People Pleaser with Austin Archer

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By: People Pleaser with Austin Archer

Austin Archer invites friends into his blanket fort recording studio in his North Hollywood apartment to discuss a new topic each week.

MINISODE #36 why you're probably wrong about transgender athletes

Somehow feeling unsure of whether it's right for trans people to compete in sports that align with their gender has become a meeting place for people on both sides of the political spectrum. I'm here to challenge your thoughts on the issue and to argue for why this kind of rhetoric is as harmful as any other transphobic talking point. 

KANYE with @jwilliamj

Social media phenom JJ or @jwilliamj cruises in to the fort to talk about the Kanye of it all, the Kyrie and Candace Owens of it all, and to some extent even the Dave Chappelle of it all. How does white supremacy manage to ensnare even those it seeks to suppress the most?

UNTANGLING with Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison

Exploring the process of becoming untangled through the lens of zen buddhism.

MIDTERMS with Ransom Wydner

Breaking down the 2022 Midterm elections but also taking a good look at our democratic process and system over all. 

MINISODE #35: Satanic Panic is Back Jack!

Looking at the recently revived satanic panic that is sweeping the nation and exploring the concept and character of the devil. Happy Halloween!


Breaking down the latest boogeyman term being sold to voters on the political right. What is SEL? How is it implemented in schools? Why is it being sold to voters as something they should be afraid of?

MINISODE #34: Can You Ride a Horse?

Recounting a story of living through one of my greatest fears and exploring how I'm coming to thrive on moments that really test my mettle. 

ECO-ANXIETY with Ginny Hogan

Writer and Comedian Ginny Hogan discusses her article "Staying Sober on a Dying Planet", the fear of death, and the nature of impermanence. 

CUTTING THE CORD with Lisandra Brunemeier

Lisandra Brunemeier discusses her work facilitating energetic cord-cutting ceremonies for people. What is cord-cutting? What are it's origins? How does it work? All this and more!

SHAME with Christian Branscombe

Christian Branscombe is an accomplished artist and life coach who helps guide people through shame and trauma recovery among other things. He's also uniquely qualified to coach people on those topics because he spent 25 years of his life in prison for committing first degree murder. But today he's live and in person in the blanket fort sharing his journey to freedom and to a life of service and spiritual healing. 

FORGIVENESS with Whit Hertford

Best bud Whit Hertford pops in to the fort LIVE and in person to discuss the healing power of forgiveness.


Popular singer-songwriter MORGXN makes an appearance in the fort to discuss riding the ups and downs or a career in the music industry, as well as the continued importance of representation for marginalized communities even in the modern era. 

MINISODE #33: What does it take to be a good person in a corrupt institution?

Malcolm Gladwell is on the bad take brigade, and we're exploring whether or not it's possible to be a good person while supporting fundamentally bad institutions.

MINISODE #32: Remframing Anxiety

Beto O'Rourke is our first contestant on Baller of the Week, and I discuss how my recent trip to Ireland helped me reframe the role anxiety plays in my life. 

MINISODE #32 Reframing Anxiety

Beto O'Rourke is our first Baller of the Week and I chat about how my trip to Ireland helped me reframe the role my panic and anxiety plays in my life. 

MOVIE THEATRES with Tim Blakaj aka @comedianofcinema

Matt Gaetz is on the bad take brigade, and Tim pops in to talk about why we feel that movie theatres are a sacred space. 

MINISODE #31: The significance of our size in the universe

Josh Hawley shows up on the bad take brigade, and we break down the existential significance of the new photos from the James Webb Space Telescope. 


Looking at the religious extremism. What is it? And what role is it playing in the current American sociopolitical landscape?

ADHD with Brave Dave

Brave Dave cruises in to chat about the evolving landscape of ADHD. How what we know about it has changed, and the role TikTok has played in a groundswell of new diagnoses. 


Discussing the current state of machine learning. How we got here, and where we might be going next. 

MINISODE #30: The Bad Take Brigade

Breaking down bad takes from Bill Maher, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Ricky Gervais, and Matt Walsh.

MINISODE #29: the Homogenization of Art

Exploring the capitalistic causes for the homogenized nature of our stories, our music, and our art, while also looking at the role we play in that process as the consumers or the market.

MINISODE #28 the Cult Nation

Exploring the idea that America was founded for the specific freedom to start and operate radical white supremacist christian cults under the banner of unfettered capitalistic greed. 

MINISODE #27 Exploring the Ethics of Responsible Platform Usage

We're back!! Maintaining a specific brand or niche as a content creator can be difficult. If speaking up on social or political issues might go outside of your carefully cultivated niche is it okay to opt out of saying anything when shit hits the fan? Do we even need creators to speak up at all? Is it even useful? Or is it just preaching to the choir?


Austin is going on a brief hiatus for mental health and will be back soon!

BATMAN with Tim Blakaj aka @comedianofcinema

Delving into one of the most famous fictional characters of the last hundred years. A discussion on cinema, story-telling, acting, and the philosophy behind what attracts us to certain archetypes. 

CRITICAL RACE THEORY with Parker McMullen Bushman

Parker is back and we are breaking down CRT. What is it? What do people think it is? Why do they think that? Why should we care?

Minisode #26: everything all at once

Just a pontification on the way life is never about just one thing, but always about many, many things in a cataclysmic concert with one another. Also an update on my personal life. 

MINISODE #25: Luck and a thought experiment about intelligence

Should it be illegal to be a certain amount of stupid? Well... not illegal, but like... could we make it so that if you can't meet a certain standard of intelligence you lose certain societal privileges? Is that really that removed from the system we already have?

KILLIN IT with London Lazerson @londonlaz

One of TikTok's fastest growing accounts @londonlaz (8.4M and counting) cruises in to the blanket fort to chat about the importance of leaning into abundance and unapologetically owning and celebrating success.

ACTING with Kyle Gallner

Actor Kyle Gallner stops by the blanket fort to talk about his role in the new Scream movie, his history of acting in the horror genre, and the life of the modern actor in general. 

PROMOTING YOUR WORK with Eve Parker Finley

Eve Parker Finley zooms into the blanket fort from Canada to chat about the dizzying, frustrating, and often embarrassing process of trying to promote your own work on the internet.

MINISODE #24: Being Alone & the Value of Embracing Uncertainty

Ever since I heard it said that anxiety is the intolerance of uncertainty I've been trying to focus on accepting and embracing uncertainty. Because the simple reality fo existence is that I genuinely am certain of nothing. So why would I spend so much energy fighting against that fundamental truth?

2 YEARS INTO COVID with Emily Walton

2 years into the global pandemic that has fundamentally re-shaped the lives of every person on Earth Emily Walton and I take a look at the psychological weight of it all as this latest wave rages on.

MINISODE #23 the great mustache panic of '22

I freak out about shaving my mustache. It's really dramatic. And I also talk about the current state of the movie industry. 

PLAYWRITING with Jeff Talbott

Playwright and actor Jeff Talbott talks about his writing process and his latest play The Messenger which is receiving its world premier at Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, UT this month!

MINISODE #22: Rittenhouse, Don't Look Up, and the winter blues

Kind of a grab bag of topics and end of year thoughts. Enjoy!

RUVEY with Willy Eklof & Chase Ramsey

Live on location in the studio where they just recorded their debut album "Loserville" Chase Ramsey and Willy Eklof discuss the process of forming a band and making a record!

Episode 100

Taking a moment to celebrate and look back over the last 2 years and the first hundred episodes!

SONDHEIM with Emily Walton

Broadway actor and songwriter Emily Walton zooms in to talk about the legacy of the greatest composer of American musical theatre ever in the wake of his death last week at the age of 91.