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By: People Pleaser with Austin Archer

Austin Archer invites friends into his blanket fort recording studio in his North Hollywood apartment to discuss a new topic each week.

POOP TALK- Discussing Fecal Microbiota Transfer with Stephanie Webb

Stephanie Webb shares her experience of struggling with digestive issues for years with very few answers being found, and the journey that led her to try FMT. 

EMPATHY with Joey Plaskett

Joey Plaskett talks about his new project Create HAPI and their mission to put a curriculum for teaching empathy in schools. We discuss how practicing empathy has enriched both of our lives, and how we believe empathy can ensure a brighter future for us all.

BEING AAPI with Sean Sekino & Regina Aquino

Regina Aquino & Sean Sekino are actors and proud members of the AAPI community. They share their experience and their take on the movement to address AAPI discrimination in America, and dismantle white supremacy in the wake of a deadly shooting spree that took the lives of several Asian women. 

MINISODE #12 the pandemic: one year later

It's been one year since the mad dash for toilet paper, since the NBA suspended games indefinitely, since Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were diagnosed, since the world stopped turning. 

DIRECTING COMEDY with Jake Szymanski

Jake Szymanski zooms in to talk about his career making people laugh from behind the camera.

RELAPSE with Patrick Williams

Patrick is back for the third time, this time he is celebrating two years of continuous sobriety and we are taking a look at the perplexing topic of relapse.

LAUNCHLEFT with Rain Phoenix

Rain Phoenix shares the vision behind LaunchLeft and her mission to connect well-known artists with up and comers in order to give emerging voices some much needed exposure.

MINISODE # 11: In Defense of Echo Chambers

Is blocking people who make your blood boil on social media a healthy thing or will it deprive you of being exposed to a diversity of thought? In this minisode I'll be arguing that there are certain viewpoints that simply don't need to be engaged with in order for one to retain a diverse intellectual pallet.

THE POLICE with Stevie McFly

Stevie McFly zooms in to break down the history of America's police force including it's white supremacist roots and to talk about what people actually mean when they talk about defunding or abolishing the police and why it isn't nearly as scary or as radical a thing as most talking heads would have you believe.


Kelsie Jepsen zooms in to chat about Embody Love Workshop and to talk about the all too common but rarely discussed problem of fatphobia, its effects on our personal lives, and on society at large.

GOING VIRAL with London Lazerson

The viral guru Londonlaz zooms in to talk about making your own way in the new media landscape. Last time he was on the show he had 650k followers on TikTok, this time he's up to 2.6M and steadily climbing.

SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER with Charla Bocchicchio

Charla shares the story of losing her daughter to this common ailment, and her desire to end the stigma around it so that we can begin to treat it with compassion and empathy rather than shame and fear.

1/6/21 with Cooper Howell

Friend of the show Cooper Howell zooms in to talk about one of the darkest days in the history of American democracy, how it happened, and where we go from here.

2020 PT. 2 with Adam Archer

The conclusion of my two-part conversation with Adam about the epic year that was.

2020 with Adam Archer

Adam returns to the podcast in the first of a two-part discussion breaking down the biggest stories from the insane year that was 2020!

MINISODE # 10: A People Pleaser Holiday Bonanza!

Break out the eggnog! We're talking about the wacky absurdity of Christmas movies, and debuting a brand new Christmas cover by Austin & Chris!

MINISODE # 9: How To Know If You're In A Cult

The way Donald Trump's followers look to him for truth even when what he is saying is blatantly and demonstrably false has prompted many critics to start saying they are in a cult. So... are they?

GEAR with David Rosenblatt

David Rosenblatt makes his second appearance on the show to talk about gear. What kind of gear we are shopping for, learning about, equipping ourselves with, and why.

TUCKER'S BARN with Tucker White & Tiffany Boulanger

When I was in my early 20's I lived in a dirty anarchist punk house turned live music venue for several years with several of my closest friends. The home became affectionately referred to as Tucker's Barn. It was a period of debauchery, depravity, and so much artistic exploration and discovery. Today two of my oldest and closest friends from that period, Tucker White and Tiffany Boulanger are going to reminisce with me about the years we spent in the barn, and all the wild things we got into while there.

MAKING MOVIES with Boston McConnaughey and Renny Grames

Making a movie is really, really hard. It's amazing that people ever manage to do it. But they do. Indie filmmaker aficionados Boston McConnaughey and Renny Grames zoom into the blanket fort to chat about the making of their upcoming feature film Alien Country.

MINISODE #8: Election Week Musings

Austin shares his thoughts on everything from Donald Trump's attempt to invalidate the democratic process and steal back the election, to the new conservative social media platform slash literal alt right echo chamber Parler and what it all spells for America's future.

People Pleaser: YEAR ONE

46 episodes, 34 guests, and about 70 hours of content. The first year of People Pleaser is in the books. Today we take a look back at every single episode!

EXPECTATIONS with Cooper Howell

Exploring the way expectations shape our lives with actor, singer, writer, director Cooper Howell. Our expectations of other people, their expectations of us, our expectations of ourselves, and our expectations of the universe.

THE BIZ with Chase Ramsey

Actor, writer, director, producer, and all around Swiss army man Chase Ramsey joins Austin to talk shop. The two break down their experience with the highs, lows, ins, and outs of show business. Chase tells the story of how he found his way to being the host of a TV show on HGTV and a swing for a lead role in one of the most successful Broadway musicals of all time!

MINISODE #7: Re-discovering the virtue of playing nice

Recently I decided it would be a good idea to get down in the muck and fight fire with fire with some of my political rivals online. Admittedly I love the high that comes from over-indulging in my anger and frustration and just telling people I disagree with how I really feel. But I learned something, or rather re-contextualized a lesson I'm constantly learning over and over. The reason "They go high, we go low" is a good philosophy isn't because it helps us win some contested moral high ground. It's actually much simpler and less grandiose than that. It's...

BEAUTIFUL THINGS breaking down the album with Chris Bjornn

Mix/master general Chris Bjornn and I do a director's commentary of sorts on the entire album start to finish delving into the lyrics, production, and overall process. Be sure to listen to Beautiful Things before listening to this episode! Now streaming everywhere!


It's college football season... in 2020. Which means, like everything else, it's a profoundly weird and abnormal time to be watching games and getting excited about the season. And if you're a fan of the PAC-12 or my team, the University of Utah Utes then... well... you're not really watching any games at all because there aren't any. So in lieu of actual football my Dad and I are gonna break down what it is we like about the sport, delve into our memories about it, and also talk about the things we think could possibly be improved.

FAIRY TALES with Mary Neville

An exploration of fairy tales and the magic that exists in our world. Plus a premier reading of a brand new fairy tale. An allegory about mental illness, and overcoming the dark spell of depression and self doubt.

MINISODE #6 Moral Priorities

Deconstructing cause and effect in a hope to determine where our compassion is best utilized.

MINISODE #5: Propoganda

Another solo jam from Austin. This time he's talking about the proliferation of propaganda. Particularly a deep dive on David Ayer's film End of Watch, and why movies like this can be detrimental to the conversations around real life incidents of police violence like the recent shooting of Jacob Blake.

TikTok with London Lazerson

It's the most popular social app in the world, home to dance trends, and all things gen z, and it's also the fastest growing platform for indie artists and content creators to become discovered. But it also might be American public enemy number one according to the Trump administration. Popular TikTokker London Laz is driving his #tiktokfamous Tesla into the blanket fort to talk TikTok, and to make a case for why we shouldn't be banning it, and why TikTok may be the best app of it's kind we've yet to come up with.

ABUNDANCE with Mel Mah

Independent business owner, yoga and meditation instructor, filmmaker, and former professional dancer Mel Mah stops by the actual blanket fort (no Zoom this week) to have a socially distanced chat about living a life full of abundance. How learning to recognize the abundance that already exists in one's life, can lead to increased abundance and over-all satisfaction with what is. We are getting spiritual and healthy and pumping all the good vibes, so get with it.


As COVID-19 infection rates continue to surge across America, a justifiably alarmed workforce of teachers and school workers are doing all they can to ensure the safety of their students, their families, and themselves.


Dave Mortensen has been leading a recent online campaign seeking accountability from a very successful community theatre in Sandy, Utah. A theatre who has a long history of under-paying staff and artists while making a killing at the top. We're going to closely examine the current concerns surrounding this company as a means to discuss the larger issue of artist exploitation, and why artists and dream chasers are particularly susceptible to mistreatment in the workplace.


During this unprecedented pause in production for professional theatre houses across the country and across the world, the wider community of BIPOC theatre artists are asking for long over-due change when it comes to our practices around diversity and representation. Latoya Cameron zooms in to the blanker fort to discuss the ways in which we've been falling short, and the hope for ways we can improve moving forward.

MINISODE #4 - The Problem With Slippery Slopes

A look at the fallacy of making decisions based on the fear of perceived slippery slopes. Also a preview of my new single Sweet Rejection! Available everywhere Friday 7/17!

PERSPECTIVE with Carleton Bluford

Two friends having a long over-due conversation about their differing experiences growing up, and how this relates to the current conversation around race in America.

2 YEARS SOBER with a special anonymous guest

The guest this week is anonymous for reasons we can't specify. But she's a very special person and friend, and we'll be talking about alcoholism, sobriety, and the process of recovery!

ADAPTABILITY with Sammy Zahn

Natural selection has all but seen to it that all surviving bloodlines would have the ability to adapt. So in a society where everyone is capable of adaptation, perhaps learning to adapt well and even enjoy the process is the way to stay competitive. Sammy Zahn is in the blanket fort this week via Zoom to chat about her design and organization company Simply Sam and all the ways that her adaptability has helped her thrive in business and in life!

MINISODE #3 Sitting In Discomfort

Finding the ability to allow yourself to be uncomfortable is really hard. I should know. I suck at it. Being able to sit in the discomfort of uncertainty, of being wrong, of losing, of not knowing what to do next. These are all things I'm trying hard not to suck at. So here's a bit on that, with a sneaky surprise baked in at the end. Back next week with a brand new full episode with a great guest! Black Lives Matter! Stay safe out there!