Discovered Wordsmiths

40 Episodes

By: Stephen Schneider

Weekly podcast that chats with new and aspiring authors about the path they chose to publish their book.

Episode 45B - Josh & Rose Foreman - Co-op and World Building

Josh and Rose are unique in that they have collaborated on a fantasy book , but are also mother and son. We talk about what it's like to work with someone that's related to you. Since Josh is focused on a very connected universe, we talk about his worldbuilding. Below is a link to the wiki he is building for this. And here is Rose's book on writing speculative fiction

Episode 45 - Josh & Rose Foreman - The Scarred King

Rose and Josh are a mother/son co-writing team. They are working on a universe, not just a book. There are plans for multiple books within this universe. Josh works on video games and uses that knowledge to help build his world AND design other items - like the sculpture used in the picture below. If you'd like a sample of their first chapter, you can read...

Episode 44 - Annabelle - Lost in Christmas Wonderland

Annabelle is a 10 year old girl that lives in London. She goes to school and enjoys the same games and movies and other activities that her friends do. Annabelle is different in one very important way. She is a published author. I didn't get the chance to talk with Annabelle directly, but I spoke with her mother and learned about Annabelle's process and what she did to get the book written and published.

Episode 43B - Caramel Lucas - Choosing the Right Publisher

On the second half of the podcast with Caramel Lucas, we discuss being an entrepreneur in today's world. Caramel has multiple streams of income because there are many things she enjoys doing. She's an entertainer and likes to entertain - whether it's on a YouTube clip, in a book, or onstage as a comedian. We do talk about her publisher and the benefits that she has received because of it.

Episode 43A - Caramel Lucas - In Love with the Other Man

Caramel is a very busy woman. She writes books, but is also a stand up comic and a motivational speaker in Orlando, Florida. And it doesn't stop there. She has a YouTube channel where she shows a movie she made based on her book and she's even created a perfume. All that, and she's a mom also. Her book is a steamy romance, because she's a romantic gal, that is the first of many books she is working on.

Episode 42B - Doug Lawrence - Time

Doug talks about finding the time to write and using the time you have to write. Authors need to get the words out, but we don't always follow our own advice.

Episode 42A - Doug Lawrence - Gift of Mentoring

Doug Lawrence went from being a Canadian Mounted Police to a mentor which led him to writing a book on mentoring. He has spent his time with various groups being a mentor and teaching others about mentoring. Ken Blanchard is Doug's favorite author:

Episode 41 - Ted Sikora - Bloom

This is a very different podcast than normal. This episode was actually recorded for my other podcast, Relentless Geekery, so you'll hear my co-host - Alan Baltis - on here. We chatted with Ted for quite awhile about many things, most of which weren't book or publishing related. I edited the episode so that it focused on the book and publishing. What also makes this weird is that Ted's books are comic books, graphic novels. It is a look at writing and publishing that isn't seen as much. I encourage everyone to check out Ted's stuff. I love it. Even...

Episode 40B - Brooke Davis - Getting to Done

Brooke and Stephen continue their discussion but this time they are talking about getting your book done. Brooke is a wellness coach, so it would be easy to neglect her writing while working her day job. We discuss what authors can do to ensure they get their writing done. Brooke has supplied everyone a copy of her 6 tips to getting done below: BrookeDavis-GettingtoDoneDownload And you can find her at:

Episode 40A – Brooke Davis – Adventures of an Urban Homesteader

Besides being an author, Brooke is a Life and Career Strategist . She enjoys hiking and photography and lives in Colorado. She started writing because it gave her a chance to get feelings out, like journaling. This grew into the thought that she wanted to write a book. You can find Brooke One of Brooke's favorite books:

Episode 39B - Judy Moffit - Getting Started

Judy talks about what she has learned with setting a daily goal as a top priority. She's also learned that she can't take 17 years to write her second book, and had it being published the day we recorded the podcast. Being a new author, Judy struggles with getting her book in front of readers without having money to market. Together we explore ideas to jump start her marketing and get her book in front of people. We look at Story Origin as a great way to start since it is currently free while being developed. Several other ideas are talked...

Episode 39A - Judy Moffitt - A Line in the Sand

Judy Moffitt lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia and has lived there most of her life. At Longwood college, she majored in Political Science and minored in mathematics. She is now retired from a career in Data Analyst (which she did for the Navy), but has also been a sewer planner amongst other jobs. Currently she lives with her two rescue dogs and when not writing likes to work with a local photography group and enjoys fractal art. In fact, some of her art is on permanent display at Longwood college match department.

Episode 38B - Kevin Fellows - Marketing Fantasy

Kevin and Stephen talk about how to market fantasy stories in today's world. Kevin doesn't like writing typical fantasy, and this makes marketing even more difficult. Publishing poetry also adds interesting elements to trying to market. Kevin talks about not following marketing advice and why the general advice doesn't work for his books.

Episode 38A - Kevin Fellows - At the End of the World

Kevin has lived all over the U.S. but currently lives in the southwest. He has daughters and loves to read. When he had a heart attack, he realized he needed to work on his writing if her ever wanted to get his books out. He is published with Modern Folklore Press, where his current book is coming out. One of his...

Episode 37B - KS Barton - Community

Kim and I continue talking, but we switch from her book to talking about communities. Specifically, author communities and how they benefit writers. We have both been in different groups and met in a great mastermind group. Everyone has different experiences and all groups are different, but there are good and bad to look for.

Episode 37A - KS Barton - Warrior and Weaver
02/16/2021 KS Barton Website Kim has the best job as a writer - she works in a library! Besides writing, she enjoys drums, dancing and aikido - which she has practiced for 17 years. She writes and shelves books at her local library in Tucson, Arizona. Her first book was about Aikido, but she has written her first fiction book that involves Norse mythology and history.

Episode 36B - Ran - Mental Health and Writers

Besides writing, Ran works in the mental health field, so discussing mental health and how it affects writers was a natural. We also discuss how writers can take care of their mental health to continue writing.

Episode 36A - Ran - Journey of Faith

Ran lives in Ontario Canada, and as we talked, the temp was WAY below zero. She works in the mental health field, which is what we talk about in the second half, but she views her writing as a major part of her life, starting at the tender age of 6. She's also an avid board/card gamer, which I can relate to. Playing games can be very creative and is also a good way to relax. She is working on publishing her first books but she has been a part of publishing a memoir written by her grandfather. The book...

Episode 35B - Jeff Johnson - Writing as a Major Life Change

Jeff has had several changes in his life - lawyer to politician to writer to CEO of a non-profit. We talk about how to handle those changes and why he chose to make writer one of those life changes.

Episode 35A - Jeff Johnson - Boy Lessons

Jeff has several boys, and like other authors, used what he learned raising his kids to write a book. He has been a lawyer and politician, and adds writer to his resume. Besides this book, he runs a non-profit calls Can Do Canines where they raise and train service dogs. Jeff recommends this book:

Episode 34B – Doug Knust – Using life to influence your book

Doug and I discuss how life can influence your book. This is what he did when writing his book. He is a businessman and writing is not his main focus.

Episode 34A - Doug Knust - Man Stuff

Doug came to writing his first book in an interesting way. He felt there was a need to instruct boys in lessons for men and spent years running a group that helped accomplish that. Many of the lessons are bundled in his book, Man Stuff. This helpful book is targeted to young men and designed to give them many things to learn as they grow. By day, Doug owns and runs a car dealership, but loves spending his free time with his group - which is called The Explorers.

Episode 33B - Chad Boyer - Choosing a Title

Chad has some insight, and regrets, on choosing the title he did. We discuss what makes a good title and how to tell.

Episode 33A - Chad Boyer - Raising Aces

Chad has been in the Air Force and is currently a computer developer in the medical field. He lives in California with his family. He has written a sci-fi book called Raising Aces. It's a war story with giant robots - who doesn't like that? Some of Chad's favorite books:

Episode 32B - Nosa - Black Culture in Fantasy

The discussion with Nosa continues as we discuss the growing rise in black culture in fantasy. Part of this discussion is why it is happening now and what has changed to allow it to happen. It's interesting to see how we feel that independent publishing has helped bring about this growing diversity and how indie authors can meet these specific niches and still sell books.

Episode 32A - Nosa - A Dance for the Gods

Nosa lives in the UK, though he is from Nigeria. Besides writing, he is a mechanical engineer by day and has used his knowledge to make the buildings in his books stand out. He is writing a fantasy series based on the culture and beliefs of Nigeria. Currently, there are two books available and he is working on his third. You can find his books at:

Episode 31B - David Rae - Motivation

I'm back with author David Rae and this time we discuss motivation. What it means and how to stay motivated. Both of us have had issues with motivation, and we want others to understand what we've done to overcome a lack of motivation.

Episode 31A – David Rae – Crowman

David's first book is a dark fantasy called Crow Man. He currently lives in Scotland and works in the medical field. We discuss his book and some classic literature. David has great thoughts and advice for new writers.

Episode 30B - Byron Gifford - Overcoming Self Doubt

On today's episode, I talk once again with Byron Gifford. We discuss how to overcome self doubt and dealing with self doubt. This is a common feeling among new writers, and we have thoughts and ideas to help those that doubt they should be writing.

Episode 30A - Byron Gifford - Life with Graffy
12/15/2020 Personal Website Instagram Facebook Byron lives in Michigan and is a father. He has moved for his career several times and the stress of moving with young children led him to write his book - Life with Graffy, discovering bravery. The book is about a boy that struggles with moving, which is something Byron's own son...

Episode 29B - Tory Element - Setting up a Business Entity

Tory joins me again to discuss what he has gone through in setting up his business entity for publishing. There are many choices and reasons to use one type or another. He also discusses using Sigil for formatting his book. Sigil is an open source epub editor. It is not for the faint of heart, but is powerful.

Episode 29A - Tory Element - Rock Rain

Today's guest is Tory Element who has co-authored a book with Jim Kukral called Rock Rain. This is Tory's first book and we discuss writing with a co-author. Tory is retired Air Force and has been working as a fitness trainer along with writing. One of his favorite book series: Tory Element Home Page He also is a fan of Auntie's Books

Episode 29 - S.A. Schneider Update

The podcast has been going strong for 6 months. If you look at the list of authors interviewed and their books, they are quite a diverse group of wonderful people. If you have not, find the type of book you like to read and click that category on the podcast. I encourage you to check out the authors and read their books. I also wanted to update everyone on my own writing. I have plans for books and stories to come out throughout the next several months. It is a very exciting time and there will be lots of new adventures...

Episode 27B - Penny Appleton - Writing During Tough Times

Joanna's Mindfulness book - KM Weiland book and workbook J and Zach story method Some links may be affiliate links

Episode 27 Part A - Penny Appleton - Love Second Time Around

Jacqui Penn writes under the pseudonym of Penny Appleton. She lives in England, but has worked and lived around the world. Her daughter, Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn podcast), helped her with the first books. They say write what you know and Jacqui has chosen to write sweet romance. Her latest book is a senior romance, which I loved as it's not the typical romance you think about for this genre. Penny Appleton home page

Episode 26 - Shay Siegel - Fractured

Shay Siegel wrote her first novel, Fractured, based on trials she's dealt with during her life. As a young girl, she experienced selective mutism, which would not allow her to talk in certain circumstances. Her book is a YA that has a football player discovering that other people in the world has problems that he wasn't even aware of. She hopes to continue writing more books dealing with mental health issues in teens and young adults.

Stephen Batt - 10 Things About People in Cars

Stephen lives in New Zealand, but has traveled the world when he was younger. His experience allows him a unique perspective in his art and books. His earlier experience in screenwriting - including Jules Verne Mysterious Island - allowed him to realize he wanted to write. Here is a couple short films that Stephen has made: Warm Gun - A...

David Kouri - Elyria

Today I talk with David Kouri from Texas. He is a thrill seeker and loves sports. In his past life he acted in theater and for TV before switched to behind the camera and writing. His first book, Elyria, is a YA fantasy. When the main character discovers he is a 99 year old vampire and he's meant to save the galaxy, his life changes. ...

Thomas Brigger - Higher Ground

Thomas A. Brigger is a businessman, entrepreneur, traveler and author of Beyond the Higher Ground, a novel about intrigue and suspense amid the opioid crisis in Appalachia. With a background including construction worker, small business owner, instructional writer, real estate developer, builder, consultant and corporate executive, the author draws from his experience to recognize the nuances of human behavior. Proclaimed by a former instructor to be “potentially one of the great writers of the century”, Brigger set aside his business interests to concentrate on writing fiction, a craft that he mastered by writing short stories for most of his adult life...

David Konrad - The Adventure Series

David is a stay at home dad living in Munich, Germany with his wife and twin boys. He has lived throughout the world and uses his experience with various cultures to write a series of adventure books for kids. He began writing while staying at home and has turned it into a career. The stories are action, adventure stories that kids (and adults) can easily love. David Konrad author website