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KICPOD is your D&M on the stuff that matters.. and also the stuff that doesn't! Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of Kic, a health & wellness app that focuses on feeling your best, not looking a certain way. To learn more you can find them on Instagram at @kicpod,, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or visit their website

Should Laura get a divorce?
Last Sunday at 2:01 PM

People are commenting on Laura's TikTok telling her she should divorce her husband Dalton. And you know what? Laura couldn't care less.

Plus! Steph had a moment when she realised something she was doing to “save time” actually ended up worse off than if she’d put in effort to begin with. So we asked you…what do you to “save” time that ends up taking you longer? If you hate putting away your washing or taking out the recycling, we see you.

And hi Alice! You guys love seeing Alice on the Kic Instagram and TikTok s...

Everything you need to know about kindergarten - KICBUMP with Catharine Hydon

If you haven’t been to kinder since you were IN kinder, you’ve probably forgotten what it’s all about and what the big deal is. So as Harvey gets closer to kindergarten age, Steph speaks with early childhood consultant Catharine Hydon about all things kindergarten. 

They talk the big things, like: what do our kids actually learn at kinder, how does it help them transition to school, and how is my kid developing emotionally and social at that age? And the little things, like: how early do I have to enrol, dealing with tears at drop of...

Everything we do to feel safe while running as women

What do you do to feel safe while running or walking alone? We saw this video on Instagram where a woman lists everything she does to feel safe while running outside alone and we wanted to talk about it. Plus Steph & Laura share their own experiences of feeling unsafe while running and walking by themselves.

Then we talk getting over a breakup. A community member asked for tips to help get over a breakup and we asked you for your advice, from dropping 20k on a horse, to moving interstate, to training for a marathon, to just...

An important conversation about breast cancer with Kic community member Ellie

In January, one of our Kic community members, Ellie, messaged us on Instagram asking to share her story of being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer diagnosis at just 31 years old.

Ellie noticed a lump in one of her breasts last August. When it didn’t go away, Ellie made an appointment to get it checked out by her GP. Within days, Ellie underwent an ultrasound and biopsy to find out it was breast cancer, which led to more biopsies, an egg retrieval and chemotherapy. Ellie’s plans for a holiday in Europe, starting a family, and her...

My partner is perfect...why do I have doubts? Relationship coach Megan Luscombe is back to answer your questions

We asked for your wild Aussie wildlife stories and in this episode we hear about your run ins with spiders, possums, and emus, and find out what happened when Steph and her friends were riding bikes in high school and came face-to-face with an emu.

And you loved our episode with relationship coach Megan Luscombe so much that we invited her back to answer a question from the community. You asked: “On paper he is perfect. He’s the ‘settle down with kind of guy’. Why do I have doubts?” We put this question to Megan and find out w...

Losing a loved one & giving birth 3 weeks later - KICBUMP with Katie Lolas

Katie Lolas is beloved by her online community who she shares her life with. When Katie’s sister, Nadia passed away unexpectedly in 2021 at 31 years old, Katie’s community grieved alongside her. But Katie had another job to do: she was 35 weeks pregnant and in three weeks’ time, she was due to deliver her first child, Harper, via C-section. When Katie was trying to grieve one life changing event, she was also trying to celebrate another life changing event, and trying not to feel guilty for doing one or the other.

In this episode, Katie speaks with Steph...

Either we’re having sex…or we’re roommates. We want the in-between stuff!

Can a kiss ever just be a kiss…or does it always have to lead to sex? Laura was scrolling Instagram where she saw this clip with Psychosexologist Karen Gurney and Diary of a CEO host Steven Barlett discussing the idea of “sexual currency” aka everything you do with your partner *except* sex. Steph and Laura share how this plays out in their own relationships…and why Laura has to have her wits about her when she’s naked and she knows Dalton is home.

Plus Steph shares a story of a recent encounter with a brown snake at t...

Should I break up with them? Relationship coach Megan Luscombe answers your questions

Overwhelmingly the most common questions we receive in the KICPOD inbox are about relationships. For this episode we brought in an expert: Megan Luscombe has specialised in relationship and business coaching, working with individuals and couples, for the past 12 years.

We put three different scenarios (from you) to Megan and asked for her advice:

I love him but I’m not in love with him anymore

I’m young and I’m scared I’m missing out on my 20’s by being in a relationship

He said he wanted two kids and he cha...

Our thoughts on Botox, filler, and “anti-aging”

You asked us to share our thoughts on Botox, filler, and the pressure to look young, so today, that’s what we’re doing. For the first time on the podcast, we open up about what we think of it, our experience of having it done, and if we’d get it done again.

If you ever want to suggest ideas (like this one) for the podcast - let us know in the closed KICPOD Facebook group: 

Plus Laura shares a funny story from her week (and it’s got nothing t...

Birth story, prolapse & baby Parker - KICBUMP with Brooke Jowett

Brooke Jowett is a Kic trainer and an Australian Survivor All Star. Six months ago she and her partner Chris welcomed their first bub, Parker, into the world and it’s safe to say they’re obsessed.

As a trainer, "the Kic HIIT girl", and a keen runner, Brooke ran until she was 26 weeks pregnant when it stopped feeling right for her body. Now she’s back running, taking it one run at a time.

Brooke joins Steph to share about her birth story, her bladder prolapse, her gradual return to running, running with a pessar...