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Talking Aussie Books with Francesca Haig
Yesterday at 4:48 AM

Francesca Haig's "The Cookbook of Common Prayer" (Allen & Unwin) is a book that will forever leave an indelible imprint on my heart. Set between Tasmania and London, this book explores themes of grief, food, mental health and hope in a thoroughly compelling and unique manner. Heartbreaking and somehow uplifting at the same time, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
I was overjoyed to have the chance to speak with Francesca about her beautiful book earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Paige Toon

Paige Toon's latest book "Someone I Used To Know" (Penguin) was released here in Australia in June 2021. A tender, passionate and romantic story that was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at once. I absolutely loved it.
Set in North Yorkshire, this book captured my imagination and was everything you love in a contemporary romance.
I was thrilled to welcome Paige to the podcast earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Tim Ayliffe

It's always a thrill for me to discover the work of authors I haven't read before. Especially crime writers. So, you can imagine how excited I was to find Tim Ayliffe's books.
Tim is a Sydney-based author and journalist who works as the Managing Editor of Television and Video for ABC News. A few years ago, he decided to try his hand at novel writing and has now penned three novels featuring former foreign correspondent, John Bailey.
In early August, his brand new novel "The Enemy Within" was released by Simon & Schuster. A gripping action-packed novel that...

Talking Aussie Books with Sandie Docker

Sandie Docker is an author whose books are now highly anticipated amongst the band of loyal readers she has amassed over the last few years - characterised as they are by their idyllic settings, relatable characters and long-held mysteries. Titles which include "The Kookaburra Creek Cafe", "The Cottage at Rosella Cove" and "The Banksia Bay Beach Shack" demonstrate Sandie's knack for writing intriguing and emotional stories that often result in tears.
Her new book, "The Wattle Island Book Club" (Penguin) is out across Australia from 31 August 2021 and it's everything I love about Sandie's books and more.
I was...

Talking Aussie Books with RWR McDonald

Rob McDonald also known as RWR McDonald is the award-winning author of the 2019 novel "The Nancys". A murder-mystery featuring 11 year-old Nancy Drew fan, Tippy Chan, who teams up with her babysitter uncle and his boyfriend to form their own amateur detective club to solve a high-profile murder case.
This year Rob released a follow-up called "Nancy Business" (Allen & Unwin). Tippy along with her Uncles Devon and Pike are back, reforming their detective club "The Nancys" to investigate an explosion which rocks the town of Riverstone.
A madcap, irreverent and often hilarious read that had me hooked from...

Talking Aussie Books with Tania Farrelly

Tania Farrelly's debut novel "The Eight Wonder" (Penguin) is one of those books I found so brilliant it left me amazed and envious in equal measures! It was inspired, nuanced, thought-provoking and intelligent - so much so, it's difficult to fathom that it's Tania's debut.
It's book that takes readers on a journey through New York in the early 20th century. A time of great contradictions and one that posed so many challenges for women.
I was thrilled to have the chance to speak with Tania about this divine book earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Kaneana May

Two years ago I had the great fortune to chat with Kaneana May on the release of her debut novel, "The One" (Harlequin, 2019). A story that took us behind the scenes of a popular reality dating show and the lengths someone will go to to find their one true love.
This year Kaneana is back with another fabulous novel. A beautiful and moving story about friendship, love and loss. Something that I know many of you out there will absolutely adore.
The novel is called "All We Have Is Now" (Harlequin) and I was so happy to welcome...

Talking Aussie Books with Amy Suiter Clarke

"Girl, 11" is the explosive, incredible debut novel written by Melbourne-based author, Amy Suiter Clarke. For lovers of true crime and the podcasts that shine a spotlight on cold cases, this book was a nail-biting page-turner that I devoured.
I had a terrific time chatting with Amy on the podcast a little while ago.

Talking Aussie Books with Rachel Givney

Rachel Givney is an international best-selling author and film-maker with a list of TV and film credits to her name. In 2020, Rachel added novel-writing to her impressive list of achievements with her runaway success break-out novel, 'Jane in Love '. A romantic comedy that fans will no doubt be delighted to learn has been optioned by Amazon Studios and Di Novi Pictures for a film adaptation.
This year, Rachel released her second novel. But this time we are transported back to Poland in the lead-up to WWII in a truly captivating novel about a young woman's quest to find...

Talking Aussie Books with Maya Linnell

Maya Linnell and I connected via social media when her first book, 'Wildflower Ridge' was about to be published back in 2019. Almost two years to the day, we had our first podcast chat.
In that time I have watched Maya's rising star with awe and amazement. She is a force to be reckoned with. A talented writer, home-baker, garden guru, social media and marketing whizz, avid reader, book reviewer and staunch supporter of her writing peers.
Maya's third book, "Magpie's Bend" was released by Allen & Unwin in June 2021 and I was delighted to welcome Maya back to...

Talking Aussie Books with Amanda Hampson

"Lovebirds" (Penguin) is the latest release from Sydney-based novelist, Amanda Hampson. A heart-warming story about the power of love and family that sensitively deals with a number of heavy themes.
It was the first of Amanda's novels that I've had the good fortune to read. Now I'm itching to go through her backlist. Titles that include "The Olive Sisters", "Two For the Rad", 'The French Perfumer", "The Yellow Villa" and "Sixty Summers."
Back in May, I had the pleasure of chatting with Amanda about the warm, witty, uplifting story.

Talking Aussie Books with Kelly Rimmer

Kelly Rimmer is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of ten novels. Her titles include, “Before I let you Go”, “The Things We cannot Say” and “Truths I Never Told You.”
Her brand new novel, “The Warsaw Orphan” was released by Hachette Australia at the end of April this year. And what an incredible story of courage, resilience and survival it is.
Meticulously researched and utterly compelling. . .this has to be one of Kelly’s best novels to date.
I was thrilled to welcome Kelly to the podcast earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with LP McMahon

Lawrence McMahon is a Melbourne-based author whose writing career began as a medical student some thirty years ago. He has won multiple national and regional short story awards and somewhere in and around his medical career and position as Professor of Nephrology at Monash University, Lawrence has written an astonishing debut novel - drawing on his experiences as a doctor both in Australia and abroad.
The book is called "As Swallows Fly" (Ventura Press) and I was lucky to have the opportunity to speak with Lawrence about it on the podcast earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Nicola Moriarty

Nicola Moriarty is a Sydney-based novelist and copywriter whose works include bestselling novels, "The Fifth Letter", "Those Other Women" and "The Ex".
Her brand new novel, "You Need to Know" was released by HarperCollins in early April this year and I have to tell you listeners, this is one you will not want to miss.
A thrilling, compulsive page-turner, this book had me breathless til the last page.
I was super excited to welcome Nicola to the podcast to chat about the book, her inspiration, what it's like coming from a family of writers, research, writerly tips...

Talking Aussie Books with Cassandra Austin

Cassandra Austin is the author of three novels and describes herself as a homesick Australian who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.
Before deciding to pursue a career in writing, she worked as a criminologist and a documentary film-maker.
Cassandra's new novel "Like Mother" (Penguin), is a captivating and compelling addition to a growing body of work known as "domestic noir".
"Like Mother" takes a deep dive into motherhood through the eyes of a mother and daughter during the events of one terrible day in 1969 small town Australia.
I was delighted to...

Talking Aussie Books with Sally Thorne

Best-selling author of "The Hating Game" and "99 Per Cent Mine" Sally Thorne has recently released her third novel - "Second First Impressions" (Hachette Australia). A deliciously charming, funny and oh-so-sexy book that I absolutely loved.
I was delighted to welcome Sally to the podcast earlier this year to chat about this funny love story, the upcoming movie adaptation of "the Hating Game", writing fan-fiction, tips for writers and so much more.

Talking Aussie Books with Josephine Taylor

Josephine Taylor is a Perth-based writer and editor who worked as a psychotherapist and educator until a debilitating condition over took her life. In 2004, Josephine began writing about her experiences with this condition, later earning her PhD in writing from Edith Cowan University in 2011. She is now an Associate Editor at Westerly (the University of Western Australia), and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Writing at ECU.
This year, her debut novel, "Eye of a Rook" was published by Fremantle Press. It's a book that explores chronic illness in a heartbreaking, but insightful and intelligent manner.
I was delighted...

Talking Aussie Books with Susan Johnson

'From Where I Fell' (Allen & Unwin) is Susan Johnson's eighth novel. A book that explores an unlikely friendship formed between two women on opposite sides of the world with different cultural backgrounds. Although I haven't read any of Susan's work before, this was one heck of an introduction. A book the explored grief, motherhood, the power of friendship as well as new beginnings. An incredibly powerful, witty and illuminating read that I absolutely loved.
I had the honour of speaking with Susan about her wonderful novel earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Tabitha Bird

Two years on from the release of her best-selling debut novel, "A Lifetime of Impossible Days", Tabitha Bird is back with another heart-wrenching, but no less captivating story about love, loss and grief. Called "The Emporium of Imagination", it's a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Harry Potter type tale set in the tiny Queensland town of Boonah. A magnificent story that I absolutely loved.
Tabitha and I had a wonderful chat about her brilliant new book earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Susan Midalia

Susan Midalia is an award-winning Perth-based novelists, freelance editor and former academic who has published three collections of short stories and two novels. Her first novel, "The Art of Persuasion" was published in 2018 and in March of this year, her new novel, "Everyday Madness" was published by Fremantle Press.
"Everyday Madness" was a poignant, hopeful story about marriage, family and new beginnings. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Bernard, Gloria, Meg and Ella and didn't want their story to end.
I was lucky to have the chance to chat with their creator Susan earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Andrew Mackie

Andrew Mackie is an Australian film distributor and producer whose debut novel is based on one of the biggest events in Australian history: newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth's royal tour of Australia in 1954.
As a fan of the British Royal Family, the "The Tour" (released by Penguin) was utterly fascinating to me.
It's got everything you love in a period drama: scandal, intrigue and characters you love to hate (not the Queen, of course!). A thoroughly delightful and somewhat wicked read.
I had the great pleasure of speaking with Andrew on the podcast earlier this year.

Talking Aussie Books with Emma Young

Emma Young is an award-winning journalist and former bookseller whose debut novel, "The Last Bookshop, was recently released by Fremantle Press.
It's a heart-warming story that delves into many of the hardships facing small business, the book-selling industry along with real-estate pressures in modern cities.
Such a timely, wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed.
I was delighted to have the chance to speak with Emma about her book on the podcast a little while ago.

Talking Aussie Books with Esther Campion

Esther Campion is an Irish-Australian author of three novels - 'Leaving Ocean Road', 'The House of Second Chances' and most recently 'A Week to Remember'.
Released by Hachette Australia earlier this year, 'A Week to Remember' is a heartwarming story that has the warmth and satisfaction of a Maeve Binchy or Monica McInerney novel. Set between Ireland and Australia, it's a hopeful story about family, love and second chances that will delight readers and have them yearning to travel once more.
I was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with Esther on the podcast recently.

Talking Aussie Books with Jessica Dettmann

Jessica Dettmann is a Sydney-based writer, a blogger and former editor turned novelist.
Earlier this year her second novel "This Has Been Absolutely Lovely" (HarperCollins) was released.
A wonderfully charming multigenerational tale that takes a witty and relatable look at parenthood and families that will have you hooked from start to finish.
I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Jessica on the podcast recently.

Talking Aussie Books with Julietta Henderson

'The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman' is Julietta Henderson's debut novel. It's an exquisite, tenderly written novel which slowly draws you in before delivering a well-placed kick in the guts and breaking your heart. A book that stimultaneously fills you with so much joy that you find yourself cheering triumphantly.
Heartwarming, poignant and incredibly funny, too. This book has it all.
I was delighted to speak with Julietta on the podcast not long after her book's release here in Australia.

Talking Aussie Books with Kelli Hawkins

Kelli Hawkins is a Newcastle-based author who landed with an almighty splash onto the Australian literary scene when she signed a rare four-book deal with HarperCollins Australia in September 2020.
Her debut novel, "Other People's Houses" is an emotionally gripping, rollercoaster ride of a story packing a proverbial punch that will leave you stunned! Exploring themes of grief, abuse and the highly-charged real estate scene in Sydney, this is a book that will have you compulsively turning pages.
I was delighted to chat with Kelli about her book recently on the podcast.

Talking Aussie Books with Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews lives on the outskirts of Sydney and is the author of a number of children's books as well as adult fiction.
His latest novel for adults was inspired by true events and has an attention-grabbing, unforgettable title. A story of such incredible courage and survival, it will take your breath away.
Called "Hitler's Brothel" (Big Sky Publishing), this was an emotional and compelling read.
I was delighted to have the chance to speak with Steve recently on the podcast.

Talking Aussie Books with Greg Woodland

Greg Woodland is another fabulous Australian author who comes from a screenwriting and film-making background. His debut novel, "The Night Whistler" (Text Publishing, 2020) is another example of why Australian crime fiction is so hot at the moment. Inspired by an event from Greg's own childhood, this novel is sharp, gritty and compelling. A terrific read!
I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Greg on the podcast recently.

Talking Aussie Books/Words&Nerds Podcast Mash-Up: Special Episode

In this fabulous special episode, podcaster extraordinaire Dani Vee, from the Words & Nerds Podcast, and I talk all things podcasting. What we are about, why we do what we do and what we hope to achieve. The highs, the lows and everything in between! I had such fun chatting to Dani and hope you will gain some insight into the our world as a result!
Great listening!

Talking Aussie Books with Alli Sinclair

Alli Sinclair is a multi-award winning Geelong-based author of six novels, a film-writer, documentary producer, writing teacher and passionate world traveller.
With novel titles that include "Under the Spanish Stars", "Burning Fields" and "The Cinema At Starlight Creek" to name a few, Alli has written her way into the hearts and minds of her readers with strong, inspirational female characters who push boundaries and defy expectations of them.
Her brand new title "The Codebreakers", released by HarperCollins in Australia and New Zealand on 3 March, is a remarkable novel inspired by true-life events that occurred during World War II.<...

Talking Aussie Books with Pamela Hart

Pamela Hart is an award-winning author and writing teacher. She has published a number of historical fiction titles - including "The Black Dress" (as Pamela Freeman), "The Soldier's Wife", "A Letter from Italy" and "The Desert Nurse" along with a host of children's stories.
November 2020 saw the release of her latest historical novel called "The Charleston Scandal" (Hachette). A book that Pamela herself describes as a "Downton Abbey meets 42nd Street."
Set in 1920's London, the book is beautifully written and meticulously researched and will have you Googling the Charleston along with the cast of real-life characters that...

Talking Aussie Books with Gina Wilkinson

Gina Wilkinson is an award-winning former journalist, foreign correspondent and documentary-maker turned novelist who spent over a year living in Baghdad under Saddam Hussein's dictatorship and later the Iraq War. Time during which she was befriended by a local woman whom she later found out was working as a secret police informant and was reporting Gina's every move.
Gina's experiences during that time inspired her to pen her memoir in 2007 and also formed the basis of her recently released debut novel called "When the Apricots Bloom" (Hachette).
This was an unforgettable, evocative story that so beautifully captured the...

Talking Aussie Books with Katrina Nannestad

Katrina Nannestad is an award-winning children's author based in regional Victoria whose works include "The Girl Who Brought Mischief", "The Girl, The Dog and The Writer" series, "The Olive of Grove" series, the "Red Dirt" series and more.
Her latest book, "We Are Wolves" was released at the end of October 2020 by HarperCollins. A remarkable, utterly exquisite read that had me laughing and crying as I followed the Wolf children on their journey of survival at the end of WWII.
Aimed at primary school readers, but equally readable by older children as well as adults, this is a...

Talking Aussie Books with Rae Cairns

Rae Cairns is a Sydney-based author who describes her writing as "crime with heart". Her debut novel "The Good Mother" was released in December 2020 to rave reviews. It's a book that takes a compelling look at the conflict in Northern Ireland through the eyes of a mother and explores what a mother will do to protect her child.
Gripping, engrossing and absolutely heart-stopping. I could not put this book down.
I was delighted to be able to chat with Rae on the podcast recently.

Talking Aussie Books with Jackie French

Jackie French is one of Australia's best loved story-tellers. She has written over 200 books across a variety of genres from children’s picture books, to chapter books for middle-grade readers, young adult novels and adult fiction along with a swag of non-fiction titles.
Jackie’s writing and services to Australian literature and literacy has earned her over 60 book awards. And in 2016, Jackie’s work was recognised with the award of Member of the Order of Australia. She was Australian Children’s Laureate for 2014-2015 and Australian Senior of the Year in 2015.
In the southern summer of 2019/2020, when Australia was rava...

Talking Aussie Books with Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh is an Australian world-class, international best-selling author whose work spans number of different genres: from fantasy to sweeping historical adventures and gritty crime.
I have been following Fiona's career for some years now, devouring each new novel as it hits the shelves and getting my "Fiona fix" every year as she embarks on her demanding national book tour.
Sadly, there was no tour this year, but we were fortunate enough to see her brand new exquisite novel released into the world.
"The Champagne War" published by Penguin is arguably her best, most heart wrenching novel...

Talking Aussie Books with Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson is a much celebrated French-Australian author with over seventy books for children, young adults and adults to her name. Growing up in France and Australia, Sophie has always had a strong interest in fairy tales. In fact, a number of Sophie's books are based on fairy tales. 'Scarlet in the Snow' - which is a retelling of the classic 'Beauty and the Beast' along with 'Carabas' - based on 'Puss in Boots' are her most notable examples.
So, I guess it was no surprise to learn that Sophie turned her mind to another fairy tale project which...

Talking Aussie Books with Poppy Gee

Poppy Gee is a Brisbane-based author whose brand new novel "Vanishing Falls" was recently released here in Australia by Booktopia Editions - the publishing arm of Australia's online book retailer.
Like some other notable Australian thrillers at the moment, Poppy's book is set in Tasmania. In a fictional town deep in the rainforest - which makes for a superbly atmospheric read.
I caught up with Poppy recently to chat all things Tasmania, what US readers like about our island State, about history, writing trauma and addiction along with Poppy's top tips for aspiring writers.

Talking Aussie Books with Chris Hammer

Hot on the heels of his success with 'Scrublands' and 'Silver', Chris Hammer is back with a third novel entitled 'Trust' - which sees the return of Martin Scarsden, a journalists with a penchant for landing himself in troublesome situations involving murder and intrigue!
Unlike 'Scrublands' and 'Silver', 'Trust' moves away from Martin's story to focus on his partner, Mandalay Blonde, and what happened to her in the ten years between leaving Riversend as a teenager and returning to care for her dying mother.
This is an explosive novel which explores the dark underbelly of organised crime, collusion...

Talking Aussie Books with Ellie Marney

Ellie Marney is an award-winning, internationally successful YA crime writer and passionate Australian YA advocate who has multiple titles to her name. Her latest novel, 'None Shall Sleep' (published by Allen & Unwin) was utterly gripping. A spine-chilling, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller that kept me turning pages late into the night.
I was delighted to welcome Ellie to the podcast a little while ago to talk about her inspiration for this FBI-themed novel and how she managed going back in time, dealing with the notable absence of the internet and mobile phone technology amongst other things. A truly fascinating chat...