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r/ProRevenge; Lady Kathryn
Yesterday at 10:00 AM

While working at a law firm, OP receives an unnecessary request from one of the managers, Lady Kathryn. For no apparent reason, this manager wants to make her life and the lives of all the other admins hell, but her reign can’t last forever.

r/ProRevenge; Don’t Mess with Family
Last Tuesday at 10:00 AM

A company’s branch in Salt Lake City has great company culture and gives a lot of leeway to people when they need time off from work. A man higher up in the company takes note and decides to take it upon himself to change this, but the people he’s over do not accept what he’s doing.

r/RelationshipAdvice; His Way or the Highway
Last Monday at 10:00 AM

OP, a Muslim with a semi conservative family, had a shotgun wedding after she got pregnant with another Muslim’s son. Over the years, the husband has made things difficult by not compromising and telling OP she’s lucky he was willing to save her reputation by marrying her. What should she do?

r/AskReddit; Devastating Events That No One Talks About
Last Saturday at 10:00 AM

I read about various devastating events in history. One of the events commented was about the Indonesian mass killings of 1965-1966, which were large-scale killings and civil unrest that occurred in Indonesia over several months, targeting Communist Party of Indonesia party members, Communist sympathisers, Gerwani women, ethnic Javanese Abangan, ethnic Chinese and alleged leftists.

r/AskReddit; Creepiest Urban Legends that You Have
Last Friday at 10:00 AM

A few of the posts read: there was a legend in a small town about the “Slap Ghost” who would randomly slap men on their way home from the bar at night. Another legend is told about a boy who died in a school boiler room, who for years has been moving the door handle and a chair which hasn’t been moved since the incident.

r/AskReddit; Most Unfair Suspension Ever Seen in School

A couple of the posts read: One girl was “caught” injecting something into her arm and immediately expelled for doing drugs, no questions asked, when in fact she was just taking her insulin for diabetes. Another student was suspended after freaking out because he was told that math homework is more important than his grandmother’s funeral.

r/ProRevenge; Heartless Management

OP’s boss was a real piece of work. Turns out nobody liked him, so OP decided on a plan to start recording audio every time his boss was around, which in the end really played to his favor. Another story is told about a good manager who was temporarily replaced by a tyrant who threw everything out the window to do things his way.

r/ProRevenge; My Mother the Leach

OP’s mother complained about her father all growing up. Any time they didn’t have food or money to buy the things they needed, she just blamed it all on him. Finally, after dealing with her mom’s complaining for years even through college, the truth came out.

r/ProRevenge; Careless Boss and Loud Neighbors

OP gets revenge on their boss after he decides not to pay the IT help. He ends up losing a boat load more than just a few bucks. Another poster tells about a disrespectful neighbor who wouldn’t shut up throughout the school semester, so when it came time for the neighbor’s finals, it was time for some sweet vengeance.

r/ProRevenge; Horrible Management Leads to Their Downfall

OP worked for a large company and the leadership wanted to do naughty things with her. After it was clear she wasn’t interested, they started treating her like crap and doing everything they could to make Hell of her life at the company. What they didn’t know was that she was keeping detailed documentation of everything they did.

r/Stories; Busty Asian Man

OP has gained some weight during the pandemic and developed some pretty prominent man boobs in the process. While working out at the gym, the cleaning lady mistakes him for a trans woman, telling him he can use the women’s bathroom if he so desires. Unsure of what she meant at first, he uses the bathroom, and then figures it out and feels too embarrassed to tell her he’s not trans.

r/AskReddit; What’s Something You Saw which You Weren’t Supposed to See?

A man working in a company was given a USB drive for a work project. He saw a file labeled “Restructuring” on it and decided to investigate. Turns out that the company was planning to let everyone go in 6 months, so he told everyone what was coming and they all got out of the company in the same month, for which the company was not prepared. Another poster tells about when they discovered a huge porn collection on a jump drive after the drive wouldn’t cooperate.

r/AskReddit; European Idiot | I Better Get Out of Here Stories

OP decides to bake a cake for his girlfriend. He uses one of the recipes from his mom’s cookbook, but doesn’t realize it’s a recipe that uses Farhenheit instead of Celcius. Another guy and his friends go exploring in an abandoned mine shaft, but notices someone watching them.

r/TFIU; Searching How to Murder My Mother

OP wanted to search for the TV show “How to Get Away with Murder,” but at the same time was thinking of the show “How I Met Your Mother.” This created a fumble in their brain and they accidentally wrote “How to Murder My Mother” right as his wife walked in the room.

r/AskReddit; What Stupid Rule at Your Work/School Backfired Beautifully?

A boy got suspended for throwing a bully out of a window. Another kid had to speak to the counselor for pushing a boy who provoked him. A company put in a stupid rule that required that no one clock in late or clock out too early, so every employee clocked out later and clocked in early, causing the employer to have to pay thousands of dollars in overtime.

r/AskReddit; The Dark Secrets You Were Finally Let in on Once You Were Old Enough

A young woman always noticed that her mom looked sad in her pictures growing up, but only spoke well of her childhood and never said anything about bad things that happened to her. She was often annoyingly overprotective until one day she finally revealed what had happened to her.

r/AskReddit; Wholesome Stories of People Getting Back Into it

Therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists are asked what are some of the most wholesome stories of people getting their lives together. One story includes a woman who spent her whole life on drugs, but finally got clean in her 50’s and went on to accomplish a lot in her later life.

r/AskReddit; People that Have Woken Up in Bed with a Stranger

OP has quite the struggle when a bunk mate comes in drunk and can’t find his own sleeping bag. Not realizing that someone is already inside the sleeping bag, he proceeds to pull OP’s bag onto his own naked body causing much confusion.

r/AskReddit; Creepiest Thing You Ever Had to Deal with?

OP tells a story about when they were home alone talking on the phone, and then dropped the phone. When they looked under the bed to grab it, what they saw may cause you to check under your own from here on out.

r/AskReddit; Who Was Your Coworker from Hell?

A coworker is seen touching himself in the office and keeps getting away with it. Another coworker threatens OP and tells her to meet her outside to fight it out.

r/AskReddit; What Are The Cringiest "I'm Not Like Other Girls." Moments You Have Experienced

In this Ask Reddit episode, we hear answers to a question asking women what their cringiest "I'm not like other girls" moments are. Some stories apply to the OP themselves, and other stories apply to situations in which the OP has witnessed the cringy moment happen to someone else. For example, a girl who thinks she is unique and edgy by wearing Chuck's instead of high heels to her wedding gets a reality check about counter-culture while dress shopping. In another story, we hear about a girl's obsession with wearing top hats in the 6th grade. Listen in to hear...

r/AskReddit; What Are The Best Fan Theories?

In this dive into Ask Reddit, we hear about some pretty awesome fan theories. One about kermit the frog causing 9/11. A Matrix Fan theory about the Matrix real world being another layer to the Matrix. A very good theory about Glenda The Witch of The North being the real bad guy in the Wizard of Oz. Listen in to hear these Fan Theories elaborated on and let us know what you think.

r/ShowerThoughts Vol .1

Today we try something a little different and read 10 posts from r/showerthoughts. Listen in to hear some shower thoughts people have and let us know what you think about this type of content.

r/Relationships; Stick It To The Chad

In today's episode, we hear about a college fling that went south but ended up in OP's favor. OP was an attractive, fun, hard-working college student and so was her boyfriend, except when he tried to look cool to his douchey friends. She dumped him for the disrespect he showed her and later on, he realized he messed up and tried to get her back only to get rejected by OP.

r/Relationships; Disappointing Engagement Ring and A Weird Work Friend

Today we go into r/Relationships for a couple of posts asking for advice. In the first post, OP just got engaged and isn't too happy about her engagement ring. They talked pretty extensively about what she would like and she gave him options as well. He ended up choosing everything she said she would never want, from the color of gold to the cut of the stone. What do you think, should she approach her fiance or not? The second post is about a friendship. A work friendship to be exact, one that has become a bit weird. OP...

r/MaliciousCompliance; Dress Code Debacle

In this r/maliciouscompliance reading, we hear about one student who had a "dress code violation." The article of clothing in question? A shirt supporting a democratic candidate while the school was in rural Texas. The other post we hear about is about a student who didn't try very hard in P.E. but did very well on the hockey and football teams. When threatened with being removed from the football team for a failing gym class and also have to retake P.E for failing, OP just got a GED right away and went to college a year early.

r/Relationships; My Friend Won't Speak to Me Since My Engagement

In today's episode, we hear about OP's relationship problems with her best friend and her request for advice. OP's best friend has been in a long-term relationship much longer than OP has. When OP's Boy Friend proposes to her and she accepts, her best friend won't talk to her. It has been almost two months and OP's best friend hasn't returned any calls or text. Listen in to hear the details and let us know what you think OP should do.

r/SchoolStories; Senior Year Spite

We hear about OP's defiance from doing a senior year project. The administration tried to hang the ability to walk at graduation over OP's head, but OP didn't budge and didn't complete the project out of spite. They allowed OP to walk, but OP didn't attend the graduation anyways.

r/NuclearRevenge; Pastor T and Mr. Charming

In this episode we hear about some revenge exacted on a wolf in sheep's clothing. OP helped out his church a lot with the musical services and youth groups. OP did this for free gladly, until a new musical director aka Mr. Charming, joined his church and started trying to take everything over. He had his sights set on the pastor's job and wasted no time trying to spread rumors to negatively affect the pastor politically. After getting OP driven out and away from the church, OP happend to attend a new church which was Mr. Charming's old church. OP...

r/MaliciousCompliance; Math Teacher Wrath and Getting A Bigot Arrested

A math teacher receives a new computer program to teach common core math that has mistakes in the programming. The company replied saying the teacher is too old and not computer literate is why it is flawed. So the teacher employed her students to screenshot any mistakes in the program and email the companies executives.

r/MaliciousCompliance; Finger Printing Punk and The Wasteful Tech Company

In today's episode, we go into r/maliciouscompliance. Our first story is about a stubborn fingerprinter who doesn't want to let OP into his appointment for being 5 minutes late. OP finds a crafty way to get it handled so he could get it to his potential employer. The second story is about a tech company that didn't want to buy an expensive tool so they rented it and it ended up costing them much more money.

Unethical Life Pro-Tips

In today's episode, we hear about some of Reddit's unethical pro tips for life. Though not technically illegal, they for sure bend the rules of morality to some degree or another. Listen in to hear the unethical tips for life and let us know what you think is the most unethical tip of the bunch.

r/NuclearRevenge & Petty Revenge; Scum Bag Dad Get's His Karma & Karen Gets Served

In this revenge stories of Reddit double feature, we hear about a Karen who just wants free things for playing the angry customer card. She keeps sending her drink back after she finishes almost the entire thing. Our Nuclear revenge story is about OP being sexually abused by his father. OP ultimately sent his father to prison by telling on him. While he was in prison, his fellow inmates found out what he had done so they gave him similar treatment that he had given his victims.

r/NuclearRevenge; Tough Motherly Love & The Inconsiderate Neighbors

In this revenge double feature, we hear first about a mother who puts a whole new meaning to the saying, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out!" She tricks her adult-aged, abusive, drug addict son into going somewhere thinking it's a vacation, but then leaves him there. He will either get clean, figure it out and survive or he will die. The second story is about inconsiderate upstairs neighbors that decide to watch really loud action movies at 3 am. OP and his wife get fed up and go flip the breaker in the building to...

r/ProRevenge; I Sued My Shady Boss and Won

In this episode we hear about a very shady business owner who takes advantage of his employees and breaks labor laws while doing so. Instead of delivering on his promises, he fires OP and never pays her final check. She ends up getting a lawyer who sues her boss for way more money than he owed her because he jerked her around for so long on delivering her owed wages. He ends up not being able to stay in business and the buildings he had worked on had to be destroyed because they were unsafe.

r/ProRevenge; Revenge On A Rapist

OP tells us about his revenge on a sexual predator, one of the worst types of human garbage. The sexual predator had raped a friend of his and OP ended up framing him with drugs that he planted in his car. The piece of human garbage ran his mouth while in prison and got himself killed.

Ungrateful Unofficial Beneficiaries

In today's episode, we hear about OP's inheritance that was received when he was only 3 years old but unable to be accessed until OP was 21. His grandparents instructed him to share how he deemed fair with the other jones-smith grandkids in the family. Well, OP never had full siblings, only half-siblings from a marriage after OP's grandparents had passed and had left the inheritance. OP considered both of them like full brothers and had decided to share the inheritance after he bought a house which was a bit more the 1/3 of the inheritance but OP was planning on paying it...

r/ProRevenge; Bill and Jenny Get Caught Stealing Utilities

OP is a FIFO electrical contractor and works 2 weeks on 1 week off at a mine. He is getting paid very well and has purchased a house to fix up during his off weeks. One of his neighbors, Dave and Beck, are the best kind of neighbor you can have. His other neighbors, Bill and Jenny, are the worst kind of neighbors you can have. While redoing electrical in his house himself because he is an electrician, OP noticed a branch off on his electrical and water main that headed over to Bill's house. OP then set up a series of...

r/NuclearRevenge; Richard's Revenge On His HOA

Today we read a post from Nuclear Revenge about a heartless HOA that runs Assisted Living facilities in a tyrannical way. They forced Richard out of his home of 10 years by billing him for landscaping he didn't ask for and couldn't afford. After a while of him not paying up they ended up owning his home and he had to move. Richard exacted his revenge in the worst way possible and received the death penalty, but died of natural causes while on death row.

r/ProRevenge; Jack Sparrow, The Real Estate Developer

In this r/ProRevenge story, we hear about a real estate developer who moved in next door to OP to try and flip his neighbor's house. While he was working on the project he was doing some shady things and allowing the construction workers to live at the property. The workers were extremely loud and disrespectful. It was like a non-stop party and OP had asked them numerous times to keep it down. He finally told the developer about the problem because technically he was their landlord, and he basically replied with "that's not my problem." After a while of...