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Yoooooo! We appreciate y'all visiting our podcast channel, cause let's be real, y'all didn't have to slide through. So here's a little about what this show will intel. We'll be discussing everything from politics, "Shaderoom" day to day drama, Baby Daddy/Baby Momma drama, and around the way issues. We'll be giving y'all REAL answers that will come from every angle, we're Not here to judge, because we're here to discuss, dissect, and figure this shit out with y'all. You'll get every topic picked apart from both ends of the gender spectrum with genuine opinions. Ready to meet your New...

Whole Lotta ZEN Shit Feat Grandmaster Bey

Whole Lotta ZEN Shit Feat Grandmaster Bey by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

Netty Flix

Netty Flix by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

The Orgasm Gap

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yooooo! Relatives! Relatives! How y'all doin?! Now Relatives, did y'all know there was an Orgasm Gap? A gap between men and women, where men are cumming 95% of the time, compared to 66% of women.... Now What tha Fuck is up with that?! So ya favorite Uncle, Brutha, Sister, Cuzins are here to talk about it....

LEO SZN!!! You Know What TF It Is!

AYYYYYYYEEEEEEE YYYYYYYOOOOOOO B!!!! It’s a REAL FUCKIN HOLIDAY!! Somethin’ like Hot August Nights, Cheap wing Tuesday at Wing Stop or First Friday’s in the TOWN, YOU DON’T WANNA MISS THIS! Now, y’all know we are both Leo’s just from to different sides of the gender table. So, this episode we don’t bang ( bang = overly enforce our beliefs ) too hard on here, but it’s definitely GHANG IN HERE GHANG GHANG activities poppin’ off up & THROUUUUUUGH here!! Despite what others may say, we Leo’s are humble creatures, BUT TODAY BAYYYYYYBBBBEEEEEE!!! Lol ok ok, in this episode you’ll...

Luv For Ya Ex

Yoooo yooo yoo yooo relatives!!! You know perusal ya long lost favorite relatives keeps it real & in perspective. Now, not everyone has, ‘Love for their ex’, but we point out the silver linings, the good shit they taught or shown us. Yes, there’s reasons why they became our exes, but in order for them to be that there was a point & time we chose to love them. We shine light on a few things & highlight the fact that we shouldn’t feel ANY type of way showing love to our ex. Some if not all has taught us all somethin...

Get Ya Shit Together

Yooo yoo yooo yooooo relatives!! We’ve done some disappearing acts in between our episodes within a few seasons, but THIS episode, “Get our shit together” explains why & are verbal agreements between you all & us that we’ll do JUST THAT! We love ALL of our supporters from ALL over & NEED you ALL to know that our baby ( this podcast ) means the world to us, but being human gets in the way at times with work, family & day to day demands. Yet! Like we said this IS our baby so we WILL do better cause we definitely know better! So again HE...

Sex On The Brain

Yooooo relatives!! Now you know as we do that, ‘sex on the brain,’ ain’t always a bad thing, BUT how does one control it? Lol we express our experiences on it past & present. We discuss the do’s & do not’s about it, yet most importantly we explore other options on why it could be hard & some things we can do to help. I mean, let’s be real once you have some hood or bad you think about it a lot & most of the time more if you WANT to have sex with someone & haven’t yet. Or you’re at a pu...

Dating In 2022 Pt 1

Yoooooo, is it just US or does it seem like dating in THIS day & age is treated like a hobby more than a job? Smh anyways, hello relatives & welcome back again! This episode is for our SINGLE people out here on the dating scene checkin’ for more than Addams apple’s on a San Francisco street, interested in more than a Wendy’s 4for4 & movie, but most importantly the ones hoping not to get LUCKY yet to actually be HAPPY! Dating in 2021, has so many different variations, reasons why & of course the uncontrollable trauma history of love that follows. Now, not ju...

Big Spenda's, Big Tippa's, & Gold Digga's

Big Spenda's, Big Tippa's, & Gold Digga's by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoooooo! Relatives! Relatives! How y'all doin?! Did ya miss us? Well, ya favorite Sista/Brutha Cousins are back with Season 5! Opening the season is a phrase we've all heard, "Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed". And your Relatives will be talking about a couple different scenarios where their mouths were closed, an why you should speak up, so they'll be no "Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas" on missed opportunities. It feels good to be back Relatives, we hope y'all enjoy this episode and everything else we have in store this season!

Black Entrepreneurs Feat. @jjthenavigator & @lioness.empath.archor

Black Entrepreneurs Feat. @jjthenavigator & @lioness.empath.archor by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

Girls Talk Pt 2 Featuring @Chalie_soul_fly & @RositaBonitaa

Girls Talk Pt 2 Featuring @Chalie_soul_fly & @RositaBonitaa by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

The Importance Of God Parents

The job of being a, ‘God Parent’, is bigger most may think. It’s an honor from actual parents that trust you to do whatever however to care for their offsprings as they would if they were ever to die before them. Being a God parent, means you ALWAYS must be ready to be put into the parental position. Now, 10/10 times God parents are picked out of great amounts of respect, love & undeniable trust from the parents to the chosen ones, whether family or friends. We open up our personal lives & allow you all to explore our God parent duties. How mu...

Mental Health

Yoooo relatives!! Now you know our podcast does a HUGE part for this subject, ‘Mental Health’. Everything we discuss no matter what is relatable or made relatable by us in order to make NO ONE feel alone. Each time you turn on one of our episodes you become a relative, you become apart of a group that believes & supports you as you do yourself. It’s hard to check on someone if you need to be checked on yourself. This episode explains why doing the work within ourselves is so important for us, our families, friends & simply anyone that comes in con...

Freak N' You

The freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at night, THE FREAKS COME OUT!! We all know the song relatives lol, that side of us that wants or willing to do something strange for no change just to have fun or from being under the influence & you know a drunk mf tells no tales. We called them freaks back in the day, but NOWADAYS a FREAK is considered to be & DO so much more. We dive into this topic right off the back like literally in the intro lol. Updating you ALL...

Justinlaboi VS Niggasbrokeokayyy

Justinlaboi VS Niggasbrokeokayyy by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

Treating The Good Girl Good

Treating The Good Girl Good by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

Soul Ties

Ever felt like Erykah Badu when she made, ‘Next Lifetime’, or India.Arie when she said, “in a past life, I feel like I was his husband & he was my wife’, type of vibe? Well in this episode we explore the many versions & various meanings of, ‘soul ties’. Either romantic or platonic, these are real, undeniable & most importantly if treated with genuineness it’s the healthiest thing for our mind, body & souls. Hence, ‘soul ties’. Most would think it’s only romantic, but platonic soul ties can also be friends that turned into family as well. We go over all this & give you othe...

Random Episode Feat Ka Lani & Tim

Lmao, now relatives y’all know these two intelligent gem droppin’, highly driven & devoted business people, BUT today they shed them coats & we slap on the random hats lol. Can’t tell you eat we talk about, because it’s so much shit! Spark a blunt, pour a glass of wine or click that seat belt as you ride & come chill with ya long lost relatives. Even though we talk about any & everything that comes to mind on this episode, there’s still random gems from top to bottom within these minutes spent. All four of us have our own businesses...

Guy Talk feat. Bo Jack & Petey Mac

Yoo yooo yoooo relatives, it’s one of ya favorite long lost cousins’, MACK! First off welcome to season 4 once again thank you thank you for supporting us how you have been! Without YOU there’s no US! I’m here with an exclusive, Chaz done let me loose for my, “Guys Talk” this season! We came, we talked & we elevated all within this hour. I was suppose to have one last season, but shit happens ya know? Well it’s season 4 & not only a new year, but new shit from us that we NOW know you’ll LOVE! I mean how could w...

One Night Stands

Yo YoYo Yo Yooooooo! Welcome to another episode of Relatable Things #Relatives! And boy is this an episode you'll wanna turn into! You're Favorite Cousins are touching on One Night Stands Chile! Their experiences, encounters, how LaMonte makes Chaz feel inexperienced, and she makes him feel like a whore lol! So you already know #Relatives roll you up one or two, pour something into ya cups, an enjoy the episode.

Actual Grown Vs Age Grown

Yo Yo Yo Yooooo! Relatives how y'all doin? Hopefully Blessed & Less Stressed as we always say. Today your favorite cousins are talking to you about the difference between bein "Grown" in Age versus being "Grown Grown", because there is definitely a diiference. They examine where they are on the "Grown Spectrum", the difference between the two, and how they feel about these Peter Pans & Panettes out here lol.

Earth Is Ghetto, But America's Tha Hood

Earth Is Ghetto, But America's Tha Hood by Relatable Things With Mack & McBride Podcast

"Hygiene - Phob"

Now, you know mama told you, “brush yo damn teeth” every morning before school & again before bed. Some cultures don’t shower & hey that’s uncontrollable, but some of you just choose not too. In this episode we describe the reason WHY it is a MUST we don’t accumulate the MUST! We point out some health reasons, personal reasons of course y’all know us lol & personal experiences. As usual an episode packed with an overload amounts of information, opinions & entertainment. This is something that’s highly important in many areas from dating to work & between the rooms we either are ble...

Happy Black History Month

We know we have listeners, supporters aka relatives of ALL shapes & colors, BUT the world only gives US one month. So we do our best in this episode to cover the importance OF our said history, what we know, been taught, haven’t been enlightened on & most importantly what’s been told wrong. Now, as we A LOT, “we don’t have ALL the answers sway”, but lol we are entertaining! Come rock with ya relatives like Bobby Brown said. Learn with us, drop some knowledge on us & if you want let us know you wanna be on one of these epis...

Relationships, Family, And Community Feat Elizabeth Overstreet

Yooo yooo yooo relatives! How important is family, our communities & all forms of relationships? VERY! These are areas that literally shape us into who we’ll become, teach us how to love & embrace who we are & never forget where or why we do what we do. Family ALONE is something that is a core piece of who we are, will & can be. Here, we bring in a specialist in relationships & an all around genuine intelligent strong melanin Queen to assist us in brushing up the beliefs we’ve grown accustomed too & helped us get rid of some bad habits. So why...

The End Of 2020 And Season 3

Yooo yoooo yoooo relatives! We made it YET AGAIN!! How y’all feelin about the year 2021 to come? How was 2020 for you? We know all of our relatives were hit different from both sides of the spectrums, but hey we alive right? So how can we or WHAT can we do to capitalize next year? We summarize our 365 days & express a bit about what WE have planned for next year, but we, I repeat WE DO NOT forget to carve out time to shoot some good information to watch out for this coming year. No Y2K panic/escape rooms, bu...

Parents Tryna Make Us Parents With Guest Momma Kim

Yo Yo Yo Yoooooo! Relatives! How Y'all doin?! We got a very special episode for y'all! We've brought on our very own Momma Kim (Chazney's Mom), to talk about her tryna make your favorite Sistah-Cousin a parent. Momma Kim's energy is so vibrant, we can definitely tell Chaz gets it from her momma. She talks about being a teen mom, the challenges she's faced as a single mom of two, and her plans for Chazney if she don't pop out no babies by 35 lol! So Relatives, grab ya momma, ya grand momma, ya aunties n'nem (hopefully they made ya a...

Christmas 2020

Yoooo yooo yoooo relatives!! Happy holidays & WELCOME to this years’, “Relatable Christmas”, episode! We appreciate all the love from the prior season & are honored you ALL continue to support our podcast! Our present this year is YOU ALL & we hope that every episode leading up to this one added value to this present we have for you HERE! This year, as every year we discuss this holiday, the importance of it on the good & bad you know we can’t have our relatives out here uninformed, if we can help it! So y’all know what’s up, get comfy or hit cruis...

Success Feat Jai B & Eli Holman

Yooo yooo yoo relatives!! Welcome back to another episode with ya long lost cousins, in this special called, “Success”, we not only stress the importance OF it, but we also have some dope family members in town whom assists us in giving valuable tools to help us keep our focus on the road of it when things get rough & even more explaining when shit is lookin up for us, is when we must humble ourselves the MOST! So pull up a chair & or pull down ya car, click this & join the conversation. Thanks in advance & as always we hope you ALL...


Yooo yooo yooo relatives we all grown right? Well I ask, because we come to you today with an episode that’s NOT for the weak & or bitter. “Break Ups”, they happen, they are needed at times & even when we don’t want them too they teach us a thing or two. Well, here in this episode me & Chaz ( ya favorite relatives ) as usual hit this subject from every angle picking at it to give you ALL the most valuable vibration for your hears. Thanks in advance for listens & we hope you come fuck with us again. As always stay blessed...

Thanksgiving 2020

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yooooooo Relatives! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Your Favorites cousins are definitely thankful for you ALL.

Internet Dating Feat Argelia

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoooo! Relatives! Welcome to another episode of Relatable Things With Mack & McBride. This episodes your favorite cousins have a HOT one for you, something that's huge in this modern time, Internet Dating. The ups and downs, pros and cons, and most of all the jokes about em. Either way it's a hot topic given we all want love, is the internet where we must find it now n'days? And here to give a lil insight, they've invited Argelia V. Sis tells us how she went from Ok Cupid to Fiancé okay! So pour something up, roll o...

2 Parent Household

Relatives, we all understand the highlights, bloopers & takeouts of a “Two Parent Household”, so we understand the discussion can get pretty thick in dialogue no matter the debaters. Two parents sticking together to raise a child or children is rare these days, but was the norm & more promoted/taught back in the day. So, your relatives take a round or two sparing with it & THIS is what we’ve come up with! We hope you enjoy, gain some info on some things & most of ALL laugh & relax as much as possible. Thanks in advance & always we hope you stay blessed & less s...

Black Spirituality With Guest Co Host Twan The Mystik

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoooooo! Relatives Relatives! How y'all doin?! So glad you've chosen to stumble onto another episode of Relatable Things With Mack & McBride! Todays episode your relatives have chosen a very special guest to co host, #Relatives Welcome our Good Sis Twan The Mystic! Twan is a Jack-Of-All-Trades, on her website she sells spiritual tools, services, candles, and baths. She's also a rapper, Interior Designer, and a mother. In this episode she and Chaz dive into Black Spirituality, how Twan became "The Mystic", their own spiritual journeys, what they've learned, and at the end Twan pulls...


What is up guys! Welcome to another episode of Relatable Things with Mack & McBride. In this episode your favorite Aunty, Sistah, Cousin Chazney has brought you guys a guest co host to talk about FAITHFULNESS. Let's go ahead and welcome our New Relative Richard! He's an Oakland, Ca native and runs a t-shirt business called "Heart Oakland". Last year Richard got his grown man on and told his boo to meet him at the alter in her white dress, so Chaz thought he'd be the perfect candidate to talk to the #Relatives about being faithful. So sit back enjoy relatives...

Girl Talk Feat Whole Lotta Bitches

What is up #Relatives ?! & Welcome to another episode of Relatable Things With Mack & McBride! And guess what....This is Ladies Night, an our rhymes is tight, oh this is Ladies Night, oh what a night! Your Good Sis Chazney decided to bring a couple of her good friends onto the podcast to bring you guys her first "Girls Talk" episode. Chazney is apart of a big diverse group of girlfriends who go by #WholeLottaBitches , like there's literally 16 girls in their group chat lol, but today we'll only be meeting 4. So #Relatives let's Welcome Keyana {@kforkeeps), Jacey (@xojcb), Nicole (@col3s...

Getting Curved

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoooo! Relatives! Relatives! How y’all doin?! Welcome back to another episode of Relatable Things With Mack & McBride. Today your favorite cousins are gonna talk to you guys about “Getting Curved”. Now nobody likes rejection, but it’s apart of life, you chalk it to the game as a lesson learned. Your Relatives talk about their own experiences getting curved, how to respectfully curve someone, and how your approach can totally determine whether you get curved or not. So grab ya snacks, roll you one, turn up the volume, and enjoy Relatives!

Let's Talk About Sex BayBee Pt. 2 Feat Kalani & Ojorie

What is up #Relatives !!! And Welcome to another episode of Relatable Things With Mack & McBride! Today's episode is a continuation of Season 1’s "Let's Talk About Sex Bay Bee" and your favorite cousins have even invited a couple guests to chime in. Ka Lani and Ojorie The "California Bachelor" have stopped by to give their two cents on the importance of really KNOWING someone before you have sex with them, playing "The Game", and understanding the Responsibilities that come along with having sex. We ALL like to get our Freak on, but please be SAFE and RESPONSIBLE Before, During, and Af...

Body Image Feat Ka Lani

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoooo! Relatives! Relatives! How y’all doin?! Welcome back to another episode of Relatable Things With Mack & McBride. Today your favorite cousins are gonna talk to y’all about Body Image, and to add to the convo they’ve invited Chaz’s cousin Ka Lani to be apart of the discussion. This trio talks about the differences between men and women when it comes to body image, they address “Big Dick Energy”, and the extensive checklist women have to check off when it comes to today’s beauty standards. This is an episode you’re sure to wanna tap int...