Advisers Assemble - Lead Generation For Financial Services

40 Episodes

By: Alex Curtis

How to generate leads and market your financial services business. Alex Curtis from The Lead Engine interviews industry experts and marketing professionals to discuss how you can get more leads that create more business.

How Long Does SEO Take?
Last Tuesday at 5:00 AM

From the team at The Lead Engine we share some of the fundamentals about SEO for financial services as it's one of the ways that we generate mortgage leads, financial planning leads, bridging leads and later life lending leads.

How Much Should I Spend On Google Ads?

It's been a year since our last Google Ads FAQs episode so we've done a little update for you. We're often asked how much you need to spend on ads, what you need and how it works. Tom Maplethorpe and Alex Curtis discuss everything about Google Ads for financial services.

Google's "Helpful Content Update"

We've had a request to share our thoughts on a recent Google algorithm update so Tom Maplethorpe joins Alex to discuss. There are some interesting choice of words in Google's release, we dissect whether we're making any changes to how we work or if it's business as usual.

Different Content For Different Searches - Tom Maplethorpe & Alex Curtis

In this episode, you'll hear whether people actually read content on websites, because financial services is boring right? You'll hear about the different types of searches like informational, transactional and commercial searches. We also discuss what type of content works with each type of search. Much less complicated than it sounds!

Alex Curtis - The Lead Engine - Business Superhero Series

Alex Curtis, Founder of The Lead Engine and host of this podcast is in the guest seat this time to answer his own business superhero series questions!

Reels On Facebook & Instagram - Ash Borland

Reels are short videos, normally around a minute and some brokers are getting millions of views and hundreds of leads. Ash Borland joins us to discuss whether this is an easy-to-do sustainable source of leads or whether is it harder than it looks.

Cleaning Up Lead Gen - Alain Desmier - Contact State

Alain Desmier set up Contact State to help clean up the lead buying industry using innovative tech. Contact State helps companies buy confidently and profitably from Europe’s best and most trusted lead generation firms. We catch up on what's changed since we last heard from Alain (ep35) three years ago! We discuss what the imminent "Consumer Duty" means for advertisers in Financial Services and why we all agree that this is actually a good thing!

Website Audits - What We Look At

You'll find out why websites are so important and why some websites can climb the Google rankings much faster than others. In this episode, Alex talks you through the key components we look at when performing a website audit, from how the website could get more visitors to converting those visitors into enquiries.

Marketing Advice For Low Budgets - Valerie Morris

Valerie is addicted to learning and consuming knowledge. She is a digital marketing strategist, speaker, author, and trainer who helps busy experts share their brand message and expertise with the world with the power of authority-building content. She helps them position them as the leaders in the field with the power of digital marketing, social media, and strategic content. She also teaches others how to do the same to with smart systems for strategic marketing success. Valerie has built a successful digital agency from the ground up and has seen digital trends evolve literally in front of her eyes. Valerie...

Linkedin - What's New? How Should I Use It? - Louise Brogan

Louise's YouTube Channel:

Louise's Linkedin:



Emma Mills - MiPa - Business Superhero Series

Some of the best leads are the people who call you directly. It sounds obvious but if you miss that call then that opportunity has gone. No matter the size of the business it's normally rare that someone is free to answer straight away. This is why so many advisers use a call answering service like MiPa which also helps out with admin too. Emma and her team work with quite a few broker firms answering their calls, booking appointments and with the admin side too. She's also a brilliant marketer too so you'll pick up a few content marketing...

Remortgage Leads - Thing you need to know

If an adviser or firm is looking for a cash flow boost they often look for remortgage leads. By some, it’s seen as quicker and easier business so naturally, they want to get more leads in. I wish it was dead simple to get in some cheap, easy, quality remortgage leads but unfortunately, it isn’t. You're up against public perception (of whether they need advice), some stiff competition and no real favours from Google. If you do look to get some more remortgage leads we want you to at least go in with your eyes wide open.

Julia Smith - Openwork - Business Superhero Series

If you need a shot of adrenaline then this chat is it! Alex came away feeling very motivated after this chat and got loads of work done that afternoon! Julia Smith is a regional business consultant for the Openwork Partnership and works with a lot of successful firms in the network. We discuss why Openwork is a great network and what she sees all the great firms doing day in, day out. You'll get to know her a bit better with all the usual superhero questions too!

Pete Matthew - Financial Planner With A Massive Waiting List

Our first ever guest from episode 1 joins us for this 200th Episode special. We catch up with Pete Matthew from the Meaningful Money podcast to find out more about him, his firm and his content marketing strategy.

Things You Need To Know About Financial Services Websites - Part 5 - A PPC Perspective

Should you be thinking about Pay Per Click advertising before you launch your new website? If so what exactly do you need to consider? Tom Maplethorpe joins Alex Curtis to discuss exactly this.

Things You Need To Know About Financial Services Websites - Part 4 - Your Personal Brand

Should you put your face on your website? Do people want to know who you and your team are? Bob Gentle join us to discuss whether you should consider featuring your personal brand on your website.

Things You Need To Know About Financial Services Websites - Part 3 - An SEO Perspective with Pete Everitt

Pete Everitt is a Digital Strategist & Consultant | Helping businesses achieve through Web Development, SEO and Digital Marketing.

He is the co-founder of

Director of:

Check out his podcast:


Things You Need To Know About Financial Services Websites - Part 2 - Hosting & Security

In part 2 of "Things You Need To Know About Financial Services Websites" covers website hosting and security. This should help you make the right decision in which hosting package and company you use to ensure your site loads quickly and doesn't get hacked!

Things You Need To Know About Financial Services Websites - Part 1 - Domains

There are some important things you need to know if you have or are planning on launching a website. Alex shares some key lessons so you can avoid some incredibly stressful situations. Here's everything you need to know about domain names.

Online Lead Generation - Replicate What's Great About Referrals

When you understand what's great about your favourite lead source you can then start to replicate the quality. In this episode, we uncover your favourite lead source and deconstruct what's great about the enquiries. We then use this to work out how we should market our business. It's the ultimate introduction to online lead generation.

Marketing Acronyms & Jargon

Confused by all the marketing acronyms and jargon? Alex goes through some of the terms you may need to know if you're working with an agency, freelancer or doing things yourself.

Paul Lewis - Business Superhero Series

Please help support Paul raise money for Cancer Research UK

"In 2022, I wanted to find a fundraising event that was very different, something that might inspire people to donate their hard earned money.

Now the dieting, hard work and sacrifice begins to make sure I’m ready for Fri 13th May, I am no spring chicken so this is without doubt the hardest challenge of my life.

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My Social Media Journey - Alex Curtis

First of all, I don’t claim to be a social media expert, influencer or strategist. Our business creates social media content but it’s not a core part of our service. We don’t rely on getting leads for our clients or our own business through social media. Social media has had an impact on my business though so I want to explain how, why and what I do, then how this can be used for advisers. You'll hear: Why do I use social media? Why I don’t try and help everyone with everything Why I don't post much as...

Digital Marketing Strategies For Wealth Management

For more information check our Digital Marketing Strategies For Wealth Management article

Commercial Finance Appointed Representative Network Proposition - Mark Grant - Fiducia Commercial Solutions

For more information take a look at the commercial finance broker network opportunity.

Tips For Being A Guest On Someone's Podcast

We're joined by our very own Tessa Snart, full-time podcast executive at The Lead Engine to give you tips on how best to prepare for being a podcast guest. If you've never done it before it can be a bit daunting as we naturally fear the unknown. But don't worry we've got your back with some useful prep and tech advice to put you at ease. What you'll find in the end is that it's actually quite enjoyable and you'll catch the bug for it!

Jon Stones - Mortgage 1st - Business Superhero Series

From humble beginnings, in 2008 Jon Stones has grown Mortgage 1st as a one-man band into an incredibly successful mortgage brokerage with over 40 staff. Part of the Stonebridge network Jon was a prolific adviser but now along with his wife and the rest of the senior management team work on the business strategy and growth. Jon shares some great advice on why and how you can do the same and you'll hear the usual super hero questions too!

Ash Borland - Business Superhero Series

He's appeared on the podcast more than he's had hot dinners but this will be his first appearance on the business superhero series. Expect plenty of banter, podcasting and mortgage marketing advice.

Anish Patel - Business Superhero Series

Having seen how Anish had dealt with some repulsive trolls we knew he definitely deserved the title of a business superhero! He's a consistent video content creator and has just started building up his team. Here his story today!

Chris Barker - Business Superhero Series

Chris Barker is the principal of Manchester Money which was one of the first companies within the Money Group. Chris is now at a point where he's not advising now so he can fully work on the business, rather than in it. You'll hear Chris' journey, some advice he would give his younger self and of course the usual super hero questions.

The Mortgage Marketing Forum

Mortgage Marketing Forum is a community for marketers and business owners within the mortgage and specialist lending sectors. They run a series of events to give you tips and insights that are relevant to marketing in the mortgage market The Forum is run by Alex Hammond, Paul Hunt and Jeff Knight. In Short: The Forum is built by marketers, run by marketers for marketers. Listen in to hear more about it.

Emmanuel Asuquo - Business Superhero Series

Emmanuel Asuquo - Financial Adviser as seen on Channel 4, BBC One and ITV is one of the loveliest people you are likely to meet. As Channel 4’s Financial Expert on the popular primetime show, “Save Well, Spend Better”, he helps people identify and change the habits and behaviours that keep them from financial freedom. He's a qualified and regulated financial adviser and motivational speaker, hired by companies to deliver transformative workshops to equip employees with the tools to understand and navigate the financial landscape in a simple, yet effective way. Where he's been seen: BBC 1's Morning Live (Finance Expert), LBC Ne...

Graham Taylor - Business Superhero Series

“But you don’t look like mortgage advisors” Nope. You won’t find any stuffy suits or ties here. It’s not that we don’t take your mortgage application seriously, it’s just that we don’t feel the need to hide behind a corporate image. We want you to know that we are real people, just like you. The above is taken from Graham Taylor's mortgage firm website and completely sums up the wonderful business. Although I'm sure he takes it for granted there's some real courage in going against the grain. Hear Graham's story today!

Broker's View Of Spectrum Advice Network

Both Jim Smyth (First Stop Mortgages & Protection) & Martin Lightbowne (OnPoint Financial) are using the Spectrum Advice Network White Label Wealth Management (check last week's interview with Paul Brown from Spectrum). Find out what they really think - Spoiler Alert it's very positive.

Extra Recurring Revenue For Mortgage Brokers - Paul Brown From Spectrum Advice Network

See for more details or email Paul directly

Marcus Nanson - Business Superhero Series

Marcus Nanson helps firms recruit new advisers, but he's been sharing loads of advice on Linkedin about how to make your firm be an attractive proposition too. We wanted to find out more about him, his company and recruitment best practices.

Thomas Honour - Business Superhero Series

Thomas Honour returns for the 4th time! to give us an update on his journey. You'll hear the prequels to this one in episodes 52, 55 and 91. Hear how Thomas used to get most of his business through social media but is now a lot more reliant on his website from being the number one firm in his area on Google maps.

Graham Wilson (Trackerhub) - Business Superhero Series

Graham Wilson from tracker hub returns to let us know the progress of his software that brings advisers, introducers and business together. Trackerhub is a unique fast-track portal for referrals and personal cases. We've only heard great things about it from our clients that use it. To learn more about Graham and Trackerhub then tune in!

Richard Crow - Business Superhero Series

What an absolute legend! From ÂŁ50k in debt with mental health and drug addiction problems to growing brokerage and a financial transformation course. There's also a lot of chat about a stray cat that you won't want to miss. Richard Crow is an absolute character and we're delighted to introduce you to him.

Pascal Fintoni - Business Superhero Series

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