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By: Renee Dee

Welcome to ICONIC HOUR! Hosted by Renee Dee, publisher of digital luxury lifestyle magazine ICONIC LIFE. ICONIC LIFE, our digital luxury lifestyle magazine, celebrates the art of living beautifully with features on exceptional design, architecture, style, cuisine, luxury travel and living your best life. ICONIC HOUR showcases the vibrant people behind the products, the dreams behind the designs and the innovation behind inspiring ideas. Our mission is to be the storytellers behind the stuff and curators of the iconic. Beautiful design alongside compelling stories keeps our readers engaged and coming back for more. Join us on our journey to live...

Dave Jones | Broan NuTone Sets the Standard for Home Air Quality

Broan-NuTone believes that better quality air means a better quality of life. They lead the industry with forward-thinking residential ventilation products, customized climate and indoor air quality solutions that are all backed up by award-winning customer service. Headquartered in Hartford, Wisconsin, Broan-NuTone employs over 2,500 people around the world. 


Dave Jones has been a marketer and brand manager for over 11 years. He has worked in the indoor air quality business at Broan-NuTone for the last 4 years. Dave leads B2C and B2B marketing communication initiatives including consumer audience development, brand management, messaging development, advertising, public re...

Cullum Homes | Building A Legacy in Luxury Homes

Cullum Homes is a second-generation, family-owned integrated design, and construction firm specializing in luxury custom homes, architecture, interior design, and renovations. Founded by Rod and Kim Cullum as a home-based business in 1985, Cullum Homes was recently named National Custom Home Builder of the Year by the 140,000-member strong National Association of Home Builders. Starting as a 2-person firm, Cullum Homes has grown to several divisions, all focused on delivering a complete and comprehensive experience for their clients, including site selection, architecture, design, construction management, renovations, and home concierge services.


On this episode of ICONIC Hour, I...

Keith Richardson | Arizona Fireplaces Sets the Fireplace Industry Ablaze

Keith Richardson is President of both Arizona Fireplaces and AF Distributors - industry leaders in retail and 2-step distribution centers that serve the southwest.  These two companies represent the largest combined part of the family business. The other related companies include AF Steel (fabricators and installers of structural steel in metro Phoenix for large commercial and residential builders), Modern Flames (manufacturer and inter-national brand of electric fireplaces), and Grand Canyon Gas logs (manufacturer of gas logs and burners).


Under Keith’s direction, there is a strong and energetic team of over 280 talented employees who have chan...

Zang Toi | The Art of Building a Fashion Brand

Zang Toi was born and raised in a small village in Malaysia, the youngest of seven children. Toi moved to New York City 40 years ago to study fashion design at Parsons School of Design. Zang Toi has dressed celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Eva Longoria, Farrah Fawcett, Melinda Gates, and even royalty, and this year celebrates 32 years of his brand. Zang’s 2021 collection is inspired by his love for his favorite city, Paris. Zang started his own collection in 1989, and his first collection was selected by Anna Wintour to appear in Vogue, and he was the first Asian American designer sh...

Courtney Somer | Clean Beauty Brand Lake & Skye is a Breath of Fresh Air

Lake & Skye began when founder Courtney Somer had her first daughter and learned to use the power of essential oils for healing. A long-time lover of fragrance and aromatherapy, she created simple and intentional blends, a creative outlet with a purpose that complimented motherhood. Somer envisioned the blends as gifts to give yourself to use throughout the day, whether you needed an extra boost of confidence, a moment of gratitude or to balance mind and body. 


Courtney spent more than ten years studying a variety of alternative healing methods, including aromatherapy, reiki, nutrition and meditation. In...

Joy Moyler | Mastering the Art of International Interior Design

AD100, Elle Decor A-List 2019, 2020, 2021, and Hollywood Reporter Top 20 Interior Designer and Veranda Magazine Design Contributing Editor, Joy Moyler’s love of color and textiles are forever embedded in her DNA. From collecting fabric swatches for her mom to make quilts, to countless hours spent at Barney’s as a child, pouring over wools and cashmere while watching her dad and grandfather being fitted for suits.


For Joy, texture, haberdashery, and haute couture details, often found in fashion - are the second skin to architecture and interior design.


The result, Joy has been i...

Joy Moyler | Mastering the Art of International Interior Design

AD100, Elle Decor A-List 2019, 2020, 2021, and Hollywood Reporter Top 20 Interior Designer and Veranda Magazine Design Contributing Editor, Joy Moyler’s love of color and textiles are forever embedded in her DNA. From collecting fabric swatches for her mom to make quilts, to countless hours spent at Barney’s as a child, pouring over wools and cashmere while watching her dad and grandfather being fitted for suits.


For Joy, texture, haberdashery, and haute couture details, often found in fashion - are the second skin to architecture and interior design.


The result, Joy has been i...

Space Perspective | Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum are Changing the Way We See Space

Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, the husband-and-wife team behind Space Perspective, are on a mission to take on the perception of adrenalin-fueled space travel and invite more people than has historically been possible to ride the wave of space history and be transformed by seeing our beautiful Earth in space.


The couple has been responsible for some of the most remarkable breakthroughs in space innovation and exploration in the last 20 years. They were founding crew members of Biosphere 2, an artificial, enclosed ecosystem designed to mirror Earth’s biosphere to test the viability of maintaining human lif...

Your Home’s Air and Your Health with Mark LaLiberte & Bill Hayward

Mark LaLiberte, the founder of Construction Instruction and owner of our Net Zero ICONIC Home, joins us along with Bill Hayward, CEO of The Hayward Score. The Hayward Score provides a free assessment of a home’s air quality, offering research and resources to helping homeowners create healthy living environments. These experts discuss some easy ways to make your home healthier and share some potentially harmful home items you may not realize are impacting you.


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Giving New Life to Kitchens: Renovation Angel Recycles Luxury

Renovation Angel is America’s premier recycler of luxury pre-owned kitchens and renovation items. They have created a circular life cycle for kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, and other renovation items that benefits everyone, including the earth.


Luxury interiors headed for the landfill are recycled by Renovation Angel’s white-glove preservation team, sold again at a huge discount, to achieve the charitable mission of Reduce – Recycle – Repurpose. Founder Steve Feldman joins ICONIC HOUR and explains the idea behind Renovation Angel.


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The Future of Housing with Mark Candelaria

Renowned architect Mark Candelaria joins us to discuss a very special new project. Mark and his team are working with Habitat for Humanity to build a series of affordable homes using 3D printing technology from Peri 3D Construction. Follow along on social media to see the progress of the homes and learn how to get involved.

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Giving New Life to Fashion with Tess Loo and Ann Siner of My Sister’s Closet

Sisters Tess Loo and Ann Siner were all about the cyclical fashion movement before it was “cool”, in fact, no one wanted to lease them space for their first upscale consignment shop. They revolutionized the concept, creating high-end boutiques that were current, and common-sense business practices. They have since grown to nine consignment shops across Arizona and California, ranging from womenswear to menswear, to furniture.

Their plan is to continue locating new markets, offering the finest inventory available, and doing everything possible to keep our customers and consigners happy.

Follow their boutiques online via their webs...

Enjoying the Outdoors with Neighbor

Nick Arambula, Chris Lee, and Mike Fretto met while working at mattress brand Tuft & Needle. With the goal in mind to create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces, the three combined to create a company that reflected their shared values of craftsmanship, sustainability, and connection. 

As sponsors of our Net Zero ICONIC Home, Neighbor’s sustainability mission aligns perfectly with our goals of creating a healthier and more beautiful world. 

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Eating Well with Stacey Weber

Stacey has been offering private chef and catering services in Arizona since 2007. Her creations focus on seasonal ingredients and she loves to use the flavors of the Southwest in her cooking.

Stacey and her team work with top executives, athletes, and celebrities for special event catering and with reaching nutritional goals. Because she feels everyone should have access to the healthiest and most locally sourced food, she has made her creations readily available on her Prepared Meals Menu on her website.


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Award-Winning Landscapes with Jeremy McVicars

Owner and founder of Refined Gardens, Jeremy McVicars loves creating master plans for luxurious backyards and outdoor spaces, complete with outdoor amenities and even swimming pool design. We talked with McVicars to find out what’s trending now!


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Crown Canyon | Paradise Valley’s Most Exclusive Community

Crown Canyon is an ultra-luxurious community of just nine lots, on one of the most sought-after pieces of land in Arizona. Named after crown jewels, each lot is a rare gem of exceptional quality and design. This collaborative project will be built by Bedbrock Developers, with interiors by Mara Interior Design. Three of the nation’s top architects, CP Drewett, Swaback, and Bing Hu have crafted architectural masterpieces for these lots.


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Sustainable Cities with Doug Farr

One of the most influential urbanists of all time, Doug Farr is a legend in his own right. He co-chaired the development of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) and has served on the boards of urban sustainability organizations including the Congress for the New Urbanism, Bioregional, EcoDistricts, and Elevate Energy. Based on his pioneering sustainable design practice, Doug authored two urban planning best-sellers Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature and Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future. 

Doug’s insights have been celebrated internationally, and he speaks regularly at world...

Meet the Founders of Toccin Fashion: Alex and Michael Toccin

Creative husband and wife duo, Alex and Michael Toccin, met as college Freshmen and have been bringing out the best in each other ever since. After establishing individual careers in the fashion industry, they decided to start working together and never looked back. No day is the same for the creative duo — from overseeing design and marketing for their fashion labels — TOCCIN and LDT — to creating lifestyle content for their social media channels, but MOST importantly, to being full-time parents.


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Net Zero ICONIC Home with Brad Leavitt and Mark LaLiberte

ICONIC LIFE Publisher Renee Dee is joined by Brad Leavitt, President of AFT Construction, and Mark LaLiberte, founder of Construction Instruction, to make a very special announcement. March 2021 will mark the beginning of the Net Zero ICONIC Home; an incredible year-long journey of building a net-zero home and launching a conversation around sustainability and healthy living. We will be following the creation of Mark's home, showing you don't have to sacrifice great design and top-tier aesthetics when designing an eco-friendly home.

What does it mean to be "Net Zero"? How is this home going to be built...

ICONIC HAUS DESIGN LAB | Meet Brizo and Crestron

ICONIC LIFE had the pleasure of working with several incredible brands on the ICONIC HAUS designer show houses last year. As part of our DESIGN LAB series, publisher Renee Dee sat down with two of those brand partners; Crestron and Brizo. Jeff Singer, Senior VP of Global Residential Marketing at Crestron, and Seth Fritz, Director of Design Futures at Brizo, share the latest in residential innovation and how they helped bring the ICONIC HAUS to life. 




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Making it Happen in 2021 With Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa Shaw is a highly accredited and internationally recognized Business Success Coach who leads a dedicated team of professionals at The Business Growth Academy that helps turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Described by her clients as engaged, articulate, and astute in business, Vanessa has a genuine passion for coaching and mentoring business owners. Her mission is to impact the lives of over one million businesses by coaching them to be bold and play bigger.




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Journal Your Way into A Fab New Year

In this episode, host Renee Dee shares her process for journaling with gratitude, sharing how to get started and why putting thoughts on paper can be a gamechanger for you in 2021. As a huge fan of making a list, writing down goals, putting thoughts on paper and sending handwritten notes, she wanted to help everyone create amazing results for your business, personal life and even your long-term health.



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Best of ICONIC HOUR 2020

2020 presented many challenges and refined what “normal” life really is. It was a period of struggle, frustration and change. On the upside, Renee Dee was able to speak with some of the most creative, passionate and successful people in various industries, learning something unique and meaningful from each. It is ICONIC HOUR’s hope that listeners also took away key insights from the episodes of 2020. Sit back and listen to some of our favorite moments. 


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Explore the World of Mixology With Ryan Jacobson

Ryan Jacobson is a renaissance man—a lover of bourbon, mixology, guitars, building motorcycles and sophisticated sound. Ryan built the Alchemy Bar in his home, a personal place to entertain like-minded connoisseurs of the finest mixology...of course, crafted by Ryan. While his profession is building, his passion is creating craft drinks and learning and knowing everything he can about proper technique, making clear ice and distilleries around the world.


In this episode of ICONIC HOUR, Renee Dee talks with Ryan about his occupation as a builder and owner of Fire Eagle Builders, LLC., which enc...

Meet the Partners of ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020

It takes a village to build a HAUS. From the architecture, to the build, to the sale of the house, we’re so honored to have partners that are passionate about bringing this project to life and determined every step of the way.

ICONIC HAUS is a luxury designer showhouse that puts 20 marquis and award-winning design talents and influencers under one roof for an 18-day show that is open virtually to a global audience to benefit The Heart Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The stunning Mod-iterranean estate built by Temac Developers is located in uber...

Meet Laura Madden: Sustainable Fashion Advocate, Artist and Influencer

As a fashion lover, model and influencer, Laura Madden knows all about what’s trending. Right now, that’s taking any and every step to help the planet. She supports sustainable fashion brands and reports on the intersection of style, sustainability and self-esteem, so she’s helping us adopt new shopping habits and transform the current pieces in our closets. 

What does it mean to be sustainable and recycle fashion? How can style and sustainability coexist? How can we employ fashion to elevate our self-esteem? Find all the answers and more in this episode of ICONIC HOUR, as Laur...

It’s Bourbon Night: YouTubers and Bourbon Connoisseurs Chad Perkins and Sara Ahlgrim Take You to Whiskey World


Kentucky born & bred, Chad Perkins and Sara Ahlgrim grew up surrounded by bourbon culture, which developed a serious interest in the spirit in their early 20s. The launch of a local Lexington, KY bourbon bar brought them together, sparking a friendship and a partnered exploration of the whiskey world.

In 2016, their combined passions for bourbon and video production led to the creation of their own YouTube channel, It's Bourbon Night, focused on celebrating America’s only native spirit. Their content is designed to encourage the discovery of the whiskey universe.

In this episode of...

Roderick Wylie of Surfacedesign Talks High-End Residential Landscape Design

In this episode of ICONIC HOUR, Renee Dee talks with Roderick Wyllie of the San Francisco-based landscape architecture and urban design firm Surfacedesign to learn more about bringing the outside world into our new daily lives. 

The award-winning practice focuses on creating dynamic parks, plazas, waterfronts, civic landscapes and private garden design ideas that cultivate a sense of connection to the built and natural world and push people to engage with the landscape. 


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Rod Cullum of Cullum Homes Talks Arizona Home Design During a Global Pandemic

“What’s my backdrop going to be? What are people going to see on ZOOM?” 

President of Cullum Homes, Rod Cullum, is one of Arizona's most reputable luxury home builders. Cullum Homes is an award-winning luxury custom home builder with over 35 years of experience in the Valley’s most prestigious neighborhoods, with projects throughout the northeast greater Phoenix area, including Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. 

In this episode, ICONIC LIFE publisher Renee Dee picks Cullum’s brain about the current state of the real estate and home design industry, new design trends and customer requests in these trying...

Motivational Monday | Let’s Do This Together!

Sheree Hartwell is the owner of the FORD/Robert Black Agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. She started modeling at age 12 and, upon finishing college, decided to go into the business side of modeling. Sheree worked as an agent before buying the agency from Robert Black in 2005. In addition to running FORD/RBA, she is the Southwest District Director for Fashion Group International, a professional organization with over 5,000 members in the fashion industry worldwide.

In this Motivational Monday episode, Renee Dee learns how Hartwell pivoted her business at the start of the pandemic and made her company better for...

Fashion Designer Kevan Hall Talks Passion for Fashion and Social Justice

Fashion designer Kevan Hall’s creative eye, elegant perspective, and intuitive design process make him any fashion lover’s best friend. Rather than worshiping trends or creating designs that speak more about him than the wearer, Hall’s penchant for glamour and understanding of the psyche and style of a woman wanting to look her best are his greatest assets.

In this episode of ICONIC HOUR, Renee Dee talks with Kevan Hall about his fashion inspiration, the decision to resurrect the house dress as a form of “above the keyboard dress” and the importance of focusing on black crea...

AFT’s Brad Leavitt Selected to Build Net Zero Energy Home by Sustainability Expert

Brad Leavitt of A Finer Touch Construction is making great strides in the building industry with an understanding that what he builds is more than just a home for his clients. His builds reflect a place or time that holds special meaning; the architecture and character speak to a certain aesthetic style, and, above all else, fulfill the unique lifestyle of a family. 


In this episode of ICONIC HOUR, Renee Dee and Brad Leavitt delve into the sustainable design trends and an upcoming project. This project, referred to as the Desert Comfort House, will be a...

Jennifer is Blending In and Making a Statement at the Same Time at Ambiente



Four Landscape Hotels We’re Loving

Entertaining Without Borders


Concepting, designing and building a hotel from the ground up is no easy feat even for the most seasoned hoteliers, so for two sisters from the small resort town of Sedona, Ariz., the thought that their first endeavor would cause a global industry stir was nothing short of a dream come true.


Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel, will be North America’s first “landscape hotel” when the property opens this December. It was created by...

Motivational Monday | Let's Do This Together!

Thank you to my Motivational Monday sponsor Signa Marketing, my trusted resource, and a virtual member of my ICONIC LIFE team.

Todd Boffo is a powerful speaker, inspiring author, and trusted executive pastor for Impact Church. Todd also works in the private sector helping people grow, lead and expand their vision, coaching clients, and speaking throughout Arizona with his passion for leadership and developing people to be their best. Renee was so pleased to interview her friend and give her listeners an opportunity to be inspired by a man with a huge heart for his family, friends...

ICONIC HAUS LAUNCH | A Visit with Architect Mark Candelaria

The ICONIC HAUS is a luxury designer showhouse presented by ICONIC LIFE digital luxury lifestyle magazine that puts 22 marquis and award-winning design talents under one roof for an 18-day show that is open VIRTUALLY to the public and the site of several very small, private events—all to benefit The Heart Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The stunning Mod-iterranean estate is located in the uber-chic, luxe Paradise Valley. Award-winning architect Mark Candelaria designed the estate—with 11,000 square feet under one roof— that will be this year’s ICONIC HAUS, built by Temac Development and marketed for sale by Th...

Motivational Monday | Let’s Do This Together!


Build a Healthy Home

Scott Conant in the Kitchen


Kevin Donahue is an Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Strategist, Global Connector, Author, Speaker and Adventurer. Kevin is the founder and CEO of Executive Sales Source, a transformational consulting and training company that helps entrepreneurs and executives dominate their desired markets and create breakthroughs in new revenues.


His experience spans more than three decades and includes deals that have ranged in the millions of dollars to some of the largest and highest-profile organizations in the wo...

Create a Healthy Home with Shannon Harris, Fuse Living


Sustainable Design with Anita Lang

Healthy on the Run


Shannon started her career in interior design at a furniture boutique + full service design firm in Cherry Creek of Denver, Colorado. There she worked on high end residential homes and smaller commercial spaces for clients throughout the city. 


Since then, Shannon has envisioned and co-founded a residential development firm, Fuse Living. With a few new construction developments under her belt, she then decided to open a second branch of the company offering full service int...

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Best Podcasts 2020

Four Luxe Landscape Hotels


Jerry Meek is the President of Desert Star Construction celebrating 42 years in business. He is honored to lead what has been defined by clients and industry colleagues as “the best team in the luxury home business.” Jerry is known for building great teams and constructing the most complicated custom luxury projects by putting people before profits. The combined annual sales revenue of DSC clients’ companies is in excess of $3.6 trillion dollars and growing, affirming Jerry’s belief, "We're not just building the Ameri...

Motivational Monday | Let’s Do This Together!

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Take a Hike: Best Hiking Spots in the World


Life is like an auction: you get your best returns if you don’t set a reserve on it. The foremost “auctiontainer” who works with premier nonprofits such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation®, Letitia Frye knows how important it...

Eco-Conscious Design Influencer Anita Lang of IMI Design Talks About Sustainable Design

Now Trending on ICONICLIFE.COM

Inside a Designer’s Mind: Inspiration

Days of Design: ICONIC HAUS

Anita Lang founded IMI Design in 1992. Guided by the principle belief that great design elevates the human spirit, Anita and her team craft spaces that attract and inspire an elite clientele worldwide. She is LEED certified and passionate about the environment.

With extensive experience in both residential and commercial developments, she brings vast knowledge to creating sophisticated, yet warm and livable, interior spaces. Through thoughtful curation, each project is approached with an expert mix of tr...