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By: Bret Boone

You all know baseball --- you hear the good, the bad, the ugly. . . Bret Boone tells you what it's really like, from behind the curtains.

Reggie Jackson Joins The Boone Podcast (Part 2)
Last Friday at 2:05 PM

In Part 2, Reggie discusses his time with Gene Autrey's California Angels, his induction into the Hall of Fame, and his life after baseball.

Reggie Jackson Joins The Boone Podcast (Part 1)
Last Friday at 2:00 PM

Reggie Jackson joins the podcast in a 2-part special. We discuss his childhood, how football was his 1st love, those 70’s A’s teams, his Yankees days -- and when he became Mr. October

Michael Kay Joins The Boone Podcast
Last Tuesday at 2:00 PM

Yes Network and Yankees Broadcaster, Michael Kay joins the Podcast. We talk Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner, and how all his Yankee dreams came true.

Paul O’Neill Joins The Boone Podcast

5-Time World Series Champ and current Yankees broadcaster, Paul O’Neill drops by the Podcast. We discuss the Yankees historic run, George Steinbrenner, and his Seinfeld debut.

John Lynch Joins The Boone Podcast

NFL Hall of Famer and current General Manager of the San Francisco 49ers, John Lynch sits down with the Boone Podcast.

Charles Barkley Joins The Boone Podcast

Basketball Icon, Charles Barkley joins the podcast. We talk Moses Malone, MJ, and Kobe. We also discuss the 92’ Dream Team, and should college athletes be paid?

Jim Edmonds Joins The Boone Podcast

8-time Gold Glove winner and Cardinals Hall-of-Famer Jim Edmonds stops by the Podcast. We talk about winning the World Series in 06, Pujols, Big Mac, and what he thought of the Big Leaguers he grew up watching.

Dave Parker Joins The Boone Podcast

Two-time batting Champ, Two-time World Series champ, and 1979 MVP, Dave Parker drops by the Podcast to discuss growing up across the street from Crosley Field, the big bad Buckos, and getting inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame

Muggsy Bogues Joins The Boone Podcast

14 year NBA star, Muggsy Bogues Joins the program. We talk about his childhood, SpaceJam, challenges he faced at 5’3”, and having his number retired at Wake Forest.

Mike Smith Joins The Boone Podcast.

Hall of Fame jockey and 2018 triple crown winner, Mike Smith joins the podcast. We talk Zenyatta, Justify, and what he thinks of his chances in The Preakness

Mark Gubicza joins the Boone Podcast

Angels color analyst and Royals Hall of Famer, Mark Gubicza joins the program. We discuss the 85 World Series. We also talk Bo, Trout, and what Ohtani is doing in Anaheim.

Mom (Sue Boone) Joins The Boone Podcast

Today on the podcast, we’ve got a Mother’s Day special. Mom joins us to talk about her role as the Boone matriarch. We cover 9 decades of the Boone boys in the game. From grandpa Ray to her grandson Jake. It’s a good one!!🔥🔥

Johnny Damon Joins The Boone Podcast

2-time World Series Champ, Johnny Damon joins the program. He talks Boston/Yanks rivalry and what it’s like being on both sides

Nasty Boys, Norm Charlton and Rob Dibble Join The Boone Podcast

Nasty Boys, Norm Charlton and Rob Dibble join the podcast to discuss 1990 Reds, today’s game, and I ask where there Reds bullpen ranks all-time?

Gary Thorne Joins The Boone Podcast

Veteran NHL, MLB, and college football play by play announcer, Gary Thorne joins the Podcast.

Dick Vitale Joins The Boone Podcast

Basketball Hall Of Famer, Dick Vitale joins the podcast. We discuss his love of baseball, who’s on his basketball Mount Rushmore, and the great Jim Valvano.

Charlie Steiner Joins the Boone Podcast

Espn and voice of the Dodgers legend, Charlie Steiner joins the program. We cover everything under the sun. It’s a must listen!!

Lucas Black Joins the Boone Podcast

The Star of Slingblade, Friday Night Lights, Fast And Furious, and “42”, Lucas Black sits down with The Boone Podcast

Drew Bledsoe Joins the Boone Podcast

Drew Bledsoe drops by the Podcast. We talk NFL/MLB differences, being inducted into Patriots Hall Of Fame, and mentoring the GOAT.

Kenny Lofton joins the Boone Podcast

6-Time All-Star and Indians Hall of Famer, Kenny Lofton joins the podcast. We talk final 4, his Cleveland years, and what he thinks about the art of stealing bases.

Greg Luzinski joins the Boone Podcast

4-time All Star, 2-time Edgar Martínez Award Winner Greg Luzinski joins the Podcast. We talk about the 1980 World Champion Phillies, Bulls bar-b-que, and he weighs in on Charlie Hustle.

John Olerud joins the Boone Podcast

Former batting champ, John Olerud joins the Podcast to discuss skipping the Minor Leagues, winning two World Series with the Blue Jays and what events in his life lead to him wearing a helmet on defense.

2021 MLB Previews -- Rich Herrera and Dan Levy join the Boone Podcast

Today on the Podcast, Bret previews the 2021 MLB season and gives his predictions -- Special Guests, Rich Herrera and Dan Levy join the program.

Eric Davis joins the Boone Podcast

Today, Eric Davis joins the Boone podcast. We talk about being compared to Willie Mays, being a World Champion, Comeback Player of the Year, and getting inducted to the Reds hall of fame.

Harold Reynolds Joins the Boone Podcast

The face of MLB Network and former Gold Glover Harold Reynolds joins the podcast to discuss his life in the game -- from his playing days through his 26 years as an analyst.

Rich Herrera and Dan Levy join the Boone Podcast

Today on the podcast, Bret previews the 2021 MLB season and gives his predictions. Special guests Rich Herrera and Dan Levy join the program.

Jason Giambi joins the Boone Podcast

Former AL MVP Jason Giambi joins the Podcast to discuss moneyball, playing in the Bronx, and the complexity in evaluating a players worth.

Bret Saberhagen joins the Boone Podcast

The Boone Podcast welcomes 2-Time Cy Young Award Winner, and 1985 World Series MVP, Bret Saberhagen.

Tony Perez joins the Boone Podcast

Cincinnati Red Legend, Tony Perez joins the Podcast. We talk “Big Red Machine”, taking Catfish Hunter deep in his 1st All-Star game, and he describes what it’s like to have a statue outside Great American Ballpark.

Garret Anderson joins the Boone Podcast

Angel Great, Garret Anderson joins the Podcast to to discuss bat sizes, how his Angels team ran the bases, and winning the 2002 World Series.

Tino Martinez joins the Boone Podcast

Tino Martinez joins the podcast to talk Piniella, La Russa, and Torre, George W. Bush’s 1st pitch following 9/11, and being a 4-time World champ!

Larry Walker Joins The Boone Podcast

Three-Time batting Champ and Hall of Famer, Larry Walker joins the Podcast

Richie Sexson Joins The Boone Podcast

Richie Sexson drops by the Podcast to discuss the challenges of being 6’8”, choosing baseball over basketball, and hitting a ball 550 feet.

Aaron Boone Joins The Boone Podcast

Little bro joins the Podcast to discuss his heart surgery, tearing his ACL in a pickup game, the homer, and the 2021 Yankees.

Phil Nevin Joins The Boone Podcast

Yanks third base coach, Phil Nevin stops by the podcast to discuss being 1-1 in the draft, his twelve years in the big leagues, and how he uses his experiences to mentor today's players.

Max Muncy Joins The Boone Podcast

Max Muncy joins the podcast to discuss his Super Bowl commercial and his journey. From Minor League Player of the Year, to released, to World Champion!

Dave Roberts Joins The Boone Podcast

Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts drops by the podcast to talk about his childhood, the 04’ Red Sox, and winning it all in 2020

David Bell Joins The Boone Podcast

Reds' Skipper David Bell joins the podcast to discuss his professional journey. We talk Griffey, Bonds, Bauer, and his life in the game.

Jamie Moyer joins The Boone Podcast

Check out my Cameo:

Digger Phelps joins The Boone Podcast

If you love college hoops, you don’t want to miss this one. Digger Phelps joins The Boone Podcast.