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When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand-up comedian or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real-life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics. Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want to be answered.

Brandy and Julie on My Night with Jason Bateman, Danny Masterson’s Divorce and RHSLC
Last Thursday at 6:30 AM

I’m back with Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman! Bijou Phillips is divorcing Danny Masterson. More women come forward with allegations against Russell Brand. Cindy Crawford calls out Oprah. The RHONY women are flexing on each other…about who had the worst childhood. RHOSLC is insane! Meredith became English, and Mary is saving the show. Kim Zolciak is on Surreal Life. We demand justice for Brandi Glanville. And finally, I share some juice about a night out in Jason Bateman’s limo. Enjoy!

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Shannon Beador’s DUI, Russell Brand Allegations and Real Housewives’ Futures with Zack Peter
Last Tuesday at 6:30 AM

A Real Housewife of OC was arrested for a DUI hit-and-run, and I dig into some of the details as interpreted by my sister, a DUI attorney. What will this mean for Shannon Beador’s career? Drew Barrymore did a cringe video but then pulled the plug on the return of her talk show after receiving backlash. Bethenny Frankel’s middle-class cosplay backfired when she added saving retail employees into the mix. The Sister Wives have some regrets, and Comedian Russell Brand is accused of sexual assault by numerous victims.

Then, I’m joined by Zac...

Britney's New BF, Drew Barrymore, Sandoval Blocked with Guy Branum

Comedian Guy Branum jumps on to discuss his time writing for the VMAs, and how artist beefs are orchestrated. Kyle's husband Mauricio is on Dancing with the Stars, while she’s dancing in Paris with Morgan Wade. Britney Spears’ rumored boyfriend has quite the past. Guy shares his insight on how the return of Drew Barrymore's show could affect the WGA strike. I’m confident the RHOA reunion was schemed up by some of the cast members. Dorinda has a new face. Amy Schumer has to delete more jokes. Guy shares about his time working for Ashton Kutcher. I’ve never...

Jimmy Fallon, Ashton Kutcher, and Substance Recovery with Joshua Reed

Carl from Summer House has given a statement about ending his engagement with Lindsay. Jimmy Fallon’s employees have some shocking things to say about the work environment…why does this always seem to happen with talk shows? Ashton Kutcher is being criticized for his letter in support of Danny Masterson. Will Kevin Federline ask for more child support from Britney Spears?

Then, I chatted with Joshua Reed, an expert in drug recovery and healing. He shares his own personal struggles with addiction in Hollywood, the potential limitations of traditional inpatient rehabs and AA, and...

Earrings, Joe Jonas Divorce and The Matchmaking Resurgence with Adam Cohen-Aslatei

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announce their divorce. Was the media doing her dirty? After the water taxi rendezvous, Kanye and his wife allegedly crash a wedding. Kylie and Timothee get “caught” making out. A YouTuber Mom is arrested for child abuse. Diddy gives his artists their publishing rights back. Britney says no to paid Instagram ads. And juiciest of all...I was called a jewelry thief on a radio show.

Then, I’m joined by Adam Cohen-Aslatei, a very modern matchmaker. He shares excellent dating tips and advice on finding meaningful relationships. We also d...

Fortune Feimster on RHOC, VPR, Britney and Playboys

Comedian Fortune Feimster is back, and we discuss the awkwardness of attending a  party that is being filmed for a reality show. Real Housewives of OC reflects every woman who spills too much on the telephone. Was Sam in cahoots with Britney Spears’ dad? Crystal Hefner says marrying an 83-year-old wasn’t as fun as you’d think. Are orgies making a comeback? Sheri Pappini, who faked her kidnapping, is out of prison early. Should I cuddle with my podcast guests after an interview? Bethenny says no. Erika Jayne is getting sued again, and Fortune has a new funny podcast...

And Just Like That…Chris Franjola weighs in on Sister Wives, Britney and Kanye

Comedian Chris Franjola and I recall our strange childhood memories in the Catholic Church. We cringe over the And Just Like That finale, then act out our predictions for Season 3. Young adults don’t know how to have sex anymore. Kanye’s wife needs someone to cut off her nylons and set her free. My prediction that Kris Jenner would provide a career boost for Meghan Markle looks to be coming true. Did Britney Spears date her housekeeper? Did Justin Bieber marry for a green card? Julia Fox’s book sounds like a juicy one. Why are parents scaring their...

Vanderpump IRL and Evil Stepmothers with Up and Adam

Adam Newell from Up and Adam is back to recap our crazy night performing with Scheana Shay at her live show! Ariana, Katie, Lala, and DJ James Kennedy were there…and we got a scoop! Then, we discuss the current state of the real housewives, and how they promote their products. Kevin Costner’s divorce troubles rage on. And to wrap it up, we had a very candid and heartbreaking conversation about Adam’s childhood. This episode truly has it all. Enjoy!

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Brandy and Julie Tell All! Kanye’s Wife, Kyle’s Marriage and Scooter Braun

Comedians Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman are here to set the record straight about their recent firing from Sirius Radio. I attended a Jax Taylor formerly of Vanderpump Rules’ event which was being filmed. Is it wrong to film your random generosity for TikTok? We have a Britney Spears divorce update.  What is up with Kanye and his wife’s clothing attire? Scooter Braun has lost Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato as clients. Would you go to Frye Festival 2.0? A Billionaire calls out his cheating fiancé at their engagement party. Morgan Wade states she is not dating Kyle...

Britney’s Divorce, Reality Show Lawsuit and The Blind Side

Certain reality stars are demanding to be freed from their NDAs to build a lawsuit against the networks. But why won’t they speak up? I give my career advice to Rachel, but it might be too late. The real inspiration for The Blind Side is saying he was blindsided and cheated out of profits by his adoptive parents. What’s the truth about Tori Spelling’s illness and struggles? Is Kyle Richards just stealing storylines from other reality shows? Prince Harry just got hairier. Sister Wives has begun. And Just Like That answers some lifelong questions. The new RHONY...

Dr. Drew on Hollywood Breakups, Fake Kidnappings and Prison Lovers

Dr. Drew Pinsky joins the show! First, we get into some juicy Hollywood breakups. Are open marriages to blame for the splits? We cover why parenting means worrying every day of your life. The most recent fake kidnapping is a bizarre one. Is Casey Anthony as evil as they made her out to be? Then to wrap it up, Dr. Drew digs into the psychology of women who write men in prison. Enjoy!

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The Real Housewives of New York City with Erin Lichy

Erin Lichy is the breakout star of the all-new and younger cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. We get into how she first discovered Housewives as a fan and how she was cast. She is a married mother of 3 business woman and a realtor and so down to earth that I fear for her future. We had so much fun, and she shared some juicy. Enjoy! 

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The Reality Show War with Carole Radziwill

Hello from NYC! Former Real Housewife of New York, Carole Radziwill jumps on to discuss the possibility of a union for reality show talent, how the talks got started, and the pros and cons of unionizing. Carole sheds light on the monumental decision to have her life filmed and whether or not she'd do it all over again. Then she drops a bombshell about who took the infamous photo of Tom at The Regency, and why it was even taken in the first place. Wayne Brady declares he is now pansexual...but why would he come out with that...

The Strike, Real Housewives History with Guy Branum

The hilarious showrunner, writer, actor, comedian and my former office husband Guy is back! We discuss OG Housewives and your favorite franchises and moments. Since we are both psychotherapists with no degrees or credentials, we chose also to analyze these women. Being that we are also WGA and SAG proud members we get into what is going on in Hollywood. Enjoy!

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Lizzo Sued, Gay Bachelorette and Erika Jayne with Kimberly Archie

The lawsuit against Lizzo from her former dancers is BAD. Taylor Swift dished out some big bonuses. Cardi B might face assault charges. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is getting divorced. Serena didn’t invite Meghan Markle to her baby shower. A woman and her lover are arrested for plotting a murder... of the woman's husband. A former bachelorette comes out. Then, Kimberly Archie gives us the scoop on what went down when Erika Jayne met with Tom Girardi’s former clients (now victims). We get all caught up on this high-profile case, and what is next for Erika & Tom...

Harry and Meghan Divorce, Cardi B Throwing Mics with Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt is here...and he brought some JUICE! First, we discuss the possibility of a union for reality talent. RHOM Lenny got engaged...while he's still with Lisa. Will Spencer be invited to the wedding? Cardi B got water thrown at her...but did she literally ask for it? Ariana Grande is still dating her married boyfriend, to the surprise of some (but not all). We have the inside scoop on Harry and Meghan's divorce and grifting rumors. Kyle is in Aspen with her girlfriend Morgan: is it strictly business, or something more? Why are crypto multi-millionaires dying...

Barbie, Vanderpump, Ariana Grande with Brandy and Julie

We all share our thoughts on the Barbie movie. I counsel Raquel (now Rachel again) on what she should get to return to Vanderpump. Puppy Gate Part 2 involves renaming a dog. Ariana Grande’s new man is married and looks exactly like another man in her life. Is Kyle still having marriage issues or not? Kim Zolziak is selling her old purses...you can Zelle her. Britney visits Lance Bass, and her ex speaks. Cocaine sharks are in Florida. Vagina fashion continues!

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Fake Kidnapping and American Apparel Scandal

Kate Flannery is the author of the new memoir Strip Tees about her experience working at the hottest fashion brand of the early 2000s, American Apparel. There she found herself in what was similar to many cults,  where lots of young women were not only working for but also sleeping with the boss knowing it was not monogamous. I also cover all the hottest topics and juiciest stories at the beginning of today’s show! Enjoy!

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Sofia Vergara's Reason For Divorce with Chris Franjola

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are divorcing after 7 years. I have the Juicy Scoop on who or what may have been the reason. Kim and Kroy face yet another credit card lawsuit. Tori keeps getting photographed by the paparazzi. Gigi was arrested. My prediction of Vulva fashion has come true. I'm officially a Miranda Lambert stan. Jill and Bethenny hashed it out. I have receipts from Lala that could destroy her. Britney is working with will.i.am. Then, Chris Franjola and I discuss Kylie and Jordyn dining together and my run-in with Chelsea Handler. Cruise ships, toddlers alone...

Serial Killer Arrested, Hollywood Focus Groups with Chris Franjola

Erika Jayne meets with Tom Girardi’s victims. Real Housewives of Potomac got in an all-out brawl while filming. RHONY premiered! Kim wants Kroy to get a job, and Mauricio is thirsty. On RHOC, according to Tamra Judge herself, she really is still the hottest housewife at least at Cut Fitness. Then Chris Franjola joins me! Is Ariana Grande getting divorced? The Senior Bachelor has been announced. The Long Island Serial Killer suspect has been arrested. A woman who found a toddler, who then went missing, but now she has been found alive. And Just Like That featured a fo...

Britney Book, RHOBH, Vanderpump with Sarah Colonna

Comedian Sarah Colonna is here! Britney announces her pre-order for her book and demands that I apologize to her. Jonah Hill supporters share their thoughts on him as a boyfriend.  Sarah Colonna unknowingly almost pulled a Miranda Sings!  AI continues to scare and fail us. RHOBH has picked up cameras to catch the Kyle and Mauricio drama. Vanderpump Rules was nominated for an Emmy as Ariana continues to book jobs. Sheree of RHOA appears to have overly filled her face. Who dropped their Coke in the White House? Kevin Costner has to pay $129k per month for child support. To...

Jonah Hill’s Ex, Taylor Swift’s Dad, Britney, Kyle with Justin Martindale

Justin Martindale and I discuss Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend sharing their text exchanges where Jonah tells her what she can’t post and who she can’t talk to. He calls it his boundaries as he releases a line of mental health merchandise. Britney got hit by an NBA security guard. Kyle continues to ask for privacy as Bravo gears up for what they hope will be Scandavol 2. We tell you all about Michael Rubin and how we plan to go to his white party next year. My prediction of vagina-revealing fashion has come true. Taylor Swift’s Dad made 15...

Kyle and Mauricio Divorcing? More Housewives and YouTuber Miranda Sings

Are RHOBH Kyle Richards and her husband of 27 years getting divorced, or just living separate lives? Her new matching tattooed BBF is 26 years younger -  but are they more than friends? Could an open marriage, a dip in Bravo ratings, and an even bigger dip in the real estate market, be contributing to their marital issues? Coke was found in the White House. Miranda Sings is a YouTube star - and also a groomer. The Idol hits on some juicy pop culture moments. Enjoy!

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Marrying A Menendez Brother and RHOC Controversy

Happy 4th of July! Here is the latest episode of my Extra Juicy Patreon. Enjoy and subscribe.  Heather Dubrow has to defend her acting credits on RHOC, and I have personal experience with it. Imagine your girlfriend leaving you for a convicted murderer. Well, I share a crazy connection to such a scenario. I also cover the latest “And Just Like That.” Enjoy!

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And Just Like That, Ryan Seacrest with Brandy and Julie

Ryan Seacrest got Wheel of Fortune...and I know why. “And Just Like That” recap includes some of my predictions for the show that have come to fruition. Megan and Harry's show ideas were duds. Kevin Costner’s divorce reveals just how much it costs to be his wife and kids.

Then Brandy, Julie, and I discuss how Demi Lovato is exhausted and wants you to revert back to calling them “she”. Liz Hurley’s son loves directing his mother’s sex scenes. Shark attacks are on the rise. The crickets are taking over Nevada. Are UF...

Real Housewives’ Plastic Surgery Suits and Lesbian Lovers with Brandy and Julie

Brandy Howard, Julie Goldman, and I share our thoughts about the nurse taking legal action against Dorit from RHOBH. Kyle has a new tattooed BFF. Adele is considering doing stand-up comedy. The Duggars documentary is fascinating and disturbing. How can watching true crime be so relaxing? OnlyFans has a surprising new contributor. Why do we still see cameltoes? Bush on the beach is all the rage...unfortunately. And Kevin Costner's divorce gets even juicier!

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Billionaire Submarine and The Idol with Chris Franjola

At the time of recording, a 5 person submarine is still missing but one billionaire’s stepson isn’t changing his plans. Chris and I share about our scary road trip home from Arizona. Pig butchering is way worse than catfishing in the post 40 yr old dating world. Can you do a funeral do-over? We predict the second season of “Just Like That”.  I’m watching “The Idol” and it’s getting better but I am still grossed out by The Weeknd.  Who should replace Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune? How thirsty are JLo and Ben? Who is rescuing us from Mount Ever...

Meghan Markle, Hollywood Diets, Divorces and RHONJ Drama Continues

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant. Kevin Costner wants his wife and kids out of his house. Kim stopped paying for Kroy’s Rolls Royce. RHONJ Louie allegedly DM’d a blogger regarding Margaret and more about smear campaigns. Then, I interviewed Hollywood legend, Nikki Haskell! From Studio 54, to getting LA skinny on her famous Star Caps, and her personal take on Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, and Jon Benet: this is a juicy one! Enjoy!

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Did She Kill Her Husband and Nepo Babies on Stage with Josh Wolf

The hilarious hot dad Josh Wolf joins me to reminisce about our early Hollywood days. Utah Children’s book author accused of killing her husband’s Google searches are revealed. Josh shares what it was like to be a single dad of 3 kids as a 28-year-old versus what it was like for Ashton Kutcher. Then his equally funny, hot, and taller son joins us to tell us about the Las Vegas UFO sighting. Jacob also shares the struggles he had as a teenager with a hot mom and an equally hot dad. This is a touching and as always hila...

Britney Spears Mystery, Curious Case of Natalie Grace with Justin Martindale

Justin and I discuss Kelis and Bill Murray dating and what we hope for this budding young romance. Raquel is now gaining some sympathy after the Vanderpump finale. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards’ daughter is a sex worker. 4 children survived 40 days in the jungle after a plane crash. Clothing continues to get stranger and more skimpy. The Curious Case of Natalie Grace documentary is about an orphan dwarf who was either an abused child or a psychopathic adult. Real Housewives’ divorces continue to get ugly. We hear from RHONJ Joe Guidice’s former business partner. We see what Jen Annist...

Bravo Restraining Orders, Private Investigators, and Escaping a MLM

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa’s new husband Louie has some explaining to do. His ex-fiancé was just granted a temporary restraining order against him. She is claiming he was stalking her and the story is crazy. Other cast members claimed on the reunion that Louie has contacted their family members and threatened them. Pete Davidson went after PETA. Drew Barrymore defended her statements about her mother. Elliot Page claims he was a victim of a homophobic man in LA. Prince Harry’s case against a British tabloid involves having Mono. Then I talk to Emily Paulson who wro...

Sex and The City, Vanderpump Theories with Ross Matthew

Natalie Portman’s husband alleged an affair with a 25-year-old. I quickly go through all the likely and unlikely Vanderpump final reunion bombshells. Then Ross Matthew joins me in the studio to discuss the greatest news in Sex and The City, And Just Like That history. Kim Cattrall is returning! Britney Spears' sons are moving with KFed to Hawaii and according to Ross, the wedding was real because Drew Barrymore attended. Do beauty pageants make you strange? And why is Lizzo getting hate from both sides?

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Vanderpump Post Cards, Erika Jayne’s New Man with Sarah Colonna

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Sarah Colonna and I talk about 82-year-old Al Pacino and his 29-year-old baby mama. Bethenny Frankel makes a false claim about me in her comments, and I have the receipts to prove it. Erika Jayne’s new elderly man says they are just friends, but his past is crazy and juicy. Raquel is allegedly now sending postcards to Tom and Ariana’s house. Teresa accuses Joe and Melissa of having a hand in her and Joe Guidice going to prison. My favorite dwarf/child/adult adoption story cont...

Serial Siblings, Con Women, Vanderpump Predictions with Scott Nathan

I give all the fun details of my weekend with Spencer, Chris, and Justin. Thank you to everyone who came to my show in Las Vegas!  You can still enjoy the event streamer at home for the next few days. Then I get into Teresa’s wedding and why the RHONJ reunion is going to be epic. From Pizza Gate to divorcing your brother, I quickly cover the season. 

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I give my prediction of what the Vanderpump reunion reveal will be. What is fair to s...

Vanderpump Secrets and Real Housewives History with Guy Branum

Don’t blame Ariana for making her money. Who is Tom’s mystery woman? What will Raquel reveal at the reunion? Then the hilarious Guy Branum is back! We analyze Jeff Bezos's engagement and why you can always marry up. Guy finally started watching real housewives and we psycho analyze Kim, Kyle, and Kathy. We cover the truth behind Jill and Bethenny's fallout. We role-play our favorite BH housewives and what they would say to each other if they had only hired us as consultants. Who is the best housewife to watch and who has done the most with the...

Vanderpump Pregnancy Rumors, Paparazzi, Nick Canon’s Wealth with Dax and Adam


After hearing Raquel pregnancy rumors, I had to watch the Vanderpump finale and analyze it.  What happens when your last 2 ex-boyfriends fall for each other?  Then Dax and Adam from Hollywood Raw are back to explain what happened with the paparazzi “chasing” Harry and Meghan.  Nick Canon might have enough money for even more babies.  Kim and Kroy Bierman are both going for the jugular in their divorce.  Is Kelly Clarkson as bad as Ellen?  Would you go to Frye Festival 2 or see it acted out on Broadway?  Let me know in the comments.


Vanderpump Break Up, Harry & Meghan Chased with Chris Franjola

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Raquel and Tom are officially broken up. Meghan and Harry were chased by paparazzi in NYC, but we have some questions. The widow accused of murdering her husband threw a house party the day after his death. I’m worried about Kanye’s new wife and the masking tape-like fashions she is forced to wear. Lori Vallow still has another court date. Sorority members are suing their Nationals for allowing a trans woman to join their house. We review the Britney TMZ documentary. The Cash App foun...

Jax Taylor, Vanderpump History, and The Randall Scandal

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Jax Taylor is here, and it’s juicy! We go back into Vanderpump's history and cover his long and complicated friendship with Tom Sandavol. He also gives his opinion on James, Ariana, and Kristin. The original cast of Vanderpump Rules had to convince each other to do the show. Jax answers all my questions, including why he cheated in the past. He shares his opinions on Tom Schwartz and his disturbing loyalty to Sandavol. We also watched the Hulu documentary trailer, “The Randall Scandal,” about Randall Emmett...

Anna Nicole Smith’s Best Friends Share Intimate Details

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Anna Nicole Smith became a household name as the voluptuous model of Guess Jeans. Her sultry photos are iconic. Patrik Simpson and Pol Atteu were her best friends, and they considered each other family. When she married a very elderly billionaire, some questioned her intentions. After her husband’s death, his...

Kim Zolciak Divorce! Vanderpump's Sandavol Concert, Britney's Tell All

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Former RHOA Kim and Kroy Biermann are divorcing! They also owe 1.1 million to the IRS. I advise Kim on what to do next with her career and why she filed. I hung out with Jax Taylor and got some scoop. Tom Sandavol performed to empty seats and sang, "Raquel is not for me." Meghan Markle just happens to find paparazzi on her walk while Harry was at the Coronation. Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend is now suing him for sexual harassment. Kanye is ripping off Spanx. RHOA premiered...