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Sustainable agricultural practices for small scale farmers
Today at 2:30 AM

Sustainable agriculture can be defined as producing food and livestock over the long term with minimal negative effects on the environment. It is undertaken by a society with the goal of producing the greatest quantity of food over the longest time in order to feed a growing human population while keeping the environment intact.


In this episode, Mandisa Mazibuko Masters candidate in crop sciences  specialising in agronomy, shares some insights on why we needs sustainable farming and some sustainable practices for small scale farmers.

And this week, we celebrate #SoilSista, Mi...

SA Olive raising the bar with its annual competition
Last Friday at 2:30 AM

The SA Olive Awards continues to be the highlight of the South African olive industry’s calendar. It acknowledges the hard work and the strive for excellence of local producers.

In this episode, Benedetta Lami, and Reni Hildenbrand SA Olive Tasting Panel Members shares insightful knowledge on judging procedure, rules, and regulations and so much more.

Take action: Bird flu defence measures
Last Wednesday at 2:30 AM

Protecting your chickens from bird flu (avian influenza) is crucial to ensure their health and prevent the spread of the virus. Bird flu can be highly contagious and pose a significant risk to both poultry and humans.

Here to share some crucial steps you can take to better protect your chickens is Dr Mokgadi Se-emola, Poultry Key Account Manager Zo-etis.

And this week, we celebrate #SoilSista, Mapula Kgosi who joins us to share how she went from a failed ice-cube business to turning her passion for trees into a growing empire, supplying...

Guardians of the land: AECI Plant Health’s pledge to pesticide stewardship

Pesticides have long been a cornerstone of modern agriculture, helping to protect crops from the ravages of pests and diseases, ensuring food security and sustaining livelihoods.  

However, the unchecked and irresponsible use pesticides can pose significant risks to human health, the environment, and the long-term viability of agriculture. Which is why promoting stewardship and the responsible use of pesticides is not only an ethical imperative, but also essential for safeguarding our planet and its inhabitants.

Joining us now to discuss how AECI plant health continues to promote stewardship and the responsible use o...

Key steps in feedlot management for lamb fattening

Managing a successful feedlot operation for lamb fattening requires careful planning,

attention to detail, and a focus on optimizing the health, nutrition, and growth of the animals.


In this episode Riaan van der Walt, Ruminant Technical Manager for Meadow Feeds shares key steps and considerations to help you run a successful lamb feedlot.

Health risks for farm pets

Your farm pets might be part of the working staff or just a loving family companion. Either way, the farm pets are up against a different set of health hazards. State vet, Dr Alicia Cloete joins us and shares some important information regarding the health risk for pets and ways to take care of them. This is an episode not to be missed.


Agri Enterprises CEO on supporting farmers towards commercialisation

There’s no doubt agricultural development is vital to economic growth, food security, rural development, social empowerment and improving the overall well-being of the country's population.

 An organisation that takes the development of farmers to heart is Agri Enterprises. In this episode we’re joined by their Acting CEO, Pieter de Jager.

What you should know about exporting cannabis

With Africa being one of the largest producers of cannabis globally, there is window of opportunity for African countries to export cannabis to the rest of the world. But exporting cannabis is a complex and highly regulated process, and it's essential for farmers to be well-informed and compliant with the laws and regulations in both their home country and the destination country.

Shaad Vayej - CEO of Onlyfarms and Attorney at Cullinan & Associates shares some key things that farmers should know about exporting cannabis. 

And this week, we celebrate #SoilSista, Kgotella Roda. After the loss o...

Raise your sheep and goats on Voermol’s Maxiwol range

VOERMOL MAXIWOL products are specially formulated to develop smaller stock such as sheep and goats. From Maxiwol Blocks, Maxiwol Concentrate to Maxiwol Readymix and more, Voermol has variety of high-quality products for the development of your sheep and goats.


In this episode, Dr Josef van Wyngaard acting national technical manager at Voermol shares a little more insight into their Maxiwol range, a range that award-winning farmer Hlobisele Yende swears by.

John Deere: Get to know their green monsters a bit better

It’s always such a sight to behold when you visit a South African farmer, and somewhere, far in the distance, a John Deere machine is helping a farmer meet the challenges of a dynamic agricultural landscape. 


There’s no doubt that John Deere's presence in South African agriculture has been instrumental in driving modernisation, efficiency, and sustainability in the sector. And over the next few months, we’ll get up close and personal with the agricultural machinery company that is revolutionising Mzansi’s agricultural sector.  


In this episode, Zabion de Wee, John Dee...

Safe use of pesticides in the home and garden

Homeowners and home gardeners frequently face the problem of controlling insects, weeds, plant diseases and other pests that contaminate food, destroy property, injure garden produce or cause personal annoyance. Focus on responsible control strategies.


Hiresh Ramanand, Stewardship Co-ordinator at CropLife South Africa shares safety measures of pesticides in the home and garden.

Keeping your pack house in a state of perfection

In edition two hundred and ninety-seven we focus on pack house management. So, Packhouse operations include cleaning, sorting/grading, pre- treatments and our expert Siyabonga Cele audit-coordinator at Emensi Farming, shares some valuable insights on keeping your pack house in a state of perfection.


And we celebrate this week's #SoilSista, Kamogelo Mogadima. Who farms on a 15-hectare piece of land she farms with crops and poultry since 2016. This kind-hearted #SoilSista grew up with matriarchs paving the way and transforming Mogadima’s mind to farm commercially.

AGDA reaches new milestone with Dutch partnership

The Agricultural Development Agency (Agda) has set up an investment fund in partnership with a Dutch based company, Excelsis Cooporative U.A. and have started working on a pipeline.


Joining us on this edition is AGDA CEO, Leona Archary and Natie Engelbrecht, director of Excelsis Cooporative U.A.

Understanding the effects of calcium in avocado

In edition two hundred and ninety-five, we welcome back another resourceful expert from AECI Plant health, Herman Koekemoer, Key account manager for East Africa. He shares some important information on the effects of calcium in avocados, what causes deficiencies and valuable solutions. Hold on to your seat for an insightful conversation. 


Nedbank: Choose the right bank and thrive in several ways

Over the next few months, we’ll be in conversation with Nedbank South Africa who has demonstrated its commitment to the agricultural sector through various initiatives and services. Through a series of insightful conversations, you and I’ll get hear how the bank has positioned itself as a solution to Mzansi’s agricultural sector.

In this episode we focus the conversation on how collaborating with the right partners can help the agri sector thrive. John Hudson, Nedbank’s Head of Agriculture joins us to talk about how they have built a reputation as market leaders in financing sustaina...

The miracle of moringa farming: Expert insights and sustainable practices

Moringa, often referred to as the ‘miracle tree,’ offers a multitude of nutritional and economic benefits. From selecting the right side and preparing the soil to choosing the best moringa varieties and implementing sustainable cultivation practices, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a successful moringa farm. 

Food For Mzansi journalist Octavia Spandiel  chats to Seniren Naidoo, banker, financial advisor, and farmer, specialising in moringa production from Kwa-Zulu Natal, connects to showcase how farmers can diversity with this commodity…

And we celebrate this weeks’ #SoilSista, Kabelo Lehloenya...She talks more about her farming journey...

Disposal of pesticide containers and leftover product

Empty household pesticide containers and leftover pesticide should be considered toxic and disposed of correctly to prevent hazardous exposures or environmental contamination. Users should be alerted to the importance of proper disposal.

Innovative agri transformation: Inspiring Voices

Over the next few months, we’ll captivate you by showcasing the groundbreaking initiatives within the agricultural sector through Agri Enterprises, an AgriSA subsidiary that seeks to not only highlight the innovative efforts but also to acquaint you with some of the remarkable agricultural businesses who are spearheading transformation changes in both the sector and the country. 


Food for Mzansi’s assistant editor, Duncan Masiwa chats to Nkosinathi Mahlangu, youth employment portfolio head at Momentum Metropolitan…

Storage of household pesticides

What do you need to know about this?

We discuss separation from food, medicine, toys, clothing and other such products; storage

away from sunlight, heat and moisture; management of damaged containers. 

Africa's premier Organic and Natural Products Expo 2023 back with a bang!

Today we delve into the exciting world of organic and natural products. Food For Mzansi’s assistant editor, Duncan Masiwa explores the remarkable growth of the South African Organic and Natural Products Expo from its resounding success in 2022 to its highly anticipated return this year, featuring innovative additions like the African Biotrade Festival. Duncan chats to event Co-organizer Warren Hickenbotham about the event.

Rearing goats for milk in Mzansi

In edition two hundred and ninety we focus on rearing goats for milk production. Farmer, Mahudu Makwela, the founder of Makwela Farming Enterprise in Polokwane chats to Food For Mzansi journalist Octavia Spandiel about this untapped market for beginner farmers…

And we celebrate this week's #SoilSista, Hlobisele Yende...She talks more about how she plans to continue to uphold her farming legacy as a third-generation farmer…

Growing agri mentorship with Ipeleng Kwadi-Seboni

Today, we have the privilege of conversing with the well-known and well-loved Northwest cattle farmer Ipeleng Kwadi-Seboni, a true luminary in the world of farming and rural development. With a list of titles that’s as impressive as her dedication, Ipeleng joins us to discuss her incredible journey in agriculture….

Pesticide packaging and labelling

The packaging and labelling of household pesticides should be designed to minimise human exposure and environmental contamination. While this is the responsibility of pesticide producers, consumers also have an obligation in following the labelling instructions.

Navigating Livestock Markets: Strategies for new farmers to connect and thrive

Today, we’re diving into a crucial topic for new farmers: accessing the best markets for your livestock. Picture this – you’ve put in the sweat and hard work, and now it’s time to connect your prized animals with the right buyer. We unravel strategies, tips, and stories from experienced farmers and marketers who’ve navigated the livestock market landscape. 


Food For Mzansi journalist Octavia Spandiel chats to our guest, Juan de Beer, livestock marketer for Andre Kock en Seun auctioneers in Polokwane…

And we celebrate this weeks’ #SoilSista, livestock farmer, Dlalisile Lenong. She shares more...

Cultivating harmony: Ngwanarachuene’s story from education to environmental excellence

Education was the cornerstone of Ngwanarachuene Esther Mampane journey in agriculture. Pairing that with the environmental courses provided a new lens allowing this dynamic businesswoman to see agriculture not just as farming but as a complex ecosystem. She joins us in edition two hundred and eighty-seven as the founder and director of Westleigh Environmental Services, an environmental compliance, and natural resources management company…

Farmer Hlobisile Yende’s success with Voermol Feeds

We’re back with the Voermol Feeds team to explore their expansive range of products tailored for farmers across Mzansi. As you know we match a farmer and an expert to shed light on how these products enhance farm productivity and profitability.

We find out how Hlobisile Yende, Gauteng livestock farmer optimizes production with Voermol Feeds, Dundee Lick. Food For Mzansi journalist, Octavia Spandiel chats to our expert, Dr Josef van Wyngaard, acting national technical manager at Voermol Feeds.

Preventing and managing pest resistance

The development of pest resistance to pesticides is a serious and growing problem and ordinary South Africans have a role to play. What is pest resistance? What are the practical steps to be taken?

Livestock insights: goat herd health

Today we delve into a critical area of animal husbandry, goat herd health. We explore the aspect of maintaining a thriving and robust goat herd, unravelling the secrets of preventing diseases and optimizing nutrition. Our expert guest Dr Vinoliah Makuwa, Consultant Veterinarian at C4Africa will guide us the essentials to only flourish but also become a source of pride and prosperity on our farms.

Dr Vinoliah Makuwa chats to Food For Mzansi journalist Octavia Spandiel…


And we celebrate this weeks’ #SoilSista. Is Dr Gabbey Gostina Malope the founder of Toutele Ag...

Keatlegile’s dynamic agripreneurial story

In edition two hundred and eighty-four welcome a true dynamo, an agripreneur, food and beverage specialist and youth chairperson of the African Farmers of South Africa, Keatlegile Mnguni. She talks about her multifaceted journey, or as I’d like to call it, wearing many hats. We explore the intersection of entrepreneurship, culinary expertise, and youth leadership in agriculture…

The benefits of mycorrhizae in agriculture

In collaboration with AECI Plant Health we explore the advantages of mycorrhizae in agriculture. Our expert, AECI Plant Health biological specialist for the international division, Chris Hendriks chats to Octavia Spandiel, Food For Mzansi journalist. 

Evaluating the risks of household pesticides

Illegal pesticides are still making their way into the country, posing serious risks to both households and crops, warns CropLife South Africa. With illegal and unregistered products available on the market, consumers are urged to stay informed and vigilant to protect their homes and the environment. Food For Mzansi editor-in-chief Ivor Price chats to Hiresh Ramanand, stewardship coordinator for CropLife South Africa…

Culinary explorations: Beyond the Plate

In today’s edition, we’re exploring a fascinating realm where tradition meets innovation – the world of edible insects. We’ll be sinking our teeth into a plateful of questions, from the cultural diversity of insect consumption to the nutritional benefits they offer. Joining me is Phuti Kabasa, founder of Mopani Queens…

Breathe, Believe, Just Do It: Zabion De Wee’s story to self-compassion

“Give yourself space to breath,don’t be so hard on yourself, always remember to just do it, says Zabion De Wee, Free State livestock farmer and business development manager at John Deere. 


In this episode we delve into the importance of being kind ourselves, letting go of self-criticism, and embracing the “just do it” mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve our dreams. Zabion also highlights some leaps they’re taken to develop farming communities in the Eastern Cape. Plus, he shares some sound advice when it comes to working alongside family in a farming business…

Hooves on the Move: mastering livestock logistics

Whether you’re a farmer, livestock transporter, or simply curious about what is takes to get livestock from the pastures to market in this edition we share the ultimate guide.

We’ll unpack the challenges, innovations, while discovering the vital role safe and efficient livestock transportation plays in Mzansi’s agricultural sector. Over to you, Food For Mzansi journalist, Octavia Spandiel, and our expert, Tshepiso Madiga, livestock farmer specialising in animal production and stud breeding…

And we celebrate this week’s #SoilSista, vegetable farmer, Bridget Motswasele. She realised early in her farming journey that t...

Quality control

Over the next few weeks, we’ll delve into the responsible use of pesticides, emphasising the importance of food safety and health for all South Africans. Our mission is to educate consumers like you on effective pest and pesticide management within your homes. We’ll explore topics ranging from risk assessment to quality control, aiming to reduce the risks associated with household pesticides and ensure a safer environment for you and your loved ones. So, let’s get started! Joining me is Dr Gerhard Verdoorn, operations and stewardship manager for CropLife South Africa…

Ika Cronje’s journey in agri: unexpected yet profound

Despite growing up on a farm, Ika Cronje’s path didn’t initially lead her back to agriculture. Fate however had other plans for her, and today, she finds herself thriving in the world of hydroponic ginger cultivation.

Farming has become an unexpected and profound passion for Cronje and in this episode, she talks more about her love for farming and her thriving agribusiness…

How to set up a feed factory

Whether you’re a farmer looking to optimize your livestock nutrition or an agripreneur seeking to venture into the animal feed production industry, listen up. In this episode we’ll share a guide to setting up a feed factory in Mzansi. From selecting the right location and equipment to understanding the formulation of high-quality feeds. Food For Mzansi journalist, Octavia Spandiel, chats to our expert, De Wet Boshoff, founder and managing director of consolidated agricultural services…

Before we let you go, we celebrate this weeks’ #SoilSista. After transitioning from media to cultivating flowers, Bongiwe Moeli now operates an agribusine...

Global impact: the journey of Tiisetso Manoko, agricultural journalist

In this edition we celebrate the incredible achievements of Tiisetso Manoko, Food For Mzansi journalist. He has been honoured with the prestigious 2023 IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders Award. 


Each year, the International Federation of Agricultural Journalist acknowledges talented individuals like Tiisetso for their exceptional professional skills and leadership potential. The award was presented in Alberta, Canada where he participated in a global meet up and IFAJ congress. 


With a remarkable career spanning over a decade in media, Tiisetso Manoko has been at the forefront of reporting on agricultural matters. Join us in thi...

Safeguarding pig health through biosecurity

In today’s episode we explore expert insights and best practices to protect pig populations from diseases and ensure a sustainable and thriving swine industry. 


We focus on the basics with our expert, Dr Japhta Mokoele, senior lecturer pig herd health in the production animal studies at the faculty of veterinary science at the University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort campus. 

Foliar feeds: empowering new farmers for success

Foliar fertilisation plays a significant role in the agricultural practices of new farmers in Mzansi. 

In this edition our expert, Aviwe Mahanjana, International Technical Marketing Manager at AECI Plant Health shares the 101 on foliar feeds, how do they differ from normal fertiliser applications and why small holder farmers can benefit from it. Aviwe Mahanjana chats to Octavia Spandiel, Food For Mzansi journalist…