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6/20/24: Biden surges 7 points in Fox News poll, more deceptive editing
Last Thursday at 6:30 PM

-- On the Show:

-- Pastor Mark Burns, Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for Congress in South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District, joins David to discuss his campaign, priorities if he gets elected, and much more

-- An examination of what is most likely to happen to Americans' taxes depending on whether President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump wins in November

-- A seven-point swing away from Donald Trump and towards President Joe Biden is announced in the latest Fox News poll

-- Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is humiliated on live...

6/19/24: TDPS on Daily Show and MSNBC, Trump's brain stops working
Last Wednesday at 6:30 PM

-- On the Show:

-- Dave Farina, science communicator and author best known for his YouTube channel Professor Dave Explains, joins David to discuss the recent explosion of misinformation and disinformation on the Joe Rogan podcast

-- David's recent interview with Republican Senate candidate Royce White is featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

-- David's recent interview with Republican Senate candidate Royce White is featured on MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes

-- Failed former President Donald Trump holds a rally in Racine, Wisconsin during which his brain stops...

6/18/24: Fake Biden videos going viral, MAGA openly rooting for attack
Last Tuesday at 6:30 PM

-- On the Show:

-- Reece Peck, Associate Professor at the City University of New York and author of the book "Fox Populism: Branding Conservatism as Working Class," joins David to discuss his latest op-ed in the Hill, “Trump, the UFC and the New Conservative Culture War.” Get his book:

-- Bogus videos of President Biden's supposed "dementia" are going viral so quickly, fact-checkers are struggling to keep up

-- The latest conspiracy about who will replace President Biden on the 2024 Democratic ticket shifts from Michelle Obama to Hillary Clin...

6/17/24: Biden "wandering" video backfires, Trump dementia goes mainstream

-- On the Show:

-- A major reversal takes place in 538's 2024 presidential election forecast

-- Viral video of President Joe Biden "wandering off" has been debunked, and we explore the anatomy of disinformation

-- Anti-abortion Colorado Republican Richard Holtorf is confronted about his own girlfriend's abortion by Kyle Clark, and it does not go well

-- Donald Trump's cognitive decline has suddenly gone completely mainstream with numerous corporate media stories about it

-- A group of Trump-friendly CEO's was reportedly stunned by the degree to which Donald Trump...

6/14/24: More Trump crimes, Biden won't pardon Hunter

-- On the Show:

-- President Joe Biden reiterates that he respects the jury's decision in his son Hunter Biden's conviction, and will neither pardon him nor commute any potential prison sentence

-- A confused Donald Trump meets with sycophant Republicans on Capitol Hill and subsequently ends his "press conference" after five minutes without taking a single question from reporters

-- Failed former President Donald Trump admits that he has a firearm in Florida, which is illegal given that he is now a convicted felon

-- A confused Trump demands that...

6/13/24: Hunter/Michelle conspiracy goes wild, corporate media ignoring Trump's mental illness

-- On the Show:

-- Dan Harris, author of 10% Happier, host of the 10% Happier podcast, and former ABC news anchor who embraced mindfulness after having a panic attack on live TV, joins David to discuss his more recent work, anxiety, panic attacks, and more. Get the new version of his book:

-- 538 publishes its first 2024 election project, which slightly favors Joe Biden defeating Donald Trump in the November presidential election

-- Hunter Biden's conviction revives the long-debunked conspiracy theory about Michelle Obama replacing President Joe Biden on the 2024 Democratic...

6/12/24: Hunter Biden convicted, Trump suffers brutal polling blow

-- On the Show:

-- A supposedly "rigged trial" finds Hunter Biden guilty on all charges, and not surprisingly, it doesn't satisfy any of MAGA

-- Unlike what Donald Trump would obviously do if his son were convicted of a crime, President Joe Biden makes it clear that he will not pardon his son Hunter after his convictions

-- Comparing Fox News' reaction to Donald Trump's guilty verdict to their reaction to Hunter Biden's guilty verdict

-- Anchors from Sinclair stations across the country get caught reading the same script about...

6/11/24: Historic crime drop stuns MAGA, Hannity floats Trump cancelling debate

-- On the Show:

-- Doctor Walter Willett, physician, epidemiologist, and Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard University, joins David to discuss the healthiest diets known to humans, nutrition, and much more

-- A historic drop in crime continues and is met with conspiracy theories and conjecture from right wing media

-- Fox News host Sean Hannity panics after Trump brain melt at his recent Las Vegas rally and starts to float the idea of Donald Trump skipping the upcoming presidential debate

-- Rudy Giuliani finally turns himself in to...

6/10/24: MAGA mad about good jobs report, Trump turns on his voters at sick rally

-- On the Show:

-- Fox News hosts are devastated by the strong jobs report under the Biden administration, but they shouldn't be surprised by it

-- A desperate Donald Trump and his friends fall for an obvious, quickly debunked hoax about someone claiming know the Trump verdict in advance

-- Failed former President Donald Trump turns on his own supporters at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada that was so hot, ambulances were taking dozens of attendees to the hospital

-- Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's brain fails during the...

6/7/24: Bannon told to go to prison, Trump makes major mistake

-- On the Show:

-- A judge says it's finally time for Steve Bannon to report to prison, and directs him to do so on July 1

-- MAGA voters drop like flies as failed former President and convicted felon Donald Trump holds a rally in 108 degree Phoenix, Arizona

-- A new poll finds that 49% of the country believes Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race on the basis of his criminal conviction

-- On the basis of being a convicted felon, Donald Trump faces a travel ban in 37 countries<...