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The Animals To The Max Podcast is about animals and the people who dedicate their lives to them. Hosted by nationally recognized animal expert Corbin Maxey (Today Show, Tonight Show, Late Night) each episode will feature a guest that works in an animal-related field and explore their passion and adventures while working with animals.  

Aussie Wild!
Last Monday at 11:00 AM

We’re heading down under for this week’s show with “Aussie Wild” Creator, Lachlan Onegin-Ward. He’s a wildlife enthusiast who specializes in Australian wildlife. Lachlan discusses capturing venomous snakes, avoiding dangerous Saltwater Crocodiles, and rescuing kangaroos!

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Loch Ness Monster!!!

In this episode, I sit-down with blogger, author, and Loch Ness Monster enthusiast, Roland Watson. Roland has been intrigued by the monster for over 30 years and has a popular blog, Loch Ness Mystery, that has millions of hits. In the interview, Roland goes over why he believes the Loch Ness Monster is real and he responds to critics. This is a very FASCINATING interview whether you believe or not!

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Sandhill Crane Migration: Travel Tips & Why YOU Need To Plan A Trip To Nebraska!

In this special edition episode, I recap my recent visit to central Nebraska to witness one of nature’s greatest migrations! Over one million Sandhill Cranes stop in central Nebraska every year from mid-February to mid-April to recharge and refuel along Nebraska’s Platte River. It’s credited as one of the last great spectacles on earth and I experience it firsthand! In this episode, I go over travel tips, what to do, what NOT TO DO, and why you and your family need to plan a trip to see the cranes ASAP!

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The Great Sandhill Crane Migration with Crane Trust President Brice Krohn.

I’m on assignment in central Nebraska to cover one of the GREATEST MIGRATIONS on the planet! Over 1 million Sandhill Cranes flock to this area from mid-February to mid-April. I sit-down with Crane Trust President, Brice Krohn. We discuss the Sandhill Cranes, why they migrate to Nebraska, what the Crane Trust is doing to preserve their habitat, and how YOU can witness this spectacle in person!

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National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore

In this episode, I interview world-renowned photographer, speaker, author, and conservationist, Joel Sartore. Joel has been working with the National Geographic for over 30 years. He has visited over 40 countries and photographed thousands of different species. He founded the National Geographic Photo Ark. It’s a multiyear effort to document every species living in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts. To date he has photographed 11.500 species. His goal is to reach 20,000 species!

As you’ll find out in the interview, Joel initially reached out to me to phot...

Pygmy Seahorses & Coral Reefs with Dr. Richard Smith

In this episode, I sit-down with marine biologist, photographer, and author of The World Beneath: The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs. Dr. Richard Smith. We discuss coral reefs, diving around the world, and his work studying TINY pygmy seahorses!

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Animal Expert & TV Personality Jarod Miller

In this episode, I sit-down with Animal Expert, TV Personality, and Zoologist, Jarod Miller. Jarod is known from his numerous appearances on national television from shows like “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “The Today Show”, and “The Rachael Ray Show”, among many others. Jarod also hosts the syndicated program, Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller. Jarod has worked with many exotic animals and at one time was the youngest zoo director in the country! This is MUST-LISTEN for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the zoological world!

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Ghosts Of The Mountains: Snow Leopards

In this episode, we talk about one of the most elusive animals on the planet: The Ghost Of The Mountains AKA Snow Leopards!!!! I sit-down with Koustubh Sharma, a senior regional ecologist from the Snow Leopard Trust. He has been studying snow leopards for 14 years. We discuss their elusive habits, conflicts with local farmers, their genetic relationship with tigers, and Koustubh shares a thrilling story about his WILD encounter with a Snow Leopard!

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Amazon John & Boa Bryce From "Silly Safaris" Wildlife Education Company

In this episode, I sit-down with “Amazon John” and “Boa Bryce” from Silly Safaris, a wildlife education company based in Indiana. Founder John tells his story about leaving the Indianapolis Zoo to pursue his dreams of opening his own wildlife education company. Topics include how the business has been affected by COVID, funny stories from the road, and how Bryce trained a crab-eating raccoon!

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Polar Bear Killed By Another Bear At Detroit Zoo: What Went Wrong?

In this episode, I sit-down with my friend and zookeeper, Matt Price. Matt has been working in the zoological field for 20 years, 7 of which has been with polar bears. We discuss the incident at the Detroit Zoo where 20 year old female polar bear, Anana, was killed by Nuka, a male polar bear. Topics include the aggressive nature of polar bear breeding, what preventive measures are in place to prevent accidents like this, and what it’s like to care for polar bears in human care.

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Rare Wolverine In Yellowstone: EXCLUSIVE Interview!!!

In this special edition show, I interview Dan Stahler, a wildlife biologist who has been working at Yellowstone National Park for 23 years. Dan shares the exciting news of a wolverine recently caught on a trail cam outside of Mammoth Hot Springs. Find out how rare wolverines are, how many they believe are in the park, and what YOUR chances are of seeing one in Yellowstone!

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Episode 111 The Wolverine Foundation

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Rattlesnakes with Alex The Critter Catcher

What do you do if you find a rattlesnake in your yard??? In this episode, I interview Alex the Critter Catcher! Alex specializes in removing rattlesnakes and other exotic animals in California. You’ll learn all about rattlesnakes in this episode and also learn why they are so incredibly important for the ecosystem! Other topics include what to do if you are accidentally bit by a rattlesnake…SPOILER ALERT: You are more likely to be killed by a cow!

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Planning A Trip To The Grand Canyon? What YOU Need To Know!

In this special edition episode, I recount my recent trip to the Grand Canyon National Park. I share insider travel tips, including the best times to visit the Grand Canyon, which part of the park you should visit for the best views, silence, and to get away from the crowds! Whether you’re visiting the south rim, north rim, or the west rim, this podcast is a MUST LISTEN for anyone wanting to visit the iconic Grand Canyon!

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Zookeeper Mel!

In this episode, I interview Zookeeper Mel, an animal care supervisor at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Mel has worked with over 160 different species. She gives great insight on anyone who wants to get into the animal care field and shares HILARIOUS stories along the way!

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Animal Expert & Adventurer Coyote Peterson!

In this episode, I interview animal expert, author, adventurer, and YouTube personality, Coyote Peterson. Known from his Brave Wilderness Channel on YouTube, his videos have garnered over 3.8 BILLION views and the channel alone has 18.1 million subscribers. Coyote tells it all in this very canid interview!

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Goodbye 2020: End Of Year Recap!!!

"Gator Boys" Chris Gillette

In this episode, I sit down with wildlife biologist, photographer, and videographer Chris Gillette. Known for his role in Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys” TV Show, Chris has been working up-close with predators like sharks, crocodiles, alligators, and snakes for over 20+ years. Chris operates underwater Alligator tours and Shark Snorkeling Trips for those interested!

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Top 10 Holiday Pet Tips!

In this special edition show, I go over my Top 10 Holiday Tips to keep your pets safe during the holidays! PLUS a BONUS TIP that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

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Wildlife Expert & Zoo Miami Spokesperson Ron Magill

In this episode, I interview wildlife expert, photographer, and communications director of Zoo Miami, Ron Magill. Ron has been working with animals for over 45 years. He has made NUMEROUS appearances on top TV shows including Good Morning America, Letterman, the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and MORE! He’s also a passionate conservationist and has raised millions to save wild animals and wild habitats. Ron is an inspiration that YOU are going to LOVE!

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The Exciting Adventures Of A Vet Tech!

In this episode, I sit-down with certified vet technician, Danielle Coffman. Danielle talks about how an early encounter with a manatee at SeaWorld, led her down a path of wanting to pursue a career working with animals. She has worked with many exotics including Killer Whales, Nile Crocodiles, manatees, tropical fish, elephants, and rhinos. If you’ve ever wanted insight of what it’s like working in a vet-related field, THIS is the podcast for you!

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Why Does The U.S President Pardon A Turkey?

In this special Thanksgiving Day show, I go over the origin of the U.S Presidents Pardoning a Turkey. Why they do it, what happens to the turkeys afterwards, AND an update on my pet turkey TOM!

Tom the Turkey YouTube video

Top Ten Turkey Facts Podcast

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The Most Interesting Animal You've Never Heard Of: The Okapi

Season Four debut episode featuring one of the most mysterious animals we’ve ever had on the show…The OKAPI! Joining me is special guest, Lucas Meers, the Program Officer for The Okapi Conservation Project. Learn about the giraffe’s strange relative that lives deep in the Congo!!!

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Growing Up with Cheetahs, Bearcats, Penguins, & Jack Hanna!

In this episode, I interview Brannon Rapp. She currently works at the Animal Ambassador Programs Department at the world famous, Columbus Zoo. Brannon has been around animals for as long as she can remember. She talks about her favorite memories growing up with exotic animals and what it’s like training cheetahs, bearcats, and penguins. She also goes into detail what it was like growing up around Jack Hanna and filming for Nat Geo’s “Secrets Of The Zoo”.

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Moving My 500 lb. Alligator!

In this special edition episode, I sit down with my friends, Tyler and Robert, to recount how we recently moved my 500 lb. American Alligator named “Soni”. Other topics include Dwarf Caimans, why alligators don’t make good pets, and a detailed discussion on how to move crocodilians.

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Shadows In The Forest: Philippine Eagles

In this episode, I interview Lohwana Halaq, an animal keeper and trainer from the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Lohwana is the first woman in history to ever train a Philippine Eagle to fly to her glove. She discusses the rare Philippine Eagle and how the foundation is using innovative techniques to save the eagle from extinction!

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Champawat Tiger, Grizzy Guy, & MORE Man-Eater Stories w/ The Force Of Nature Podcast

In this episode, I sit-down with Matthew Hamilton and David Bodtcher from The Force Of Nature Podcast. We discuss more Man-Eater stories throughout history including the Champawat Tiger, responsible for killing 436 people. We also cover the ‘Grizzly Guy’ Timothy Treadwell and his unfortunate encounter with a rogue male Grizzly Bear. Other topics include leopards, sharks, and more information about the Tsavo Man-Eating Lions. This episode is NOT FOR KIDS!

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'Cougar Guy' Goes Viral After Six Minute Cougar Encounter Captured On Video!

In this special edition episode, I sit-down with ‘Cougar Guy’ AKA Kyle Burgess. Kyle was hiking in Provo, Utah when he came across a Mountain Lion and her cubs. The angry mother lion followed Kyle for nearly six minutes, trying to steer him away from her young. Kyle recalls the terrifying encounter and I ask him YOUR QUESTIONS. Why didn’t he throw rocks? Why did he approach Mountain Lion cubs? Would he go hiking in the area again? Kyle answers all your questions and more!

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MAN-EATERS: Discussion with All Creatures Podcast!

In this episode, I have a round-table discussion with Chris and Angie from The All Creatures Podcast about MAN-EATERS! We discuss the famous man eating Tsavo Lions, sharks, tigers, crocodiles, and a Top Ten list of the deadliest animals. This is a spooky episode you don’t want to miss!

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Wild Grizzly Bears, Wolves, & Moose: My First Trip To Yellowstone!

In this episode, I recount my recent trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks! This is a MUST listen for anyone wanting to visit!!!

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Grizzly Bear Eating Elk Carcass Video

Black Bear, Wolves, and Road-blocking Bison Video

Searching For A Moose In Bear Country YouTube Video

Grizzly Bear Kills Bull Elk in the Yellowstone River, Hayden Valley YouTube Video

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Planning A Trip To Yellowstone: What YOU Need To Know!

In this episode, I go over my TOP TIPS when planning a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. I discuss the best places to view wildlife, the best times to visit the parks, what to expect, how to stay safe, what to do if a bear attacks you, and MORE! If you are dreaming of visiting Yellowstone one day, THIS is a must listen!

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Searching For A Moose In Bear Country YouTube Video

Grizzly Bear Kills Bull Elk in the Yellowstone River, Hayden...

Hunt For A Keeper

In this episode, I welcome Tiffany AKA “Hunt For A Keeper”. Tiffany is an animal care professional who has gone viral on TikTok with over 2 million followers. Tiffany discusses how she uses her massive platform to raise awareness about animals and wildlife conservation. She also discusses her role as a manager and common issues in the animal care industry. We also discuss ‘Tiger King’, Carole Baskin, and what it’s like taking care of exotic cats. Other topics include hunting, and why Tiffany is proud to call herself a hunter. This is a great episode with a lot of insight...

Wolves! Wolves! Wolves!

In this episode, I speak with wolf activist and caretaker, Anthony Seiler. He’s been working at the Wolf Creek Habitat in Brookville, Indiana for nearly five years and currently cares for 38 Gray Wolves. We discuss common myths and misconceptions about wolves, and what it’s like caring for them!

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Jaguars in Arizona

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Melanie Culver, a scientist from USGS Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit and The University of Arizona. Dr. Culver and her team study jaguars in southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. Since 2011, they have studied jaguars by using camera traps. We cover a variety of topics including how many jaguars are currently in the United States, what they’re eating, how they co-exist with cougars, human and wildlife conflict, the border wall, and much more!

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Red Wolves, Backyard Wildlife, & More!

In this episode, I speak with naturalist John Pollpeter. For 23 years, he has worked at the Woodlands Nature Station, a nature center in Kentucky. Animals he works with include the critically endangered Red Wolf, one of the rarest carnivores on the planet. John is also blind, and discusses his journey and how he turned his disability, into an opportunity traveling the world. Other topics include backyard wildlife, bats, and how to live with venomous snakes!

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Feeding Sharks For Tourism: Is This BAD?

In this episode, I sit down with shark conservationist and marine turtle specialist, Carlee Jackson. Carlee has just finished her thesis on the effects of feeding sharks for tourism in Belize, and shares her findings. We also discuss her early beginnings, close shark encounters, and sea turtles!

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Cocaine Hippos!

In this episode, we discuss ‘Cocaine Hippos’ AKA the invasive hippos in South America that escaped from drug lord Pablo Escobar’s private zoo. He started out with four, now there are over 100 invasive hippos in South America. Joining me on the show to discuss these ‘Cocaine Hippos’ is scientist, Dr. Jonathan Shurin. He’s from the Section of Ecology, Behavior and Evolution at the University of California. Jonathan has been studying the ecological impact of these hippos and gives us some insight on these alien inhabitants!

LA TIMES ARTICLE featuring Dr. Jonathan Shurin:


In honor of SHARK WEEK, I invite senior aquarist and shark expert, Krissy Podczerwinski on the show. Krissy goes over her favorite Top 10 Shark Facts! We also discuss what it’s like working with sharks on a daily basis and what it’s like cage diving with a Great White Shark!

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Killing 'Free Willy' Author & Former SeaWorld Trainer

In this episode, I interview former SeaWorld Killer Whale Trainer and author of “Killing Keiko: The True Story of Free Willy’s Return to the Wild”, Mark Simmons. Mark has been working with and training marine mammals for 30 years. Mark discusses what it was like training Killer Whales at SeaWorld, including “Tilikum”, the whale who killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010. He also discusses the documentary “Blackfish” and what the filmmakers left out. Mark then dives into his experience assisting with the “Keiko Project”, a failed attempt at trying to return ‘Free Willy’ whale “Keiko” back to the wild.

Order Mark’s book “Kill...

Secrets Of An Animal Trainer with Karli Wadman

In this episode, I speak with animal trainer, Karli Wadman. She’s been working with and training domestic and exotic animal for 15 years. She’s a proud graduate of Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal and Training Management Program (E.A.T.M.) We discuss the various animals she’s worked with: From hornbills to dogs! She also recalls hilarious stories from her work at SeaWorld San Diego’s Pets Rule Show and gives advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career working with animals!

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Top Zookeeper Questions Answered with Jungle Jordan!

Just in time for National Zoo Keeper Week, I have Jordan Veasley on the show, AKA Jungle Jordan. He’s worked in the animal care industry for several years and currently resides at the Cougar Mountain Zoo. Jordan and I discuss the most common zookeeper questions and give advice for those wanting to pursue a career working with animals!

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