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Should we have more faith in James Gunn's DCU? Judging too soon?
Last Friday at 8:15 PM

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DCU is coming out next year with Superman. James Gunn has been making some announcements on who will remain in the universe and some have been confused. Others say have faith. Are we judging the DCU too soon or is it too messy? Speaking of Superman, new photos of David Corenswet has apparently bulked up already to play the Man of Steel. Angelina Jolie hasn't been a movie since Eternals, she explains why. Wakanda Forever is animated series now? This and more with Kristian Harloff and Winston...

CONFUSING! James Gunn confirms Peacemaker, Waller and Blue Beetle remain in the DCU
Last Thursday at 7:07 PM

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 James Gunn is running DCU and some of the announcements have been confusing. Henry Cavill is gone as Superman. Is Gal Gadot gone? We don't really know. But we do know that Gunn confirmed that Viola Davis (Amanda Waller) John Cena (Peacemaker) and Xolo Mariduena (blue Beetle) have all survived the cut. All three will carry over into the new DCU. Confusing? Make sense? The Writers Strike is over. When will SAG follow? Martin Scorsese takes shots at Comic Book movies again and also exlains why Departed 2 didn't h...

AHSOKA Episode 7 SPOILER Discussion!
Last Thursday at 12:00 AM

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Ahsoka Episode 7 is back and so are Mike and Kristian to argue/discuss about the episode. How did Mike like it? Did earmuffs return? Thrawn and the rest of the baddies try to defeat Ahsoka and crew in a battle of wits and why are people turning down lightsabers?
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US government preparing to announce aliens and UFO origins? New Senate plan revealed!
Last Tuesday at 10:47 PM

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More news in the UAP/UFO Phenemonon this week! News came out that the Senate has a full plan for UAP disclosure. It would have a few steps for full disclousre on whther or not there are craft/bodies as whistleblower David Grusch testified back in July. There was a nother controversail hearing where supposed alien bodies were displayed. Now the same person who revealed those bodies is saying that NASA has reached out to ask for samples of the bodies. Part of the NASA disclosure program? There...

The Writers Strike is Over! Deal is made! SAG deal coming soon?!

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It is finally over! Well almost! A deal has been made between the AMPTP and WGA that will put an end to the long strike that has kept writers out of work. Will SAG follow soon? It seems like the rainbow is finally here. Comedian Jonny Loquasto joins Kristian to discuss the end of the Writers Strike, his time working at WWE and his new special Saudi Stepdad. Enjoy!
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DEADPOOL 3: Can it save the MCU? | Marvel | Capes and Cowls |


 In this exciting episode of Capes and Cowls, hosts Kristian, Winston and Coy reunite to discuss the highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 and its potential to inject new life into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The hosts kick off the discussion by highlighting one of the key aspects that makes Deadpool 3 stand out from its predecessors and other superhero films: the incorporation of real locations in filming. With previous entries relying heavily on green screens and CGI, this shift towards more practical and tangible sets promises to bring a fresh and authentic feel to t...

Guillermo del Toro was going to direct a Star Wars movie! Was it Jabba?


On the Happy Sad Confused Podcast with Josh Horowitz, Josh spoke with David Goyer who confirmed he wrote a script for Star Wars four years ago. He also said Guillermo del Toro was attached to direct. Guillermo confirmed on his Twitter it was accurate and hinted it was a Jabba The Hutt film. How would that have worked? The Writers Strike, is it coming to an end? Deadpool 3's director Shawn Levy spoke about the practical effects and how the Fox Universe is crucial to the story. Eggs! We talk...

Ahsoka Episode 6 SPOILER REVIEW! | Star Wars

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 Ahsoka Episode 6 saw the much awaited debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn in live action. How did it hold up? How was Sabine? Ahsoka? Baylan and Shin? Kristian Harloff and Mike Kalinowski discuss the latest Star Wars episode. #ahsoka #thrawn #rebels #tv #movies #starwars #sith #jedi

UFO/UAP Phenomenon: Mexico, NASA and a Skeptics point of view.

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There was a lot of news this week in the UAP/UFO news cycle. There was a hearing last week in Mexico. There was a lot of new information but the story was of the supposed alien bodies that were revealed. Pilot Ryan Graves called it a stunt. Was it? Was there and legitamcy to it at all? NASA made an announcement about their research in the past and going forward and transparency. Tim Burchett says their proposed UFO committee was denied but a second hearing will...

Was the internet too harsh to Drew Barrymore?

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Drew Barrymore was in a storm over the last week when she decided to bring her show back amidst the WGA strike. After a storm of controversy, she has decided not to do that. She apologized for hurting anyone she might have by her decision. the internet was not as forgiving as she was accused of only doing it because of the criticism. Are we bale to forgive and shouldn't we in certain circumstances? or was it justified? the Rock returned to the WWE at this week's...

BAD MOVE! Lando is now a movie instead of a series?!

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Solo A Star Wars story might have been the franchises biggest bomb HOWEVER Donald Glover as Lando was a highlight for many. Many were excited when it was announced that a series was coming with Childish Gambino himself. However now the reports are that the show is now a movie. Good idea? Bad idea? One Piece is an extremely popular show, it has been picked up for season 2! Aquaman 2 trailer hit and the audience reaction is mixed. James Wan discussed the plans moving forward and the scrapped spinoff...

UFO expert displays non-human alien bodies in Mexico’s Congress! HOAX?

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 There was a big UAP hearing in Mexico where many witnesses and new UFO footage was shown. However the major story is that UFO expert Jamie Maussan revealed two supposed aline bodies that were over 1,000 years old. Ryan Graves has spoken about the apparent "stunt." and the mainstream media isn't covering it at all. On today's show things get a little heated as we discuss. Join Kristian Brett and Roxy for this episode of The Big Thing.


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Ahsoka has everyone taling with the latest episode. In this episode we discuss the meaning of the world between worlds. We talk Jacen, Hera and the road to Thrawn and Ezra. How did the return of Hayden Christensen work? How was the deepfake this go round? Kevin Smets joins Kristian Harloff on this episode of Big thing, Sith Council edition.
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UFO Whistleblower David Grusch shares details in a new interview!

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UFO whistleblower David Grosch blew the lid off of decades of secrecy when he testified at a hearing saying that he was told about crashed, otherworldly, technology, and potential bodies. His first interview was on news nation. After the hearing, we hadn’t heard from him mostly. In this surprise interview that lasted over an hour and a half, Grosch sits down and talks with Jesse Michels about the things he discussed and Mitchell also theorizes on a bunch of different things involving the cover-up. We discuss if we...

Will one of these guys direct Marvel's Avengers SECRET WARS?!

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Marvel's Avengers Secret Wars is one of the biggest movies slated for the comic book movie studio. It does not have a director attached yet but there are some big names rumored. Three seem to be in the lead, Sam Raimi, Shawn Levy and Alfonso Cuaron. Who is the best fit? Simon Kinberg talks about his Boba Fett movie and what the tone was. Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings are not done yet says David Zazlav. Deadpool 3 will have a lot of cameos, will keep the...

Will the New Star Wars movie have the same tone as the Sequel Trilogy?

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Lots of fun questions today? Will the new Rey movie have the same vibe as the sequel trilogy? Will Aquaman 2 get pushed again? Does Saw X have potential to be any good? This and more on this audience question inspired ep of The Big Thing.
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Gary Busey involved in a hit and run and speaks gibberish while confronted! | Big Thing

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Yup it is one of those shows. Gary Busey was in a car accident and then bolted when confronted. He said things and then drove away again. We watch the vid. Aaron Rodgers saw a UFO. Roxy had a weird bus story. We watch videos and react. That is it. That is this show. Prove that you want more of these.Haha.
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Ahsoka Episode 4 SPOILER DISCUSSION! | Sith Council

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Ahsoka Episode 4 has had some major water cooler moments. What stood out in the search for Thrawn and Ezra? Who had the best performances and let's talk about THAT moment. Kristian Harloff and Mike Kalinowski discuss.
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Ahsoka Episode 4 SPOILER REVIEW!

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Ahsoka Epsiode 4 had a lot of big moments. There was a MAJOR reveal. How did it play? Did it work? Not work? How are the stakes after this one? Sabine, Hera and the rest of the crew try to find Ezra before the bad guys find Thrawn. Kristian Harloff gives a full spoiler review!
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Pentagon launches an official website for declassified information on UFO'S/UAP's

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The Pentagon has officially released a website dedicated to the declassified UAP/UFO information to be more transparent with the public. In that site, Japan has been revelaed to be a major hotspot for UAP activity. There are no sightings all of the time and how many of them are explaniable? Is the site a good thing? Will it help with the transparency after all and when will mainstream media pick this stuff up. Kristian Harloff and Mark Reilly discuss on today's Big Thing.
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Is Josh Hartnett playing Doctor Doom in the MCU?!

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Fantastic Four casting has been running rampant for a few months now. We are getting some rumors that Dr. Doom might be cast as well. The rumor is that Oppenheimer star Josh Hartnett was offered the role before the strikes. True? False? Speaking of rumors, is Sam Witwer the Inquisitor in the Star Wars Ahsoka series? That is one of the theories and the popular actor gave some comments on the theory. Godzilla, Loki, Hogwarts and more on this episode of The Big Thing with Kristian Harloff.


The Current State of Comic Book Movies with Special Guest JOHN ROCHA

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Comic Book Moves were in its prime from the start of Batman Begins up until Spider-Man No Way Home. Since then, there has been a rapid decline. Is it over? Or can it bounce back? Who has had the better run over the last few months? DC? Marvel? Will James Gunn fix DC? Will Feige drop some stuff of his plate and get Marvel back to its glory days? John Rocha joins Kristian Harloff on this episode of Big Thing Capes and Cowls edition.
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Ahsoka Episode 3 SPOILER DISCUSSION | Sith Council | Live

Ahsoka is here, episode 3 is here and Mike Kalinowski and Kristian Harloff give a full spoiler discussion on a live streamed episode with questions from the viewers!

UAP/UFO Phenomenon: The O'Hare Incident | Parallel Universes

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As the world still discusses the Grusch claims, it seems fewer and fewer are still talking about it. Is it going to disappear? There have been many takes on this and many argue blindly without looking at certain cases. One of the cases we have been fascinated with is the O'Hare case. We talk about that, parallel universes, the Simulation theory and more on this episode of UAP Tuesday with Harloff and Reilly. 
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The Mental Health Effects of the WGA and SAG strikes. (Miri Jedeikin)

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The WGA strikes and SAG strikes have been going on for a while now as the writers and actors fight for what they are owed. What toll does it take on not just them but those working on the lower scale in the studios? What toll does it take on the writers scraping by, the actors trying to live? How do you balance the good feeling of fighting for what is right and the fear of not paying your bills? Licenced therapist Miri Jedeikin joins Kristian Harloff on...

Dune 2 is delayed until 2024! Is The Marvels next?

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Dune 2 was one of the highly anticipated movies of 2023. Now it will be one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2024. The film was pushed back due to the writers and actors strike and the studios unwillingness to compromise on a fair deal. Will other projects like The Marvels follow suit? Who is this Inquisitor in Ahsoka? Ezra? Maul? Someone else? Can the MCU bounce back? BOOM STUDIOS is back with a new Power Rangers! This and more on The Big Thing with Kristian Harloff

Zack Snyder confirms Rebel Moon will have an R Rated Directors Cut

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Rebel Moon is the highly anticipated two part film series by Zack Snyder. The Sci-Fi epic stars Sofia Boutella in this exclusive for Netflix. Recently it was rumored that there would be an R rated directors cut of the film. The director confirmed it plus added footage. We also discuss Ahsoka and the fans reactions. Gran Turismo comes out this weekend and Kristian got a chance to see it. We talk about stand up comedy of the past and Big Balls crashes the show.

Ahsoka Episodes 1 + 2 SPOILER REVIEW! | Star Wars

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Ahsoka is the latest Star Wars series to hit Disney Plus. The Dave Filoni created series stars Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano. This Star wars Rebels spinoff takes place in live action. How does it hold up? Is it too confusing for regular viewers? Kristian Harloff gives his spoiler heavy thoughts on Episodes 1 and 2 of the show. Enjoy!
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Will we ever get the truth about UAP/UFO's from the government?

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The UAP phenomenon discussion continues. Those in congress are trying to get more clarity but there are fights to keep it quiet. There is pushback for another hearing. Will it happen? Are we wishful thinking that this last hearing actually changed anything? Or will the secrets remain? We discuss this, the Truth is Out there special on The Hill, was the plane video a hoax? This and more on UAP Tuesdays with Kristian Harloff, Mark Reilly and special guest Roxy Striar!

Blue Beetle struggles at the Box Office. Another flop for DC?

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Blue Beetle received good reviews form the fans and critics but it wasn't enough to give it a solid start at the box office. Although it was#1 it underperformed and only brought in 25M domestic. What does this mean for the fate of Blue Beetle moving forward? What does it mean for projects like Superman Legacy? Thunderbolts director says it is not a sequel to Black Widow. The Knights of The Old Republic might still be getting a standalone movie says a new rumor. Rebel Moon gets a title...

Ahsoka first reactions are in and it gets a new schedule and time change!

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Ahsoka was screened last night and a bunch of critics had a chance to see it. The first reactions are in. I give my reaction to eps 1 and 2. The release day for the series has changed as well as the time. Is this good or bad? Ewan McGregor has been pushing for a season 2 of the star Wars series says director Deborah Chow. should it happen? Should it be a movie? Blue Beetle is targeting a 30 million dollar opening, can it deliver? Rebel Moon gets a trailer release...

They want to take Sandra Bullock's Oscar away because of Blind Side Controversy?!

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The Blind Side story has been covered in controversy lately. Michael Oher who was the inspiration of the film's story has accused the family of taking money from him and other claims. Within this controversy, there has been an online movement to take Sandra Bullock's Oscar away for the role. Is this ridiculous or warranted? The strikes could be starting to come to an end? The writers have been to the table and it seems that negations with the studios are starting to happen. When will it end? Siri...

How big of a role will Anakin Skywalker have in the Ahsoka series?

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The latest trailer for Ahsoka has been released and in it, Hayden Christensen returns as Anakin Skywalker. Although we can only hear his voice in the trailer, what will his overall role be? Will it be a flashback? Will it be a force ghost? Speaking of the new Star Wars series, the directors of the series have been revealed for each episode. Skeleton Crew will most likely be pushed back to 2024. In other news outside Star Wars, Blue Beetle is right around the corner, reviews are good, how...

UAP/UFO Phenomenon: If Aliens do exist, how would human kind react?

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Since the UAP/UFO hearings, conversation has gone more mainstream regarding the subject. David Grusch revelaed in the hearing that non-human spacecraft has been recovered as well as non-human bodies. The question has always been, do aliens exist? If there is a major cover up, the reason has always been because the public wouldn't be able to handle it. Is that true? Coud human beings handle it or would there be mass panic and fear? Also, for as many new believers out there, there are tons of (rightfully...

Will Barbie catch Super Marios Brothers?

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 Barbie is one of the most successful films of the year. The Greta Gerwig directed Margot Robbie, starring Film has already crossed $1.1 billion at the box office. The only other movie to do that this year is the super Mario brothers movie which is still the most profitable movie so far of the year. Will Barbie catch it? the nun part two is going to be very violent says the directors. Good move? Indiana Jones already hits, digital, manifesting, and the quantum realm and more on this episode with k...

Deadpool 3 not included on Disney releases for 2024. Is a delay imminent?

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Deadpool 3 could be delayed again due to the strikes. When will the strike end? Gal Gadot doubles down on Wonder Woman 3 happening. Why do people care so much about the Fantastic Four casting? Boom Studios is back on this episode of Capes and Cowls. Kristian Harloff is joined by DJ Wooldridge ( from  @OnlyStupidAnswers  Enjoy! #DC DCU #Deadpool #marvel #MCU #fantastic four 



Our first concerts, Neighbor drama and UFO Whistleblowers mental health records leaked?


What we your first concert that you ever went to? Was it memorable? Roxy's neighbor drama continues and David Grusch's medical records were potentially leaked to a news outlet to try to discredit the UPA Whistleblower. 
Today's Big Thing with Kristian and Roxy starts now!
#uap #concerts #brucespringsteen 

Star Wars What If Series being developed by Lucasfilm?


The latest rumors in Star Wars land are that Mando Season 4 might be a movie instead of a season and that a long speculated What If series is also in the works. Will it be animated, live action or will it never see the light of day? Ahsoka is right around the corner, new chracter posters. What is the DC brass doing with gal Gadot? Loki Season 2 is around the corner and elemental fights back to make a profit. This and more with Kristian Harloff and Mike Kalinowski on...

UAP/UFO Phenomenon: What does the Vatican know about the UFO claims?

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 The UFO/UAP Phenomeneon conversation continues on this show. As we read more about the claims by whistleblower David Grusch, we find out more and more. Grusch claims that during Mussolini's reign i the 30's, a UFO crashed and the remains were turned over to the United States. The Vatican was contacted about Grusch's claims and there was no response. Filmmaker James Fox says that he is confident that more and more whistleblowers will start coming out to talk about more and more in the next year. Grusch responds t...

Barbie becomes the first 1 Billion Live Action Movie of 2023!

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Barbie became the first live action movie to hit 1 billion dollar movie of 2023. It is only the second movie to do it behind Super Mario Bros. Will it beat it overall? We talk about the rest of the top 5 of the Box Office including TMNT, The Meg and more. The great William Friedkin passed away. The acclaimed director of The Exorcist and French Connection was 87. Ahsoka is the latest Star Wars show. There are concerns that if you don't know much about Star Wars Rebels that you might be lost...