Bring It On

40 Episodes

By: Erin Soukup

A source for motivation, ideas & a no bull$hit approach to overcoming your fears in life & business.

Episode 67: Words
Yesterday at 5:35 PM

Words do matter. Even though I'm a die hard toughen up & move on, words do matter.

Episode 66: Self accountability & responsibility

Personal responsibility is something a lot of people struggle with hard core it seems these days. My thoughts on eating a shit sandwich & what my responsibilities are in handling situations & moving forward. 

Episode 65: Here we go! 75 Hard check in with Kendra Aarhus

Welp....its public now so I guess its really on. My good friend Kendra & I are doing 75 Hard. It's day 2 at the time of this recording. We may have lost our minds....or maybe we'll just really finally find them. 

Episode 65: Happy April Fools Day! And some squirrel...or maybe a lot

Welcome to April!!! And welcome spring! Sharing some of the goodies in my life today & squirrel all over the place :) 

Episode 64: Tuesday ramblings & Conquer 100

Dragging some serious butt today but nothing compared to what James Lawrence is enduring right now 30 days into Conquer 100. I should have talked more about this but go check him out on Instagram

Episode 63: Vulnerably You & holy crap that was powerful

I say this every single conference, holy shit that blew me away. And this one is no different. The lessons are continuing today. And lemme tell ya, sometimes the lessons after the session are the biggest. 

Episode 62: I think I've lost my mind

Oh, this one may be really bad. But here we are. The inside of my brain has all good intentions, really it does. Just sometimes, the translation from brain to voice is a little clutch. 

Episode 61: Reflections on the past year & some other randoms

Some reflections & a funny story about Danielle & our remodeling. 

Episode 60: Goggins Challenge

This weekend I completed the 4x4x48 challenge created by David Goggins. Here's my take. 

Episode 59: I guess I'm talking about sales today. And a little about beer HA!

Thinking about my profession & what it means to me after listening to The Wolf of WallStreet by Jordan Belfort some this week got my brain in that gear. And the Athletic Brewing Co beer I mentioned last week? It is THE BOMB!!! 

Episode 58: Sugar is the devil. For real.

Learned some new things from The Spartan Up podcast with Joe DeSena the other day. His guest was Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar. And frankly it made me stop & pay attention. Here are my thoughts. And feel free to go check it out. 

Episode 57: Life & family & business with Danielles Schares, the Hollistic Hippie

Hanging out with my good friend Danielle today chatting about life, family & business. After some *cough cough* technical difficulties....aka Erin for got to unmute the mic, we had a good chat! Enjoy!

Episode 56: Why is something new so hard to make a habit!

Adding some logging for strength workouts on paper. And why do I suck so bad with food prep? Ugh. The struggle & my excuses. Add it to the do something that sucks list & force myself to do it, I'll thank myself later-I know. 

Episode 55: 4 hacks to better health

4 hacks to bettering your health. And some other randomness, because y'all know I can't not be random.

Episode 54: Some information in regards to food

A little information about purchasing livestock products directly from a producer, and a couple of key things to know. 

Episode 53: Celebrating an old friend

Today is my late buddy's birthday. This guy was always the crazy one of the bunch, loud, obnoxious & I loved him. I couldn't ever leave a conversation with him & not have been in stitches. Here's to you today my old friend. Happy Heavenly Birthday Mark. And a toast of Patron to you.

Episode 52: a short overview of the hip story

Tomorrow night I’ll be telling one of my stories. A little overview of the hip story.

Episode 51: Some heaviness in the neighborhood today

Some happenings locally & some thoughts on what we need to do about it. 

Episode 50

I've recorded only 50 of these things? Feels like 500 some days. A message from Andy Frisella's Andygram yesterday made me chuckle a little bit....because it's true. And then I’m off to the squirrel races so buckle up, there’s some cornering going on here today.

Episode 49: Some good news!

Got some bloodwork test results back this morning & I'm celebrating!!!!

Episode 48: Macro adjustments & puking up french fries??

Food tracking, macro targets & how they aren't forever fixed in stone. Also some random inappropriate-ness about barfing up french fries & body cleanses. 

Episode 48: The world is "burning" yet I'm still training. What are you doing today?

With the shit show from yesterday to pull-ups & training goals. Focusing on the targets are where I must stay to remain focused and eye on the prize. If your goals & targets don't make you nervous, they're not big enough. 

Episode 47: Motivation & Discipline

I get asked all the time what motivates me......a lot. But what keeps me going is not motivation. 

Episode 46: How not to drive on ice

A personal memoir of a life lesson from 1992.

Episode 45: The trials of puberty

Calgon take me away. The last 24 hours has been a little rough around here.

Episode 44: Receiving help & support requires self starting

Down & out doesn't have to be. 

Episode 44: Support. Accountability. And cows.

We all have a time in our more than just one....that we need the help & support & accountability from other people. Be it to help pick us up when we've fallen, call us out on our excuses or just be a teammate in general. This cast started out with one track in mind then took a hard right turn into something totally different. Surprised aren't you. HA!

Episode 43: The person staring back at you is the one.

No one else can do it but you. What kind of commitment have you made to yourself?

Episode 42: Running

I get asked a lot of questions from friends who want to start running. Here are some things I've learned....of course the hard way....since I started my running journey. 

Episode 41: You can't do that....The most motivating phrase in the English language

How many times has someone told you, you can't do that. Or your crazy for wanting to do that. Or there's no way you'll ever do that. I can't even tell you how many times I've heard it. So here.....hold my beer & watch this shit. 

Episode 40: Parenting Woes & Shitty Customer Service

Have you ever had an issue with your kid's Playstation account? Like fraudulent charges? FML Good luck with their shitty customer service. 

Episode 39: Building momentum

Getting a running start into the new year.

Episode 38: Project 90 & some Gratitudes

A little Project 90 update, a coffee bean & some gratitude.

Episode 37: Random AF & Pre-Thanksgiving

Welcome to another day of squirrel & randomness. I hope you at least shake your head if not get a giggle out of this today. #iburnshit

Episode 36: Gas, grass or ass no one rides for free

Evaluating stuck & getting excuses out of your way.

Episode 35: Who do you want to be

What do you want to leave behind? I get stuck in what I want. But I’m finding more clarity in who I want to be & what I want to leave behind.

Episode 34: Girls on the Run

I have a lot of people ask me about Girls on the Run. No, it’s not like track or cross country. It’s so much more than that. Hopefully this give you a little more insight into the program,

Episode 33: You are not alive to please any of these motherfuckers.

People pleasing ugh

Episode 32: WHOOMP There it is!

Embarrassing my kid. A little reflection & some ramblings on this Thursday.

Episode 31: Accountability

Back....again. Consistency is a struggle y’all!