Pure Sex Radio

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By: Jonathan Daugherty

Pure Sex Radio seeks to help men, women, and families move from sexual brokenness to wholeness in Christ. Since 2005, Jonathan Daugherty and Stephen Cervantes have been helping listeners engage difficult topics in a thoughtful and personal manner.

How Can Recovery Lead to a New Growth Mission?


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In today's episode, I have a heart-to-heart with Stephen Cervantes about the journey of recovery. We dive into how it's more than just getting back on your feet; it's about pausing, finding stability, and reaching out for a helping hand. But that's not the end of the road! 


Navigating the 3 Stages of Recovery from Porn Addiction


Thanks to a generous donor, we can offer a $75,000 match for gifts given between May 1 through July 31. Every dollar you give, collectively up to $75,000, will be DOUBLED!

Give Today and double your impact. Thank you for your support!


In today’s episode, we have Vern Tompke back with us. Vern is our Canadian pastor and coach who helps other pastors and men break free from unwanted sexual behaviors. 

We talked about the three key stages of recovery, which are: 

Breaking the habitAddressing the deep-seated issu...

Is Selfishness Addiction Holding You Back from True Freedom and Joy?

The Selfishness Addiction – Yes, you read that right. We're diving deep into how an addiction to selfishness can shape our behaviors and strain our relationships. We’re peeling back the layers of why we sometimes confuse self-preservation with self-centeredness.

Understanding Freedom – We start by exploring the true meaning of freedom. It's not just about breaking free from unwanted behaviors like porn addiction; it's about finding peace, rest, and joy. We're talking about aligning with the soul's fundamental needs, as taught by Jesus himself.

From Selfish to Selfless – We've all been there, right? Putting ourselves first, fast, an...

Neurodiversity Challenges in Marriage Restoration

Shawna Meek, founder of Living Stones Coaching, joins us to share her incredible journey through marriage, divorce, and unexpected reconciliation. Shawna opens up about the challenges she faced in her relationship, from communication breakdowns to confronting her husband's infidelity – and learning how his previously undiagnosed neurodiversity impacted his sexual brokenness and their marriage. 

Shawna then shares about setting boundaries, the importance of individual growth, and how she and her husband both worked on themselves to rebuild trust. 

Her story is a testament to the complexities of love and the resilience and faith needed to navigate them...

Helping Women Embrace their Bodies and Sexuality

I'm thrilled to have the amazing Danisa Suarez back on the program. Today, we're tackling a subject that's really important to a lot of people: women's understanding of their own bodies and sexuality. 

Danisa has put together an incredible e-course called "The Story of Her," (https://ccicourses.org/thestoryofher) and she's here to share why it's so essential for women to recognize and celebrate their unique design and to confidently step into their womanhood. We're not shying away from the difficult topics either—we discuss how to heal from past wounds and pursue a godly approach to sex...

Why Do We Fall? And How Do We Get Back Up?

Why do we fall? This is a deep question and we can’t ever fully answer the “why” questions. But it’s worth the conversation.

In this episode, Stephen and I dive deep into the emotional and spiritual tangles that we all face. We begin by talking about the roots of our emotional programming and then move on to the emotional-spiritual connection and the complexities of stumbling and falling; it’s not just about sin. Emotional maturity is just as vital.

Finally, we aim to provide some practical wisdom for facing emotional pain and the power of c...

Understanding God's Design for Sex in Today's Confused Culture

In this episode, we're hanging out with the dynamic duo, Linda Stewart and Linda Noble, who share their journey and collaborative work in the world of sexual education and theology of the body. 

They tell about their work with the Identity Project, aiming to help parents and families chat about sexuality and relationships in a faith-filled, positive way. The Lindas talk about their own lightbulb moments at the Theology of the Body Institute and how they're now passionate about giving parents the tools to paint a beautiful picture of God's design for their kids. 

They're al...

Masturbation, Emotional Health, and Abundant Living

Today’s podcast covers a LOT of territory, including the complexities of masturbation, its connection to our emotional health, and the differences between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset when it comes to living in victory over sexual sin. 

Our guest today is Matt Cline, founder of Restored Ministries. In our conversation, we explore the significant role emotional well-being plays in navigating sexual brokenness. We emphasize the importance of understanding our emotions to discover genuine happiness and connection. We also explore the intriguing concept of scarcity versus abundance in the context of our sexuality. Matt's perspective on...

Breaking Down Barriers: The Art of Active Listening

In this episode, we have Andrew Arthur back with us to dive deep into the art of active listening. We chat about the common obstacles we face, like distractions and assumptions, that can disrupt our ability to truly hear others, especially in long-term relationships. 

Andrew shares a golden nugget for exceptional listening: asking "What do you need from me right now?" as a way to better support those in emotional need. We even touch on how this skill translates to our spiritual lives, suggesting we quiet our inner chatter to connect with God. 

Wrapping up, we...

Hope and Healing: Brian Ellsworth's Testimony

On today’s episode, Brian Ellsworth shares his personal journey of trauma, addiction, and recovery. Brian is the new executive director of Living Without Lust, which is a fellowship of men desiring to live with sexual integrity.

Brian discusses his challenging past, sobriety-seeking turning points, and healing through an intensive program. He shares how he went from a crippling addiction to now helping other men break free from unwanted sexual behaviors. The conversation stresses the significance of addressing underlying pain, seeking help, and the continuous process of recovery. 

To learn more about Brian and Living Wit...