How much do they cost? Are they good for lead gen? Search & Display combined, is that good?

PPC (Pay Per Click) - FAQs - Part 1 - Google Search Ads

We answer your questions on Google Search Pay Per Click ads so you can get a much better understanding of what is possible. Why and when would you use Google Ads? How much do they cost and when do you pay? What affects the price? Do people click the ads? Should you run ads on your brand name? What can you have on your ad?

9 Ways To Generate Mortgage Leads - Part 2

We run through 9 ways that you can generate mortgage leads with digital marketing. In part 2 we discuss email marketing, Facebook Ads, creating your own audiences and generating more leads from your existing website visitors.

9 Ways To Generate Mortgage Leads - Part 1 (The Top 4)

We run through 9 ways that you can generate mortgage leads with digital marketing. In part 1 we discuss why creating content is so important, Google Maps and Google Ads.

Mortgage Broker Franchise Model - The Mortgage Store

Imagine launching your new business with over 1400 five star reviews on Trustpilot and your branding, website and systems already sorted for you! Being able to run your own firm but with the right support around you too. Sounds too good to be true? That's why we have spoken to a franchisee (Paul Mclean - TMS Bristol) and also Mark Deane from The Mortgage Store.

What Is Unique About Marketing For Financial Services?

There a lot of marketing "experts" and most of them give very similar advice with a broad brush. But convincing someone to call you to discuss their finances is very different to buying a pair of trainers from sports direct right? So shouldn't we have a different strategy when marketing financial services? We think so, and we discuss why and how it's unique in this episode. Giving you some ideas to think a bit differently to Joe Bloggs the marketing expert who insists you need to write an eBook lead magnet.

Your SEO Questions Answered

We answer your SEO questions like: Should I use pages or posts? Should I make specific pages for "Keywords"? What is better SEO or PPC? Are Meta tags important? What are backlinks? And how do you get more?

Batman Vs Superwoman - The Protecion Parent - Karla Edwards

You may have seen Karla Edwards on Linkedin with some incredibly entertaining videos originally designed for TicToc. If you're struggling to pluck up the courage to post a video or do something a little bit different then I'm sure you'll be inspired by Karla's journey.

Bring Your Story To Life - Rosalia Lazarra

Rosalia brings adviser's stories to life on Social Media. With a background in financial services and a strong, unique and entertaining social media presence herself Rosalia is one of the industries go-to personalities for online coaching. She is definitely someone you'll want to hear from if you're looking to up your game on social.

Recruitment & Business Development - Mike O'Brien - OB1 Financial

Mike is the guy firms speak to if they need to find an awesome new adviser and/or they're thinking of going DA. OB1 Financial work with mortgage brokers from the day they step off their Cemap course right through to growing their own successful brokerages. They’ll help you find your first role in the industry, then support you while you grow and develop your career to the next level. They provide business development services to assist you in creating the best possible foundation to build your business from. Connections with industry-leading firms, they can ensure you’re talking with...

My Brand, My Way - Craig Skelton

Host of "Mortgages, Money & More" and the "Mortgage Broker Broadcast" podcast (Which launched since we recorded!). Craig Skelton founder of CS Mortgage Solutions and CS Retirement Solutions joins us this week to discuss "My Brand, My Way". There are quite a few options for Advisers who want to set up their own brand, you could go DA, be an AR, use a franchise model, join a network (almost endless!). My Brand, My Way is a great opportunity to have your own thing but with a load of support too. Tune in to find out more.

Digital Marketing KPI's - Part 3 - Website Analytics

Where advisers can look in Google Analytics to see if there are any problems with their website that's stopping people from enquiring. We look at "on-site" metrics using Google Analytics (GA) so you can quickly see if your website is being engaged with. How many people visit your website from different channels (social, search etc.) and how do they interact, how long do they spend on the site and how many convert to enquiry. After this episode, you'll be able to take a quick look at GA to see if you need to make any changes to your website that...

Digital Marketing KPI's - Part 2 - SEO

What advisers can look at to see if their website is climbing the Google rankings, so they can work on getting more free traffic and quality leads. We look at SEO KPI's mainly within Google Search Console so you can quickly and easily see how your website is performing on Google. How many times has one of you pages been visible on a Google search and how many clicks have you had? What search terms are you ranking for? At the end of the episode, you should be able to see where you need to improve when it comes to...

Digital Marketing KPI's - Part 1 - Google Ads

What advisers can look at to fix their Google Ads if they aren't performing well so they can generate more enquiries for their budget. We talk through the KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) that we look at when running Google Ads because unfortunately, you can't just create a cookie-cutter campaign. At the end of this episode, you'll be able to check your Google Ads campaign to see whether it's the ad, the keyword, the bids or the website that's not performing.

Making The Most Of Instagram - Lauren V Davis

Lauren V Davis dropped an excellent talk at our virtual conference back in March 2020 and she's back to share more about Instagram. Instagram is a great place to let people see the real you and help them buy into you as a person. Tune in to Lauren let us know the things that we can do to make the most of it and download her free guide with 100+ social media prompts: And make sure you connect with Lauren on Instagram: Plus here's the link to her amazing Facebook group: https...

Reviews! Which Platform And When To Ask

Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Feefo,, Vouched For ... the list goes on! It's no surprise we're often asked which is the best reviews platform. There's also some debate on when's the best time to ask for a review. As usual, the answer is "It depends..." So listen in as we deep dive on all things reviews.

Streamlining your Content Creation - Amanda Brown

Content is much easier to create when you follow some structure. We all know how important great content is, but it's so time-consuming at the best of times. And we don't want to spend a load of time creating something that isn't going to have any impact. So after randomly meeting on Clubhouse and an entertaining chat we found that Amanda Brown could really help us all solve this problem. So tune in and check outh her awesome blog post about streamlining your content: Connect with Amanda on Linkedin:

Complex Let Packaging - Market Harborough Building Society

In the final part of the complex let series Alex sits down with Tina Long and Anna Asbury from Market Harborough Building Society. In this episode you'll hear: What is meant by complex let in the market? And what does it mean to MHBS? What is the availability of mortgages like for complex let? What types of complex income types could this include? What’s different about the MHBS approach that allows them to consider complex let cases? More info on complex let relating to older borrowers. Which areas of complex lending are MHSB seeing most often in 2021? Does a mo...

Complex Let Marketing Opportunity

In this week’s podcast episode we discuss the opportunities on Google when it comes to complex let cases. You’ll hear the number of Google searches for: Listed properties Multi-unit properties Foreign currency First-time landlords Holiday lets Older borrowers We’ll also share as much advice, hints and tips as possible if you’re planning on attracting more complex let cases.

Are People Looking For Financial Advice On Their Mobile, Desktop, Tablet or Smart Speaker?

Tom & Alex delve through some stats when it comes to Google searches on mobile phones. Is the mobile search market still growing? Do people still search on desktops and tablets too? Are people using smart speakers like Alexa to search? Can consumers actually use their mobiles more than they do now and is the use of tablets declining?

Tik Tok & Clubhouse - Ash Borland

Friend of the show Ash Borland joins us this time to chat through his experiences with Tik Tok and Clubhouse. We'll of course share some top tips for both platforms and whether you should adopt them as part of your marketing plans.

Most Important Pages On Your Website

Is the homepage of a website a front door? A shop window? The cover of a book? Is it even that important? If the homepage is not the cover of a book then which pages are the most important?

Missed Inbound Opportunities? Phone Tracking

We use phone tracking to see how many inbound enquiries our clients get from Google Ads. It makes our reporting more accurate and easier for us to make decisions on what's working. It also brings a whole host of other benefits which we talk through for you.

How Important Are Brand Guidelines - Caz Cusumano

Caz is one of (if not actually) the best designer I have ever worked with. He's worked with some huge brands and some local businesses too. We discuss what brand guidelines are, why you need them and what they should include.

An SEO Journey With Jamie Thompson & Mark Robinson

Mark and Jamie launched their businesses in the 2020 lockdown and are now getting mortgage leads via Google. Some from ads and some organically from Google using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is their journey from a brand new website to ranking on page 1 of Google. How it works and what they've learned.

Getting A Great Deal When Selling Your Firm - Martin Lightbowne

Martin Lightbowne is looking to acquire more mortgage and accountancy businesses. It was a great opportunity to discuss why? How is this good for him and the seller? Martin also explains how he's generating life leads on Facebook and quite a bit of detail on how his brands have grown over the last few years.

Life Insurance Leads

The numbers behind life insurance lead generation. We discuss the size of the audience online in terms of search volumes on Google and the Facebook audience too. Do people just expect to get a quote online or do they want to chat with someone?