Destination Church

40 Episodes

By: Dr. Sherri Wilson

We are a church focused and dedicated to unveiling who you are in Christ so you can fulfill your purpose on earth. You were designed and invented for purpose!

Way Of Kings: Heaven on Earth

Today we are going to look in depth at the kingdom of Solomon and see how it was the closest to the original intent of Father. His kingdom was a picture of heaven on earth! Solomon lead his people in wisdom which allowed his people to work, have plenty, enjoy their families and live happily and safely. If Solomon, under the old covenant, could do that, then imagine what we should be able to do now under the new covenant! The aspects of wisdom are doing what you don’t need to or want to do before you need to...

Way Of Kings: He Loved The Lord Except...

Look with me today at the life of King Solomon in the fourth lesson in our series on The Way of Kings. He started off serving the Lord well. He did do some things though that were detrimental to himself and the nation. Notice that Solomon married outside of Israel many times for political purposes. Also, although he loved the Lord he worshiped at the high places. You will learn the meaning and history of the high places in this teaching. Did you know that Solomon asked for understanding and discernment in a dream? The popular fact about Solomon...

Way Of Kings: Peacemaker vs. Peacekeeper

Do you know the difference between a peacemaker and a peacekeeper? This is a wonderful revelation about how and why we need to be peacemakers and not just a peacekeeper. A peacemaker will keep their own word, even to their own detriment. A peacekeeper on the other hand, will even lie to avoid conflict. A peacemaker will restore peace by courageous confrontation with love. They will speak up and say what is needed to keep the peace that threatens God’s purposes or plans. A peacekeeper will stay silent and allow things to go on that may need to be...

Way Of Kings: The King Of Peace

Join me today for a look into the life of King Solomon. Did you know that he had a nickname from the Lord, “Jedidiah” which means “beloved of the Lord”? That was new to me! You’ll learn in this teaching about Solomon’s upbringing and will look into the circumstances surrounding his birth and how they impacted him in his struggle in his identity. See how God chose him to be king even though he wasn’t first born.  God gave Solomon the wisdom needed to govern the people yet Solomon chose not to follow God’s commandm...

Way Of Kings: God's Original Intent For Rule

In this new series you will start by looking into God’s original intent for mankind and how He intended for us to rule. To do this, we will start at the beginning. This will be an important study because everything on earth is patterned after everything in heaven. You will delve into the original language and broaden your understanding of God and His divine counsel and just who they are! You’ll learn that God has a heavenly counsel but also an earthly counsel, which is us. We are His ekklesia, a marketplace of government leaders and business owne...

Hebrews: Live Pleasing To God

Join us as we complete the study of Hebrews! You will go over with Paul as he leaves final exhortations and important thoughts with the Hebrew people. You’ll discover right away the relevance of loving your fellow believer and you’ll probably be surprised just what that entails. You will be encouraged and warned of things to remember and do as all of Hebrews culminates in these final verses. Paul reiterates several times the necessity of not returning to the old law now that the New Covenant has been instituted. Don’t miss this last and vital look at the...

Hebrews: Be Swift And Careful

Do you struggle to find peace? Do you continually pray for God to give you peace? Did you know that God’s peace is entirely outside your circumstances and sourced in Presence? It’s part of His kingdom and a tangible aspect you should always carry. Jesus already gave you His peace and it’s been available to you all this time! He can’t give you something you already have. You will see today how to obtain and keep peace and find out what keeps it away from your life. Also today, you will study through the end of Chapt...

Hebrews: Evidence of His Faithfulness


Let’s look today at a subject that most may not want to talk about, but is necessary…..discipline. You will find in this teaching the various degrees of discipline, and how the Father’s love shows through each degree. You will begin to understand that it is proof we are His children. Discipline is the evidence that God is pleased with you, accepts you, and has favor upon you! All discipline of God must be viewed through His goodness and love for us. The goal of all discipline is transformation of character, but it requires yielding to it. Hi...

Hebrews: Look Away From The Natural Realm

In our teaching today, you will learn how every wounding and hurt you hang onto can lead to sin in your life. See the difference between Cain and Abel’s offerings and how God only regards things done in faith. A lack of faith will open the door to sin, but you can choose to rule over it with faith. As you learn to let go of offenses and woundings, A.K.A. arrow tips left in you from battle, you will begin the healing process. The Holy Spirit will guide you through this and your current trial if yo...

Hebrews: Now Faith Part 2

Continue the study of faith with me as you learn how Abraham trusted in God so completely, that it was logical to him that God would raise Isaac from the dead! Amazing! Discover what a parable is and why you might be actually living one right now! If it seems that the opposite of the calling God has on your life is being played out in your circumstances, it could be that you, like Abraham, are living a parable and actually doing something that will encourage and strengthen others in the future! Find out how to discern if this...

Hebrews: The City Of God

Take a side journey with me today to study a little deeper. Hebrews 11:10 needs a closer look. It speaks of a city with unshakeable foundations whose builder is God. Where is this city? What is its significance? Learn about the importance of the first stone of this building and how every stone laid after that is set in reference to it. See the importance of a building and its foundation and how it gets laid. You will discover the true mark of apostles and prophets and how to discern a counterfeit. The importance of what the five-fold ministry does...

Hebrews: Now Faith Part 1

This exciting message clarifies faith and its concept. You’ll see that hope is the expectation of future good while faith is now…in the present. Faith makes the intangible become tangible. It is your guarantee of proof and gives you the ability to see the unseen before it is seen. You will learn how to increase faith and the difference in faith and the gift of faith. Faith is never passive, it always requires action on your part. It’s not waiting on God to do something, it is heart belief in what He has already done. It’s not me...

Hebrews: The Price Of An Accusing Conscience

As we continue to dive into Hebrews, this week you will learn the price of allowing your guilty conscience to motivate you in your decisions. Any motivation to serve God or be obedient that comes from guilt or obligation, is the same as saying Jesus’ blood was not enough of a sacrifice and you need to add another! The scripture proves it. When the veil was torn in two, it represented Jesus’ body torn open to give you free and boldly confident access to the Father! If you keep the mentality that you are fighting your old sin nature afte...

Hebrews: A Crude Outline

The title of this teaching explains the old system of the law was for the Hebrews and all other Jews before Christ came. It was only a picture (a crude one) of the Messiah to come. One important note here is that Jesus Christ not only made you innocent, He removed sin’s guilt from you and I! Do you realize what this means? Don’t gloss over this fact and keep going.🤔 Meditate on the truth that you are NOT guilty. You don’t need to act, feel or remain in guilt any longer; not for sin you’ve committe...

Hebrews: The Perfect Way Of Holiness

Continue with me in your journey into Hebrews. This week discover the glaring differences of the old covenant versus the new one. As you do, you will see that God’s great love for you caused Him to institute this new “ministry of righteousness” to make you and I free. His blood makes us free from a guilty conscience, punishment we deserved, and even the power of sin over us! Jesus’ sacred blood made a way to change your heart condition and give a brand-new nature! The old man is dead! Thank-you Jesus!

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Hebrews: The Crowning Point

Join us today in this exciting lesson! Listen for Holy Spirit’s insert on wisdom from Proverbs 1. It is so enlightening! You’re going to see how emphatic Paul is for the Hebrews (and us) to understand the role of Jesus as a perfect sacrifice and their King-Priest. Jesus annulled the Mosaic law they couldn’t keep and substituted a better way with the law of love. This stripped the enemy once and for all of his power to harm us, because Jesus became our sacrifice! He took His blood in place of ours to the Father! We are declar...

Hebrews: King-Priest Of Peace And Righteousness

Have you ever wondered about Melchizedek? Where was he from? Was he human? Was he Jesus? This lesson will answer these questions and more. You will learn how Paul is pointing out how superior Christ’s priesthood is over the Levitical priesthood because the Hebrews wanted to return to the old law. You will plainly see Paul’s side by side comparison that leaves no doubt of the exceptional superiority of the new covenant and its ability to bring us to experience intimacy with God, which was the Father’s goal all along!

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The Attributes of God

In this message we are explaining the connection of God's goodness and His glory and how we can use this understanding to transition from "current level glory to next-level glory.”

Hebrews: God Forcefully Confirmed His Vow

Enjoy this teaching that will encourage and exhort you today! You’ll learn just how important and sure the promises of God are. You and I are the sum total of our decrees and what we have prophesied. See how God spoke the same thing over and over. God, in his faithfulness, repeatedly spoke His plan for you down through the ages. When you become born again and receive the Holy Spirit, you can experience God’s promises for you. Healing, prosperity, wholeness on every level can be yours by seizing with faith and patience what Christ died for you...

Hebrews: God Is Not Unfair

You may think you already know that God is not unfair. But do you attribute to God any of the works of Satan at any time? Do you believe He allows sickness, poverty or any kind of mental disease? Did you know that the word “unfair” here actually means “evil”? Learn in this teaching why the Israelites were stuck in the desert and how it compares to your life today. As you study in depth Hebrews 6:10-12, it will come alive with meaning and significance! Find the key to passing every test you have! This teaching will draw you closer i...

Hebrews: Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Join me in this informative and controversial subject and find the answers you need! How can you know if you are saved? What is the main thing you must know after salvation to become mature? Find out how unskilled also means inexperienced, which means the spiritually mature are only those who have experiences with the Lord through relationship in spiritual heavenly matters. Learn five things that are considered basics that you should know in the Word of Christ. Also, discover the six attributes of false teachers and prophets! This eye opening teaching is a must for any believer who...

Hebrews: By This Time

In this call to action, you see that by now the Hebrews should have been able to teach others, but were still at the place where they couldn’t understand deeper things. This corresponds to the large percent of people still on milk and unable to understand their identity in Christ, or how you and I are truly made righteous when born again! My conscience was pricked as I learned that laziness equals sin and that studying and teaching are relational not just intellectual! This means as you and I spend time in the Word with the Father, we le...

Hebrews: Christ Was Not Self-Appointed

Join Sherri for this applicable message today! See how Jesus was not self-appointed, but it was God who called Him, and it’s the same with us! There are two sides here, where there are those who are self-appointed “apostles” and such, and those who are actually apostles, prophets, etc. who are waiting for clergy approval. It’s your responsibility to recognize the false from the true. Learn how you and I are appointed at the impartation of our identity to us! You are called to partner with the Lord in a unique way, whether in the marketplace or fivefold...

Hebrews: Experience This Faith-Life Rest

This power packed lesson is truly something we can all implement immediately! Sherri defines and clarifies striving and dismisses the tradition that we passively wait on God to move, and the consequences of doing so. We learn how to partner with God to work to transform us into what He has called us to be. It is our responsibility and there is no excuse for being passive. This call to action and Sherri’s no-nonsense style, will encourage you greatly to seriously study the Word of God and apply it to your life. I know it has moved me to...

Hebrews: The Realm Of Resting

Be encouraged in this teaching on how to enter the realm of resting! What a marvelous thought provoking lesson, especially in these times. Find we can live from His calming place of rest, which is peace. Discover that the key to prophetic hearing and problem solving in every area, is only found in peace. The answers we need for our lives and the lives of others are only sourced in learning to live from God’s rule of peace in our hearts. Learn how to be a peacemaker versus a peacekeeper, and the difference. We must believe and mix wi...

Hebrews: The message they heard did not benefit

Discover in this teaching how unbelief isn’t swayed by evidence because all unbelief is sourced from a lie. See that it kept the Israelites from their own inheritance of a calming place of rest and will do the same for us. Learn how a religious mindset will never offer solutions to problems, but Jesus always did and we should as well. Examine with me, our own lives. Do we see solutions to others problems or are we critical and judgmental? Remember that belief always requires obedience, sometimes without knowing why.

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Take Care. Lest There.

Find out in this teaching the true meaning of unbelief and what to do about it. See the hard truth that all unbelief is sin and how this type of evil can be in our heart undetected. This evil causes us to harden our heart toward God. When we leave it undealt with it will lead us away from God. See how the ekklesia is the solution. Along with Holy Spirit, we are called to come along side our brothers and sisters and exhort, encourage and warn, if needed. Enjoy this thought provoking message and be called to action...

If You Would Only Listen

In this lesson discover why the Holy Spirit says for us to listen. Also see how it is a call to attention! Learn the 3 things you will do when you hear Him if you have a receptive heart. We often don’t listen for His voice because it comes from unexpected people or things. We tend to brush His voice off many times. Remember, Holy Spirit is a gentleman! He will never push His way into your thoughts or life where He is unwanted. Study what testing means and how important it is to know who is testing us. Th...

Hebrews: We Are His House!

In this lesson come to understand the importance of us as the dwelling place of God! We are, together and individually, the literal carrier of the presence of God himself. It has nothing to do with a building or the place that we worship. Too much reverence is placed on the building versus the builder. Discover in this lesson how God is building in you and I a place where He can settle and dwell and feel completely at home!

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Hebrews: Fasten Your Thoughts Fully

Fasten means to “to give careful consideration to some matter.” The “matter” in this case is Jesus Christ. Something transformational happens when you devote concentration consideration of Jesus Christ and redemption realities. Learn how to do that and what happens in this teaching!

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Hebrews: Annihilate the Effects of the Accuser

In this teaching, learn how Jesus actually shared in our humanity so He could share His glory with us! This way, through His death, Jesus rendered inactive, idle, and made useless the power of the devil! Come to understand that not only did this render the devil ineffective, but it also brought his works TO AN END in our lives! Sin should no longer be a normal thing in the life of the believer. Also, as a bonus, learn what the best answer for sin is!

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Hebrews: God Made Him Pioneer

As God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit executed the audacious plan for God to become Man and rescue us. So the Father made Him, Jesus, the Pioneer of our salvation so that He could bring many soon and daughters to glory, which is restoring the glory lost in the Garden. Learn about how Jesus came to make us holy, impart His nature to us, and get the revelation of how we have become the Ekklesia, the ruling council of God on earth!

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Hebrews: The Government of Angels

What did Paul mean when he said we will one day judge angels? This teaching reveals an ancient story and an ancient battle that we have been given the honor to fight in. So you will learn about the divine council, the earthly council, the gods over the nations, and the role of the Ekklesia—the ruling council of God on earth. You will walk away stunned at the revelation of who you are!

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Hebrews: Death's Bitterness

Have you ever wondered why it was so important to the Lord to be called “Son of Man?” For a short while, God made Himself into frail, weak man. He never quit being God, but He didn’t hold tightly to that and instead became a Son of Man and humbled Himself to the point of death! And He had to taste that death for more than our being able to be saved. This teaching will change your life, how you see God, and your understanding of how He sees you!

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Hebrews: A Warning to Not Stray from the Truth

Following Christ is not a passive endeavor. In fact, the Greek shows us that we are in a struggle not just against dark forces but also the gradual relaxing of our attention on the Lord and His word. This teaching shows you exactly what that looks like and how to remain focused!

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Caught by a Thought!

Learn from the story of Caleb, Joshua and the other 10 spies how the power of thoughts can help or hurt us in life!

Hebrews: Jesus, the Language of God

God only speaks one language, Jesus! Throughout the Old Testament, He spoke in fragments that required seeking and searching Him to understand. And even then, the prophets wouldn’t know all things. Each saw in parts. But in our day, Father has spoken through His Son, Jesus Christ—the divine expression of God! This is one of the best teachings I’ve ever done! You will be blessed!

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Hebrews: Those Who Cross Over

We are in a new series! Get ready for a deep dive into the book of Hebrews! Although, this book was written to a Hebrew audience, the truths in it are for all ethnicities. And what I love about it is you get an inside look into the Jewish faith from a former Pharisee who knew it inside and out. Buckle your seatbelts! This one is going to be good!

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The Anointing 1

We are at the end of our series on holiness and talking about one of the most important elements to a successful life—the anointing. The anointing is from the Presence of Holy Spirit, the most ignored Person of the Trinity. But what the anointing does for you is incredible! If you struggle with seeing yourself through the eyes of God or struggle with specific sin, this teaching will help you.

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Shadow of Things to Come 6

This is the final part of “Shadow of Things to Come” in our Holiness series. In this teaching, Sherri finished up the things that make up an ekklesia (church) gathering. Remember that ekklesia is the Greek word Jesus used for the church. It was a governmental word that described where two or more Roman citizens gathered anywhere in the empire and if they decreed a thing, it was considered law. God never intended for the church to be a place we go to once a week on Sunday. No matter where or when you have church, these are the thin...