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Three friends get together and talk video games, life, scotch and anything else that comes to mind.

A Salt City Short: Cigarettes
Last Monday at 11:45 AM

This week's short is all about cigarettes for some reason. Please note that we do not encourage smoking and that you probably shouldn't do it.


Forgotten City Gamescast #71

This week we talk about the incredible Skyrim mod called The Forgotten City. Midds has gotten back into Apex and gives his thoughts. Jared played some Humankind and Splitgate but came away not loving those games. 



A Salt City Short: Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is out and it is a Pokemon based moba. We all know that Jared loves Pokemon, what we didn't expect is that Nick would show up singing its praises. Come listen to us talk about the birds, mobas and why Nick can't remember any names.


The Ascent Gamescast #70

The show is back after a catastrophic equipment failure at the end of the last Gamescast. We cover The Ascent, Pokemon Unite, Hell Let Loose full release and Axiom Verge 2 on this weeks show.


A Salt City Short: Dieting

We talk a bit about dieting and how easy it is to destroy your daily allowed calories. Then we get distracted and talk trash foods and guilty pleasures.

Technical Difficulties Gamescast #69

Gamecast #69 has us talking the end of the New World Beta, Death's Door and a story about witnessing a man almost die. We briefly cover the Activision Blizzard disaster before running into some serious hardware failures. Did Jared play games? Will he ever be able to talk about what he played? Only time will tell.

A Salt City Short: Nick Loves Tarkov

With the latest Escape From Tarkov wipe Nick jumped in and gave it an honest look. Surprisingly he has walked away loving the game and all of its punishing aspects. He asks some questions for the guys and they try to fill him in on the needed details of the game.

A New World Gamescast #68

This week's gamescast has the guys talking about New World, a game personally made Jeff Bezos. Jared has been playing Scarlet Nexus even though he doesn't like it and Nick is enjoying a game called Where the Heart Leads.



New World: 20:35

Where the Heart Leads: 40:45

Scarlet Nexus: 50:03


A Salt City Short: Golf, But With A Gun

Apparently you can play golf with a hybrid gun/club. Nick just found this out and the guys spend some time unpacking this information.

Mario Golf and RE Village Gamescast #67

Nick finished Resident Evil Village so we take some time this week talking about the ridiculous plot of that game. Mario Golf is out and pretty average but we want to hold a tournament anyway. We talk a bit about the latest Tarkov update and Final Fantasy 7 as well.


Mario Golf: 11:10

Tarkov: 27:05

RE Village: 42:00

FF7: 54:30

A Salt City Short: Russell Crowe is OK

The guys talk briefly about how Russell Crowe is just ok. We question whether Joaquin Phoenix is crazy or the best actor around and Midds absolutely hates jet skis.

Ratchet and Moonlighter Gamescast #66

This week we have Midds talking about life as a merchant in Moonlighter. Jared Finished up Ratchet and is ready for ps5 games and is raving about Guilty Gear: Strive. Nick is back on the Final Fantasy 7 hype train and played through the new dlc.



FF7: 29:40

Moonlighter: 43:35

Guilty Gear: 52:10

Ratchet: 1:18:40

A Salt City Short: Dogs are not Pokemon

We take some time to discuss the important lore of Pokemon on this weeks short. Are dogs Pokemon? Are there animals in the world that are not Pokemon? All questions are finally answered.

Raft Gamescast #65

This week Midds tells us all about the game Raft, which involves trying to stay alive on a raft. Jared finished up Returnal and is playing the latest Ys game. Nick is finally playing Yakuza Like a Dragon and wants to talk about the sidequests.



Returnal: 37:40

Ys:: 49:07

Raft: 1:11:00

Yakuza: 1:19:40


2021 Summer Mailbag

It's time for the summer mailbag. The Discord asked us questions and we answered. We answer questions about games, jello and covid in the 2021 Summer Mailbag.


Mass Effect Gamescast #64

This week Midds tells us about Dread Hunger, which is the latest game on Twitch that is getting attention. Nick is working his way through Mass Effect and talks about what does and does not hold up in the remaster. Jared is still making progress in Returnal and tells us about the $60 he spent on a bad Pokemon game.



Dread Hunger: 16:30

Mass Effect: 31:06

Pokemon Snap: 47:15

Returnal 57:35


A Salt City Short: Midds Plays Basketball

While having beers and sharing stories Midds tells us about his short career playing intramural basketball in college. This story is worth a listen.


The Reunion: Gamescast #63

After over a year of remote recording we have come back to the same room. We have drinks (a lot), share stories and eventually talk about games. We cover Resident Evil Village, Warzone and Returnal in this long episode.

A Salt City Short: A Sponsorship from Big Tobacco

This week we find out that Jared met a new friend golfing and that some people put their cell phone in their gun safe for the weekend. Jared tries to get big Tobacco's attention and Midds gives us a view into getting things done with ADD.


Nier Replicant and The Signifier Gamescast #62

This week we give our early impression on the Nier Replicant which seems pretty good. Midds is playing a free to play game called Enlisted and is enjoying it so far while Nick finished The Signifier and loved it.



Nier Replicant: 47:35

Enlisted: 1:07:16

The Signifier: 1:20:30

A Salt City Short: Golf Stories

Jared is back to golfing and shares some stories with us on this weeks short. People get hit with golf balls, cigars are smoked and we all hate being grouped up with random golfers.

Outriders and Monster Hunter Gamescast #61

This week Jared tells us about Outriders and how that game makes a pretty bad first impression. All of the guys are still playing Monster Hunter Rise and Midds played some online Settlers of Catan. Nick went back to his backlog and played through Titanfall 2 and is working his way through Fantasian.


Outriders: 20:30

Catan: 38:10

Monster Hunter: 47:20

Titanfall 2: 1:20:15

Fantasian: 1:30:56

A Salt City Short: Spicy Food Gone Wrong

Sometimes you eat spicy food, sometimes you enter spicy food competitions, and usually it is a bad idea. This week Nick tells us about the time he tried to take down a local restaurant spicy sushi roll challenge. Spoilers: It went terribly.

Monster Hunter Rise Gamescast #60

A new game came out and it is absolutely fantastic! The guys are all playing Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch and spend a good portion of the show talking about the game. Additionally Midds has a Tarkov update and Nick bought a mouse with a weird amount of buttons.

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Monster Hunter Rise: 14:35


A Salt City Short: Entering Houses Without Permission

This week Midds had a nap interrupted by a man trying to open his front door. This lead to a weird amount of stories that involve strangers or members of this podcast entering houses while intoxicated.

Loop Hero and Maquette Gamescast #59

This week Jared talks about Loop Hero, which is extremely addictive. Midds comes to find out that Project Zomboid is not an up and coming game and Nick gushes about the narrative and puzzle design of Maquette.



Loop Hero: 37:08

Project Zomboid: 56:00

Maquette: 1:15:05

A Salt City Short: Drinking in Salt Lake

This week we take some time to explain how drinking in Utah is not the same as drinking in other states. We cover liquor laws, private clubs and bad mixed drinks in this weeks short.

Gamescast #58

This week Midds tells us about his experiences in Valheim and wonders why it is as popular as it is. Jared is working his way through Persona 5 Strikers and Nick gives an update on the changes that Apex Legends has seen.



Valheim: 16:30

Persona 5: 40:45

Apex: 1:03:25

A Salt City Short: Don't Starve Together

We got together for an evening of Don't Starve Together and Nick and Midds had a great time. We crafted, we lit fires, we defended our base and became better friends in the process. Also, Jared hated it and had a terrible time.

The Pathless Gamescast #57

This week Jared tells us all about The Pathless, which is a game that he thinks is perfectly fine. Midds got sucked back into Escape From Tarkov and gives us an update on that game. Nick finished Trails of Cold Steel and talks about how much he appreciates how the game takes its time in revealing itself.


The Pathless: 35:40

Escape From Tarkov: 49:10

Trails of Cold Steel: 1:09:14

A Salt City Short: Jared Hates Building

This week we found out that Jared hates all things building. Whether it be in Sim City, RTS games or Survival games, he hates them all equally. We try to dig into why he is like this on this week's short.


Factorio Gamescast #56

This week Midds tells us all about Factory management in Factorio. Is it a game, is it a job? Nobody really knows. Nick is back on the Overwatch train, while Jared has been completely assumed by doing every challenge in Hitman.


A Salt City Short: The Future of Persistent Games

With a new generation upon us we take some time to talk about the future of persistent games. We try to nail down exactly what games like Destiny need to do to keep us coming back week after week.


Hitman 3 Gamescast #55

This week we talk about Hitman 3 and some of the problems that have come up around getting the previous games to work on pc within the game. Midds is playing a spiritual successor to FTL called Bomber Crew, while Jared has been in VR playing Half-Life: Alyx.


A Salt City Short: Pineapple Pizza

Nick and Midds find out that Jared doesn't like Pineapple on his pizza and that causes the guys to spend far too long discussing it.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gamescast #54

This week we take some time to talk about the chaos that are country is dealing with before getting into a regular show. We talk politics, drinks and videogames in this week's Gamescast.


Yakuza: 34:30

Until Dawn: 55:57

Immortals: Fenyx Rising 1:02:00

Hitman 2: 1:24:30

A Salt City Short: Cyberpunk is no Red Dead

We continue having conversations around the hot mess that is Cyberpunk 2077. A glimmer of a great game completely buried in bugs and failed systems. But also, Arby's.

2020 GOTY Christmas Special

We continue the tradition and recorded a huge Christmas Special for the end of the year. We talk about out favorite games that came out in 2020 and spend some time recognizing older games as well. This is a long one, pour a drink and relax while put a nice bow on this terrible year.


13 Sentinels: 21:30 to 28:30

Risk of Rain 2: 28:30 to 34:30

Hades: 34:30 to 46:40

Ori: 46:40 too 1:05:30

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 1:09:20 to 1:29:00

The Last of Us 2: 1:29:00

A Salt City Short: Jared Knows Taekwondo

Jared lets the guys know that he is a Taekwondo master. It goes over as expected as the guys push to get his trophies sent to the podcast room.

Cyberpunk and Fifa Gamescast #53

We dive into the buggy mess that is Cyberpunk 2077 on this weeks Gamescast, while talking about expectations that the game had and if it can still win us over. Midds is deep in the world of Fifa ultimate team and talks to us about it's problematic systems. Jared has finished up Demon's Souls and maintains that it is the weakest of the Souls games, while Nick started streaming Dark Souls on Twitch.