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Come join us beyond borders for all things immigration. Founded in 1978, Erickson Immigration Group provides comprehensive business immigration, global migration, and compliance solutions that enable companies to hire the best and brightest talent from around the world. We represent clients ranging from Fortune 500s to cutting-edge startups. Sectors represented by our firm include Technology (including CRM services, e-commerce, social and online news media, online entertainment and television/movie production, FinTech, online payments), Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Universities/Public School Districts. Our staff is smart, inspired, spirited, passionate, and views our client relationships as partnerships. Our accurate legal advice will...

Ari Shaw Ingrid Eagly | LGBT ASYLUM Cases in the US and Recommendations for Better Tracking
Last Thursday at 7:03 PM

Today, Ari Shaw Director of international programs at the Williams Institute, and Ingrid Eagly Law professor for UCLA joins Immigration Nerds. The Williams Institute conducts independent research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy. We ensure that facts—not stereotypes—inform laws, policies, and judicial decisions that affect the LGBT community. In March earlier this year, the team completed a comprehensive research paper titled LGBT ASYLUM Cases in the US. Where they tracked the data of LGBTQ related asylum cases, the types of persecutions experienced worldwide through fear interviews, and provide recommendations to improve our policy and...

Stuart Anderson | H-1B Visas Are Scarce As Computer Job Vacancies Reach 1.2 Million

Erickson Immigration Group’s Partner Justin Parsons and Lead Researcher Luke Bianco welcome guest Executive Director of National Foundation for American Policy, Stuart Anderson. They discuss the context surrounding Stuart’s latest Forbes article titled “H-1B Visas Are Scarce As Computer Job Vacancies Reach 1.2 Million”. They address: The recent growth trends in the Technology/Computer sector, and how H-1B can capitalize Combating the false narratives that high-skill immigration means fewer opportunities for US workers In conclusion, what will the employment landscape look like in a future when policy changes reflect our new normal

Kyle Romero | America's History and Approach to Refugee Resettlement

E. Kyle Romero is a visiting professor of history at Loyola University Maryland. He teaches U.S. foreign policy, immigration and global migration, and the history of humanitarianism and human rights. He is currently working on his first book, titled, “Moving People: Refugee Politics, Foreign Aid, and the Emergence of American Humanitarianism”.

This Week in Immigration | Haiti, Senate Parliamentary, Travel Restrictions Lifted for the Vaccinated

This week was dominated by a flurry of headlines, centered around the creation of new standards, unfulfilled promises in policy, and how recent government actions may or may not align with its prior declared commitments. Three stories this week predominately enveloped our timelines.  The senate parliamentary issues guidance against Biden’s proposed immigration measures in the upcoming budget bill The treatment of Haitian migrants crossing us border seeking refuge in Del Rio Texas, and the shocking footage of apprehension techniques by the CBP And lastly, President Biden officially lifting travel restrictions for foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated, and th...

Vivian Zavataro | En Medio: An Artistic Exhibit of the Immigration Experience

Vivian Zavataro is the Director of the John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art at the University of Nevada. She specializes in contemporary art and mediation, traveling the world working on installations, museums, and galleries that teach onlookers the value of Diversity, inclusion, and creativity in the work she presents. Joined by Lead Researcher, Luke Bianco. We discuss: How the En Medio exhibit came to be, an installation that focuses on the experiencing traveling through the US-Mexico border expressed through music, photography, painting, video and performance art  A discussion of some of the noteworthy pieces/artists featured within the...

Shika Dalmia | How Immigration Can Solve U.S. Slowing Birthrates and Declining Workforce

Shikha Dalmia is a Fellow with the Mer-Katus Center’s Program on Pluralism and Civil Exchange. She's a former Senior Analyst at Reason Foundation and writing columnist for The Week, and writing contributor for the Reason Magazine, Bloomberg view USA Today, and The New York Times. We discuss: Her professional background as it relates to immigration and populist authoritarianism A portrait of the state of demographic decline in the United States, and how immigration can solve it Immigration policies undertaken by Canada, and the U.S. can emulate

Jennifer Chacon | Our History of Policing Migration Through the Criminal Justice System

UC Berkeley School of Law professor Jennifer Chacon joins Immigration Nerds. Her area of research focuses primarily on immigration, constitutional law, and criminal law and procedure. Note: Unfortunately there are moments of audio crackling during the interview that was not detected at the moment of recording. We find the content still very valuable however we apologies for any listening inconvenience. We discuss: The legislative history of policing immigrants through the criminal justice system A more humane alternative to manage migration Confronting explicit bias in the legal system Ways to provide adequate deterrents to unlawful immigration policing practices.

Theresa Brown | A Bi-Partisan Approach to Immigration Policy

Managing Director of Immigration and Cross-Border Policy at Bipartisan Policy Center, Theresa Cardinal Brown joins. We discuss: How migration patterns changed as countries open up Biden Administration policy proposal: Addressing a new blueprint to address root causes of Central American migration Current events: The immigration effects of Troops being pulled out of Afghanistan, how SIV backlogs threaten our allies safety Main webpage:

REVISTED: Noah Coburn - Special Immigrants Visa Program and Challenges in the Middle East

Due to recent events in Afghanistan, this episode is a timely one to revisit. Released June 24th, 2021. Noah Coburn is an Anthropologist Professor at Bennington College and author of “Bazaar Politics: Power and Pottery in an Afghan Market Town”. He focuses on political structures and violence in the Middle East and Central Asia. We discuss: o   His background and how he first became interested in political structures and violence in the Middle East and Central Asia o   The history and current state of the Special Immigrant Visa, and how it pertains to Afghanistan o ...

REVISITED: Ira Kurzban | An Unlikely Path to Creating THE "Sourcebook"

Since the release of the first edition in 1990, Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook has been the go-to legal reference on U.S. immigration law. It cuts out lengthy explanations to provide busy legal professionals with what they need and want—a comprehensive, authoritative, and concise analysis of a complicated area of law. The author of that book, Ira Kurzban, joins to share his immigration career. Erickson Immigration Groups Managing Director Hiba Anver joins.

Bob Leonard | Why Rural America Needs Immigrants

Former University of Mexico Anthropology professor,  New York Times contributor, and author of the “Deep Midwest” Bob Leonard joins. We discuss: Rural America economic growth problem The career opportunity for immigrants Skills needed Bridging social and cultural differences

PETER SCHECHTER/TÉA IVANOVIC | Immigrant Food : The Meaning of Cause-Casual Restaurants

We have one of the most innovative and civic-minded foodies in DC Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Immigrant Food, PETER SCHECHTER, and TÉA IVANOVIC. We discuss: D.C.’s first cause-casual restaurant Immigration lectures and classes held at the restaurant How working on former political campaigns and launching non-profits informed their community-led spirit to combine advocacy with food How lockdowns affected business

Ahilan T. Arulanantham | From ACLU to UCLA : A Human Right's Change Agent

Ahilan T. Arulanantham joins Immigration Nerds. Ahilan is a Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Immigration Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law and former Senior Counsel at the ACLU in Los Angeles. Co-hosted by Lead Researcher, Luke Bianco. We discuss: TPS litigation and Supreme Court arguments Nadarajah v. Gonzales, the first Ninth Circuit case establishing limits on the government’s power to detain immigrants as national security threats Ahilan’s leadership in defense of immigrant rights at the ACLU during the previous administration Advice for young lawyers/law students who want to make a positive impact in the...

Elaine Kamarck | Likelihood of Comprehensive Immigration Reform During Biden Administration

Can Biden pass immigration reform? History says it will be tough Brookings Institution Director of the (Center for Effective Public Management) Elaine C. Kamarck joins the podcast. She is an expert on American electoral politics, government innovation, and reform in the United States, focusing her research on the presidential nomination system and American politics. We discuss: Why comprehensive immigration reform is so hard to pass Reasons why it failed in both in 2007 and 2013 Likelihood of it being passed during this administration

Zara Najam, Rizwana Quazi | Right to Work, Settled Status and Brexit Analysis

Erickson Immigration Group's Senior Attorney Zara Najam, and Kingsley Napley's Associate Attorney Rizwana Quazi join. We discuss: Lockdown in the UK Its effects on Business travel now and in the future post-Brexit July 1st transition Right-to-work changes for UK employers.  Settled Status options for employers/employees

Noah Coburn - Special Immigrants Visa Program and Challenges in the Middle East

Noah Coburn is an Anthropologist Professor at Bennington College and author of “Bazaar Politics: Power and Pottery in an Afghan Market Town”. He focuses on political structures and violence in the Middle East and Central Asia. We discuss: o   His background and first became interested in political structures and violence in the Middle East and Central Asia o   The history and current state of the Special Immigrant Visa, and how it pertains to Afghanistan o   How the U.S. troop withdrawal will impact immigration from Afghanistan and the SIV o  ...

Pooja Vora | Immigrants in Healthcare : The Industry After Reopening

Pooja Vora recently graduated with a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University, McCourt School of Public Policy where she pursued her interests in immigration, education, housing, and racial equity issues. At McCourt, she was a Research Assistant for Eva Rosen, where she was responsible for researching court eviction cases and researching different eviction laws. During her time at McCourt, she, along with other McCourt colleagues, participated in a sprint led by the U.S. Census Bureau to develop an app aiming to help resettled refugees find services near their place of residence. Pooja is a founding member and...

Chef Byron Gomez | From Costa Rica to "Top Chef": A DREAMERS story

Born in Costa Rica, Chef Byron Gomez migrated to the United States when he was 8 years old. His interest in culinary arts started at a young age and after several years cooking on Long Island, he set his sights on New York City. With a mission to learn from some of the country’s best, he honed his skills under culinary luminaries like Daniel Boulud, Ronny Emborg, Gavin Kaysen, and Daniel Humm.    While working at Eleven Madison Park, named the World’s Best Restaurant in 2017, Chef Byron traveled with the restaurant’s pop up experiences to the Hamptons and As...

Alessandra la Vaccara - The Missing Migrants Project

Alessandra la Vaccara , Program Manager of the Missing Migrants Project join the podcast.

Steve Yale-Loehr | 35 Years in Immigration Law

Steve Yale-Loehr has practiced immigration law for over 35 years. He is co-author of Immigration Law and Procedure, the leading 21-volume treatise on U.S. immigration law. He also teaches immigration and asylum law at Cornell Law School as a Professor of Immigration Practice and is of counsel at Miller Mayer in Ithaca, New York. He also founded and was the original executive director of Invest In the USA, a trade association of EB-5 immigrant investor regional centers.

Charles Wheeler | Child Status Protection Act EXPLAINED

Charles Wheeler is Director of Training and Legal Support for Catholic Legal Immigration Network and Author of the most seminal books addressing the inner workings and legal nuances surrounding CSPA, “AILA's Focus on the Child Status Protection Act". We discuss the major provisional changes he witnessed over the years covering CSPA.

Javier Miranda | Immigration and Entrepreneurship in the United States

Javier Miranda, Co-author of the National Bureau of Economic Research's paper "Immigration and Entrepreneurship in the United States" joins Immigration Nerds. Co-authors: (Pierre Azoulay), (Benjamin Jones), (J. Daniel Kim)  Immigration can expand labor supply and create greater competition for native-born workers. But immigrants may also start new firms, expanding labor demand. His paper uses U.S. administrative data and other data resources to study the role of immigrants in entrepreneurship. We ask how often immigrants start...

Ira Kurzban | An Unlikely Path to Creating THE "Sourcebook"

Since the release of the first edition in 1990, Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook has been the go-to legal reference on U.S. immigration law. It cuts out lengthy explanations to provide busy legal professionals with what they need and want—comprehensive, authoritative, and concise analysis of a complicated area of law. The author of that book, Ira Kurzban, joins to share his immigration career. Erickson Immigration Groups Managing Director Hiba Anver joins.

Jeanne Batalova and Kate Hooper | COVID-19 and the State of Global Mobility in 2020

The year 2020 marked a sudden break in mobility across international borders. The COVID-19 pandemic decimated tourism and business travel; cut the lion’s share of seasonal and temporary labor migration; temporarily ground refugee resettlement efforts to a halt; and held up the processing of visas of all kinds, from those for international students to family reunification. Yet even as the overall picture of human mobility in 2020 is of movement dramatically curtailed, the details of this picture varied over the course of the year and across regions. Joining to share the data behind this shift is Senior Policy Analyst Jeanne Batalova an...

Ron Wada | Author of EB2 & EB3 Degree Equivalency Tells His Story

Ron Wada is Senior Counsel for TafaPolsky & Smith LP and is a nationally recognized expert in US immigration law. He is the co-editor of the leading national immigration law treatise Immigration Law and Procedure and is the author of AILA’s Focus on EB2 & EB3 Degree Equivalency, a standard desk-top reference book for immigration attorneys nationwide. He explains the journey to writing one of the most referenced immigration books in circulation today.

Megan Essaheb | AAJC : Asian American Congressional Advocacy and #StopAsianHate Campaign

Director of Immigration Advocacy at Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC, Megan Horn Essaheb joins. We discuss: Reuniting Families Act provisions and how others can help. #StopAsianHate campaign and recent events in Atlanta. Covid-19’s role in the rise of hostility towards Asian Americans and how AAJC is countering the surge in discrimination/xenophobia.

Jon Wasden | USCIS Reopen H-1B Petitions and Litigating Trump-Era Policies

On March 12th, USCIS announced it would consider reopening select nonimmigrant petitions that were previously denied based upon three rescinded policy memos. Jon Wasden Partner at Wasden Banias LLC discusses how his team litigated the memos that were later rescinded by USCIS on March 12th, and shares his experience with taking Trump-era policies to task in court.

Jon Baselice | U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Policy Outlook on Capitol Hill

Today we have a special guest, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director of Immigration Policy, Jon Baselice. We explore key legislative and regulatory policies the chamber is advocating for in immigration, and how immigration law firms can help assist. We address the current status, future outlook, and any challenges found along the way.

This Week in Immigration: Proclamation 10014 Revoked and 2008 Naturalization Test

Today is a short recap of immigration news from the past week. Namely the suspension of Proclamation 10014, and who that will affect, and also address the reasons why the administration has reverted the naturalization test back to its 2008 standard and what that means for you.

Robinson Woodward-Burns | How African Americans Turned "The American Dream" Into a Reality For All Americans

-Re-release from February 2019- “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….” These words reach ears with an aura of romanticism; they appeal to the highest aspirations within us all and they entice millions to come and maximize their abilities in this great nation. As Black History Month comes to an end, we welcome Howard University political science professor Robinson Woodward-Burns and we discuss the role African Americans had in tur...

H-1B Cap | Travel Recommendations, Alternative Options and FAQ's

H-1B Cap lottery is fast approaching, today we discuss travel recommendations for a covid environment, last chance and alternative options to the Cap, and general FAQ’s for this coming season. Erickson Immigration Groups, Managing Attorney, Naianka Rigaud joins.

Preparing for H-1b Cap Lottery | Looking Forward

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced it would not be applying the H-1B Selection final rule which was introduced on January 7 by the Trump Administration. This would have changed the current random lottery H-1B selection process to prioritizing high wage-earning and more experienced applicants.  Erickson immigration Groups Managing Director Hiba Anver joins to share how to be best prepared during this lottery season. 

Three Immigration Executive Orders Released : Biden Administration

On February 2nd, President Joe Biden signed 3 major executive orders centering around disputed immigration policies from the previous administration. We walk through each of the order's strategic aims and concerns, members involved, and timelines of execution.

Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana | An Artistic View of Childhood Arrivals

Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana is currently a Ph.D. candidate for the University of California Davis. Her focus is on Spanish, Latin American Literatures, cultures, and human rights. A ( SCHOLAR) | ( EDUCATOR) | ( PUBLIC SPEAKER) | ( ARTIST). Her dissertation centers around the lives, challenges, and policy options available to better support childhood arrivals.

Dr. Robert McLeman | How Will International Migration Policy and Sustainable Development Affect Future Climate-Related Migration

Dr. Robert McLeman, Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University joins the podcast. We discuss. -Key policy areas being developed to improve sustainability -Consequences of inaction -Major challenges that lay ahead -Impact on migration

Visa Overstay Bond Program : Requesting up to $15,000 From Visitors

On November 23rd, President Donald Trump issued a new temporary rule to pilot a program that would require tourist and business travelers from 24 countries — mostly in Africa — to pay a bond as much as $15,000. This rule targets nationals from countries who hold high rates of visa overstays, incentivizing them to return home on time, to avoid penalization. Erickson Immigration group Attorney, Krystal Kirst dissects this ruling, its purpose, and the potential impact it may have on foreign nationals in the coming months.

The Stable Triangle: Driving Employee Experience with Coordinated Immigration, Tax and Relocation

The following audio is from SHRM GMIS Virtual Symposium held on November 17th. Featured Guest:  EIG, Managing Attorney, Salman Cheema  Hunton Andrews Kurth, Associate, Liesselot Whitbeck  The two discuss effective global mobility models that integrate immigration, tax and relocation into an efficient system that coordinates the entire process together. They challenge service providers to implement innovative processes to improve employee satisfaction by facilitating a seamless transition. 

Potential Presidential Plans: Travel Ban, Public Charge, DACA, H-1B Visa Cap

Today we have Erickson Immigration Group’s Managing Directors Justin Parsons and Hiba Anver. With a new incoming President in January 2021 we discuss what immigration actions President-elect Joe Biden would like to accomplish in the next 4 years and obstacles that lay in the way. particularly: Travel Ban measures, Public Charge, DACA, and increasing H1-B visa cap.

DHS Proposed H-1B Rule Changes: A Shift in Selection Priority

On November 2nd, DHS proposed H-1B rule changes that would eliminate the current random generated selection of H-1B cap registrations and instead replace the selection process with prioritizing higher wage levels first. Erickson Immigration Group Attorney, Krystal Kirst, joins to talk about this potential policy change and how petitioners will be impacted.

Public Charge Rule Revived...Again

On Monday, November 2nd, Judge Gary Feinerman of the U.S. District Court in Chicago blocked the "public charge" ruling issued by the Department of Homeland Security in 2019. In less than 48 hours, after DHS appealed, it was reinstated through the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and will stand for at least through November 17th. Here is our short brief