Thriving Together

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By: Women Soaring

Uncommon Families in a Common World! We believe that everyone is on a journey, and our mission is to create a community where you can share your experiences and bridge the gap of feeling alone. Our goal is to help you share your life with others, so that together we can encourage each other through life's unique circumstances. As women, wives, moms, and military families, we all face challenges and obstacles, but we believe that by supporting each other, we can thrive and find joy in the journey. Join us on this journey of growth and encouragement!Instagram: https://www...

S3 EP 19: Are Our Kids Childhoods Being Stolen??
Last Wednesday at 7:38 PM

Join Mary and Tayler in a conversation about what our children are being exposed to and the redefining of words in our culture today. Are our kids being exposed to topics, choices, verbiage, situations and so on, too early in life before they are developed? What could be the potential harms in this? We would love to know your thoughts or what you've seen and experienced.

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S3 E18: Summer Time: Cultivating Intentional Moments with Our Kids

Join us as the Women Soaring Team dives into their summer adventures with the kids, sharing how they're making every moment count. With limited summers left with older children, we're prioritizing fun, creativity, and cherished memories. We know it's not always easy—it can be exhausting! But we're here to inspire you to create wonderful moments and unforgettable experiences with your own children. Let's unleash their imaginations and play all day long!

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S3 EP 17: Looking for an Impactful Christ Centered Program? Look No Further!

Tayler Burcham, the Founder of Women Soaring, recently completed the Colson Fellows Program. Today, Clarissa and Tayler talk about how she learned to implement God's truth and stand in God's truth when the culture is shouting the opposite.  Having a Biblical Worldview lens is vital when we are faced with many cultural beliefs, such as the LGBTQ+ movement, abortion, etc. The program challenged the students to put all these topics against God's word and empowered them to put them into practice. Tayler shares how she has already been implementing what God has taught her and put in her heart to c...

S3 EP16

Today, Clarissa Mangaran and Mary Martinez talk about our earthly treasures. Do we ever really consider why we are keeping certain items? Do our family members know why we are keeping these items?
As Mary has been helping clear out a family member's home, she has been asking herself some of these questions. Clearing out items can be a process with many emotions.
What do we need to evaluate in ourselves of what we are keeping?

I hope you enjoy this raw and honest conversation about the value we put on earthly things. 


S3 EP 15: This is for you military spouses!

We have one of our very own Women Soaring ladies being interviewed by another. Join Alora and Clarissa as they discuss how Alora and her husband have been prepping for another deployment. We know how hard it can be to gear up for deployments. I hope this episode gives encouragement and even ideas. 
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Resources Mentioned:
1)Remade: Embracing Your Complete Identity in Christ

2) FOUNDATIONS: Old Testament



S3 EP14: Do We Engage in Uplifting Speech?

Today, Mary and Tayler discuss how our environment influences us. Do we engage in wholesome or unwholesome talk? This can happen inside our church, in friend groups, in our homes, etc. Are we creating a desirable display of who God is or turning away people from Christ because of our own hypocrisy? We challenge you to evaluate what you are participating in or what your part is in these conversations. 
Tayler shares a story that occurred with her as a teen, how it still has affected her, and how she is viewed by those people in her life. There a...

S3 EP13: Raising Kids With a Strong Foundation

In this episode, Tayler and Alora discuss three resources that have been very helpful in raising kids with a strong foundation in Christ. We certainly don't know everything, and we want to share some beneficial resources. The resources will span different ages. Tayler has children from two years old to a teenager and uses all of these resources for her kids. There are so many out there but here are just a few solid starting points if needed. 

Brave Books: Check Out The Books Here

Foundation Worldview: Check Out The Curriculum Here

Holy Sexuality: C...

S3 E12: Why was 'Women Soaring' Created?

Join Tayler Burcham, the Founder of Women Soaring, on why and how the Women Soaring Team began. There tends to be a pain point to a solution, and Women Soaring definitely began with a pain point—a beautiful redemption story of what God can do!

WARNING** Infidelity is spoken about. We want to be sensitive in case this is a difficult topic to hear. 

If you need any prayer on this or would like to talk deeper, please reach out to us:

We have a prayer wall as well, and you...

S3 E11: Have you ever read the Bible as a novel?

In this episode, we're shaking things up by challenging you to read the Bible differently - like a captivating novel. We'll show you how to set aside preconceptions and dive into the Bible's stories, characters, and themes with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Join us as we explore the Bible as a narrative treasure trove filled with rich plots, compelling people, and timeless wisdom. We'll offer practical tips and insights for reading the Bible with a narrative lens, inviting you to engage with its pages in a way that sparks curiosity, imagination, and personal reflection.


S3 E10: How can worship be all encompassing?

In this podcast episode with Alora Yee and Tayler Burcham, we challenge the conventional notion of worship as a scheduled activity confined to specific times and places.

Instead, we delve into the idea that worship is a dynamic and continuous practice that permeates every aspect of our lives. From the mundane to the extraordinary, we'll explore how acts of gratitude, compassion, creativity, and mindfulness can all be forms of worship when approached with intention and reverence.

Tune in to discover how infusing your daily existence with the spirit of worship can cultivate a deeper sense of...