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Jason Wright is on a mission to improve always in ALL ways. In his weekly show he interviews thought leaders, health and wellness experts, entrepreneurs or anyone else he thinks can add to his efforts to improve always in ALL ways. The philosophy is simple. Jason believes if he can reach as close to his full potential as possible it will not only benefit him but his family and community as well. Please tune it, tell your friends, your mom, your grandma, your enemies, your crushes and anyone else you can think of to listen to The Jason Wright show!

Best Friday Ever for 1-14-22 My Morning Routine That Helps Me Crush The Day Plus A Lesson From Epictetus: If You've Decided to Live, Then LIVE!
Last Friday at 4:10 PM

Happy Friday folks. I thought with the new year still in the honeymoon phase I’d share with you my morning routine. I’m not afraid to change it on occasion, but the core remains pretty consistent. Having a well thought out and disciplined morning routine helps me practice carpe diem better than any other practice. Also, […]

Let's Play Guitar With Tim Woosley Founder of Enjoy Playing Guitar
Last Tuesday at 4:20 AM

It was the Fall semester of 1994 at Stephen F. Austin State University. If you hit campus at the right time you might have seen a young, 18 year old from Sulphur Springs named Jason Wright lugging his guitar case across campus. As is often the case with first semester college students I was a […]

Best Friday Ever 1-7-22 Don' Self Isolate! Find The People Who Make You Better and Spend Time With Them

It’s so easy to forget one of the most amazing resources all of us have at our disposal: other people. I just spent time with one of my business school classmates and business partners. It’s truly amazing what a boost this is spiritually, emotionally and mentally. As a dude I find myself in isolation most […]

Jordan Selleck-A Family's Journey to The Ironman

Jordan Selleck is a lot of things. He’s a father. He’s a husband. He’s an entrepreneur and founder. Now he’s an Ironman. So what exactly is an Ironman? Well, let’s start with the definition of this ultra endurance triathalon. An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), consisting of a […]

Best Friday Ever Tim Ferriss Take Over-"Year End Review Instead of NY Resolutions"

Ok so it’s not only the end of the week this week. It’s the end of 2021. So for the “Best Friday Ever” episode I had to do something special. So I brought in the big guns/gun. That’s right. I’m bringing in Tim Ferriss one of the pioneers and reigning kings of the pod-iverse. Tim […]

Nick Tinch How A Man With A Second Grade Reading Capacity, Dyslexia, Diagnosed ADHD Broke The Generational Curse of Poverty And Has Built A World-Class Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Nick Tinch is one of the most energetic, inspiring and loveable people I have EVER had the chance to interview on The Jason Wright Show. In a very short period of time Nick and I have become friends, and I’m grateful for it. In this interview Nick discusses looking around at the circumstances and behaviors […]

The Best Friday Ever Christmas Eve With The Wright Girls!!!

Christmas Eve Gift! In this episode Rylan and Abby take a stroll down memory lane and visit the ghosts of their Christmas pasts. It was so much fun. I have the good fortune of having what I believe is a pretty special relationship with my girls. We love to laugh, have fun and recall memories. […]

The Art of Forgiveness With My Personal Counselor Lee Poe

The Art of Forgiveness With My Personal Counselor Lee Poe

The Best Friday Ever-Christmas Edition! Matt Wagner Joins Me From The U.K. To Discuss The Best Christmas Movies of All Time!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! In this episode my buddy Matt Wagner joins me from the U.K. to discuss the best Christmas movies all time. Matt and I are both movie junkies including and some of our favorites are Christmas Flicks. Here’s my top 5 It’s a Wonderful Life A Christmas Story […]

Heath Health Master Class With "Understanding The Heart" Author and Heart Guru Dr. Stephen Hussey

Dr. Stephen Hussey MS, DC is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner. He attained both his Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, OR. He is a health coach, speaker, and the author of two books on health; The Health Evolution: Why Understanding […]

The Best Friday Ever! Kickoff Your Weekend Right! For December 10-2021

I hope you all have crushed your week. Here’s the latest installment of the “Best Friday Ever” to kickoff your weekend. Have a good one. I visit with my buddy Jason Smith of International Sports Federation. Here’s the website if you want to get involved. Merry Christmas and thanks for tuning in! Go crush your […]

Dave Brubaker-Being True To Your Calling, Life As A Professional Creator, Entrepreneurship, Self Help and Funny The Road to 1.5million fans on TikTok and Counting

I’m not the biggest fan of TikTok, but the social media platform that seems to be consuming hours of society’s attention did introduce me to Dave Brubaker. For this, TiKTok, I thank you. I am Dave’s self proclaimed biggest fan. I love his content. It’s quick. It’s funny. It’s creative. Now that I’ve met Dave, […]

This Book Will Blow Your Mind! Hacking Reality, Honing Your Intuition, Are There Multiple Universes? “The Reality Revolution” by Brian Scott Book Review

I loved this book. It has so much utility value for self-improvement. Brian Scott does a remarkable job giving so much actionable information from so many areas. This is a book I will read multiple times. I highly recommend it to anyone who is truly interested in creating their own reality and changing their life for the better. Our world is undergoing a reality revolution. More and more people are discovering the power of their minds to shape the world around them faster than ever before. The question is: how do you create the reality of your design?

The Best Friday Ever! Meditation, Fasting, Reality Revolution and Everything Else You Need To Have THE BEST FRIDAY EVER!

In this episode I discuss: What’s coming up on The Jason Wright Show including the Improve Your Heart Always in ALL Ways Series. I talk the value of forgiveness. What’s the best meditation protocol? What’s the best fasting protocol? This is a great way to tie a ribbon around the week and head into the […]

Go Rogue With Fitness and Defy Aging! P.D. Mangan Describes How!

Life-changing, cutting-edge health advice for men Are you overweight or obese? Do you lack energy and sex drive? Do you want to put on some muscle? And have you been frustrated by conventional health advice, which has left you in the lurch, without good results? Hey, my name is P. D. Mangan, and I’m 63 years […]

Part 3 of The Healthy Gut Series With Dr. Marvin Singh Author of "Rescue Your Health"

Dr. Singh is back! I have to say most of what I know about gut biome I learned from Dr. Marvin Singh. He helped me better understand what exactly the gut biome is, and how it plays such a vital role in our overall health. In this conversation, we discuss his new book, “Rescue Your […]

Episode 110 Building a Bulletproof Gut For Longevity, Immunity and Overall Better Health With Joel Greene, Author of ‘The Immunity Code’

THE 100,000 HOUR MAN Joel Greene, CEO and Founder. He had his 10,000 hours already in before your guru ever began.  In the 1970’s he was interval training  ​ In 1979 he was doing olympic lifts 3 hours every night. ​ In the 80’s he began studying MCT’s. ​ In 1990 he began studying the […]

Thanksgiving Spectacular With Abby Wright: Those Cheesy Hallmark Movies, Literature, Movies, and Daddy Daughter Randomness

So I think one of the things I’m most proud of is my relationship with my daughters. While I’m totally biased I think they are pretty amazing. What’s more I have a completely different relationship with both of them. Abby is my little thinker. She and I like to have “solve the world’s problems” sessions […]

Friday Sign Weekly Sign Off

Hey there folks! I just wanted to say I hope you’ve had an amazing week. I also hope you’re geared up for a phenomenal holiday season. Here’s what’s coming up on The Jason Wright Show I’ve put together a lineup of amazing experts on gut health to bring you. Also, if you haven’t had a […]

Rationality, Relationships, Literature and Much More with "The Approachable Intellectual" Stephen Hussey

I love the English. As a matter of fact according to I have more English DNA than the average citizen of the United Kingdom. I also love the film ‘Love Actually’ and Stephen Hussey does not. That’s about the only thing we disagree on in this wide ranging conversation. Stephen Hussey is a man […]

107 Week of 11-8-21 Bookend Are There Multiple Universes? Does a Better Version of Ourselves Live In One?

What if there is a universe where the perfect version of you exists? Can this be possible? In reading Brian Scott’s book “The Reality Revolution” I’ve been motivated to ask some pretty significant questions. Let’s say you are trying to quit smoking? Why don’t you? What if there is a door you can walk through […]

Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) Are a MUST TAKE Supplement For Gut Health. A Conversation With Beau Berman, Co-Founder of Layer Origin Nutrition

Episode 106 Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) Are a MUST TAKE Supplement For Gut Health. A Conversation With Beau Berman, Co-Founder of Layer Origin Nutrition

YOU Can Take Control of Your Health, and Here's a Start! Book Review of Dr. Marvin Singh's New Book "Rescue Your Health"

What does it mean to “be healthy?” Instead of using statistics based on everybody, we have the technology to see what’s true for you—just you. This means we can see how healthy you actually are—or what could use improvement—and make adjustments from that information. In Rescue Your Health, Dr. Marvin Singh explains and explores the […]

What You Were Speaking To God And He Spoke Back? Author John Roedel Can Tell You What It's Like

Episode 104 What You Were Speaking To God And He Spoke Back? Author John Roedel Can Tell You What It's Like

Vitruvian Book Review #35 "The Immunity Code" by Joel Greene

Vitruvian Book Review #35 "The Immunity Code" by Joel Greene

How to Prevent a Toxic Work Environment With Pete Havel Author of "The Arsonist in The Workplace: Fireproofing Your Life Against Toxic Coworkers, Bosses, Employees and Cultures"

We are living in weird times. Everyone has to watch their back in a way never seen before. What’s ok today isn’t tomorrow. What was ok 20 years ago isn’t ok twenty minutes from now. Navigating the waters of corporate America has never been more challenging. Companies big and small are going to have to […]

Addiction, Recovery and Entrepreneurship' Eric Peyton and Carey Crist of The In Vivo Project

Eric Peyton, founder and owner of In Vivo, is an experienced interventionist, recovery coach and wellness specialist based in Dallas, Texas.  Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler.  Prior to launching In Vivo, Eric worked as a Wellness & Recreation Counselor at Caron Treatment Centers helping patients tackle their […]

Mark Lehman, Author of best selling book 'The Shoebox Chronicles'

Wow! Episode 100! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for tuning into the show over the past 2.5 years. Here’s to another 100. We all rush from one daily activity to another without ever stopping to realize we are actually living our own history. The attic discovery of a shoebox stuffed with old […]

College Football Special An Insider's Take With Mike Boykin, Founder and CEO of Bespoke Sports Marketing

Where is college football headed? How will the small schools compete with the Power 5 schools? Will all that money corrupt the student athletes? What will “name and likeness” rules do to change player interaction? We discuss it all on this special college football edition of The Jason Wright Show! Mike continues his distinguished career […]

Faith, Investing, China and More With Vip Vipperman, Director of Investments at Faith Driven Investor

About Vip: Besides having a really cool name, Vip Vipperman is a cool guy with a great story. This conversation would have fit will within the “Iron Sharpening Iron” series because I definitely came away sharper. Enjoy the conversation! Vip Vipperman is an investment professional and relationship manager who has developed a global network of […]

"How To Eat a Failure Sandwich" Author Phil Burks

This is a special episode for me. Phil Burks is a friend and mentor. I cannot be more proud to call him friend. In this third visit to the show Phil discusses his new autobiography “How to Eat a Failure Sandwich.” This is a great account of Phil’s entrepreneurial hero’s journey. It’s not just a […]

"Non-Toxic Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World" Author Dr. Aly Cohen, MD

About Dr. Aly CohenDr. Aly Cohen is a board certified rheumatologist and integrative medicine specialist, as well as an environmental health expert in Princeton, New Jersey. She has collaborated with the Environmental Working Group, Cancer Schmancer, and other disease- prevention or­ganizations, and is coeditor of the textbook, Integrative Environmental Medicine, part of the Oxford University Press/Weil Integrative Medicine, Academic […]

"Creating a Healthy, Organic Home With Megan Lubbers"

So I used to be the guy who turned his nose up at organic. I thought it was just overpriced food for elitist foodies with too much money and not enough to worry about. I’ve done a 180. For those I judged, I’m sorry. We are seeing more illness, diagnoses of Type 2 diabetes, Autism, […]

"Out of The Matrix" with Pastor Daniel Turner

So let me define “The Matrix” as I see it. The Matrix is the physical world we inhabit. It’s like a flowing river where decisions we make are almost made automatically. We like certain things because…well, why do we like those things? Why is one thing better than an another? How do we define our […]

Simone "NYC Muncher" Hanlen- Running and Eating Her Way Through the Big Apple!

Simone Hanlen is a bit of a contradiction. She is an ultra-marathoner, a tennis coach, a fellow Peloton member and a veracious consumer of some of New York’s greatest culinary delights. Because she’s always on the run, you aren’t going to see a picture on Instagram of Simone dining on foie gras at some trendy […]

"Too Good to be Ignored"

I love Steve Martin. He’s the one comedian I’ve watched for almost my entire life. I was born in 1975. Saturday Night Live premiered in 1975. Steve Martin made his SNL debut in 1975. It was at this time my father worked nights at the coal mines near my hometown of Sulphur Springs. One of […]

The Jason Wright Show Road Ramblings

I cannot stand having to be in the car for long periods of time. I don’t like not being able to “produce” something. The thing is, I get some amazing ideas while driving. Often I take audio notes for podcast guest ideas, blog ideas, book ideas, ideas for my consulting clients. However, I still don’t […]

Sex, Attachment Issues, Vulnerability and Writing About Burrito Avengers With Adam Lane Smith

This was such a fun episode, and I’m going to be honest it took me to some pretty vulnerable places. I think the best way to be a good host is to be willing to be as transparent as possible with my audience. This episode took me to some pretty sensitive places. Adam Lane Smith […]

Coss "The Boss" Marte Founder of Conbody-From $2MM/year Drug Kingpin to Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

In 2009, Coss Marte was sent to jail as the leader of a multi-million dollar cocaine operation. He was also grossly overweight and warned by his physician that his current lifestyle, if left unchecked, would likely kill him. Faced with this grim prognosis, Coss started to get in shape using the tools he had—his prison […]

"Happy Feet!" Steven Sashen Co-founder and CEO of Xero Shoes

The story of Xero Shoes!