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By: Justin Keller

Challenge yourself to rebel against complacency and conformity and fight for brilliance in every area of your life. This weekly podcast combines my personal journey, as well as the stories of my guests, to look at what it takes to fight for brilliance in everything we do.

How we become what we are not
Last Thursday at 4:21 PM

In many ways, we are always becoming something that we are not, and this transformation in our lives happens for the better or for the worse. But how do we end up becoming who we are? How do we go from unhealthy to someone who is serious about their health? How does someone who has it all end up becoming someone who has nothing? Whether it's becoming someone that we are not right now for the better or for the worse, there are 9 things that influence that in our lives.

In this episode, I discuss the idea...

Yes To Life In Spite of Everything

Fight For Brilliance Book Considerations are episodes where I discuss a book that I've read, or one that I'm currently reading. I talk about the lessons I've learned and share some things for you to consider in your own life regardless of reading the book or not. The books will share themes and ideas that will help you rebel against complacency and conformity and fight for brilliance in every area of your life.

About Yes To Life – In Spite of Everything

Eleven months after he was liberated from the Nazi concentration camps, Viktor E. Frankl he...

Words that limit your life

We say things every day that are normal, acceptable, and seemingly harmless, but are they serving your life well? Are there things you say that limit your life? Inside of this episode, I share how I have been examining my life the last few years and identifying what words limit my life. I talk about some experiments I've done getting rid of certain words. I share the benefits I've been experiencing from replacing limiting language in my life. And finally, I give you four questions that you can use to examine your life and see if there are limiting...

Having the integrity to do hard things with Marc Payan

In this episode I sit down with Marc Payan and talk about the shift that happened in his life to help him lose 100lbs., run a 100-mile race, and have the commitment and conviction to build a life of integrity. Marc discusses what he's learned about dealing with your past, he shares a framework that he uses in his life to lead himself and his family to do hard things, and he talks about the power of integrity in all things over balance.

Marc Payan is a Researcher and Transformation Specialist. His work has allowed him to...

Owning your weirdness and letting go of perfection with James Victore

In this episode, I sit down with artist and author James Victore. We discuss his journey of finding himself as an artist, seeing the gift in what makes him who he is, and leveraging his uniqueness to create a life that impacts others. He shares how he had to learn to stop being a perfectionist and the benefit of focussing less on being productive and start taking baby steps to get things done.

Highly regarded for his provocative style, James Victore is a graphic designer, art educator and dynamic high in-demand speaker on creativity. He lectures and...

Developing a life of resiliency with Kimberly Smith

In this episode, Resiliency Coach Kimberly Smith shares her journey of going from a breaking point to living with purpose and courage. She was overwhelmed, always stressed, and physically and emotionally exhausted. She knew something had to change. She shares practical steps to help learn resiliency, and she also shares some great ideas for how to stay mentally strong through life's inevitable changes.

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Fighting Discouragement

Discouragement is inevitable if your'e pouring yourself into relationships, careers, and dreams that you have. The good news is that by understanding what discouragement really is, and what causes it; now you can fight it when you face it. This episode takes a look at 3 main causes of discouragement and then offers 5 ways to combat it. 

Resources mentioned in this episode: Emotional Agility by Dr. Susan David, PhD

Courage To Believe In You (Part 4) with Brandi Wilson

In part four of this series, Brandi Wilson shares how she had to learn how to believe in herself again after having The life and family she’d spent 20 years building stopped on a dime. Her marriage was over. The church she spent years pouring into was no longer hers. Her community, friends and professional life disappeared in a day’s time. She talks about how she had to fight to find herself, how her experience changed the way she sees others, and how it's never too late to become who you are and do what you desire. 


Courage to believe in you (Part 3): Your statement of courage

In part three of this 5-part series, I share how one sentence changed everything for me in my life and business. I introduce the concept of having a statement of courage, breakdown what the three elements of a statement of courage, and share sample statements of courage to help inspire your own. 

Series schedule

Part 1: The foundation for believing in yourself (episode 78)

Part 2: Understanding the barriers of belief (episode 79)

Part 3: Leveraging self-belief into purpose

Part 4: C...

Courage to believe in you (Part 2): Barriers of belief

Self-belief is not the same as being self-centered, it's not selfish, and it's not optional. Self-belief is essential if we're going to build a meaningful life. But for most of us, it's not a lack of desires and dreams for our lives, it's a lack of belief, that we have in our lives. As much as we want to step toward what we know is right for our lives, there are barriers that get in the way of us choosing to have the courage to believe in ourselves. 

In part two of this 5-part series, I will s...

Courage to believe in you (Part 1): The foundation for believing in yourself

Many of us will live our lives without ever fully believing in ourselves. We may at times confuse confidence for belief. We might assume that living with a clear vision for our lives means we believe in ourselves. Or we may think that living with conviction is having belief in ourselves. But having confidence, being clear on what your purpose is, knowing what you value; those things are not the foundation for having the courage to believe in yourself – they are a byproduct of it.

In part one of this 5-part series, we are looking at what th...

5 Self-improvement red flags

In this episode I share the importance of red flags in our relationships with self-improvement and discuss what a healthy relationship with growth looks like.


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Breaking the stigma against mental illness with Elise Banks

Elise is a native Houstonian, who has a passion for people’s mental and emotional wellbeing. She completed her undergraduate degree from Baylor University and finished her Master’s Degree, with honors, from the University of Houston. Elise began her career working at a psychiatric inpatient facility. With this clinical experience, she has worked with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, addictions, and severe psychosis. Elise now works in the private practice and school setting, where she works primarily with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. Elise uses techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy to help...

Maximizing Our Moments

In this episode, I share with you the shift I made in my own life that has helped me be more present, be more aware, and find more meaning in the moments that often get overlooked. I discuss the difference between a milestone mentality life and a life that makes the most of every moment. I talk about how our life isn't made of extreme highs and lows, but rather it's made of the little moments. And I close out this episode giving you a framework for you to apply to your own moments so that they can be...

Setting goals for long-term success

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Choosing forgiveness and finding new limits with Jason Stoddard

In this episode, I sat down with Jason Stoddard and talked about his story of going from being hit by a drunk driver in 2010, to just completing his first triathlon. After and accident he shouldn't have survived, he's overcome many obstacles, chosen forgiveness, and is on a journey of setting new limits for what's possible in his life. 


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One Year Celebration: The power of story and belief

After one year of the podcast, I wanted to take an opportunity to think about some of the big lessons I've learned through doing this show. Although there have been many lessons learned, it's two big things that stand out to me. So in this episode, I talk about what I've learned about the power of our own story and the story of others. I also talk about the power of belief in ourselves and others. At the end of the episode, I share some exciting things you can expect from the show in year two. 

Connect w...

Dealing with anxiety and doing hard things with Rhett Smith

Rhett Smith is has over 25 years of experience in helping people transform their lives and relationships. He has his own private practice in Plano, TX, and he is an executive coach with The SouthCity Group. Rhett is also a part of a leadership collaborative project with the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University, the WinShape Foundation and the Center for Vocational Ministry at Azusa Pacific University, where he helps teach and equip leaders about mental health issues in their organizations (with a specialty in anxiety and depression).

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Fighting for gratitude through hardship

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Owning your self-worth with Haley Bowen

In this episode, we discuss her fight for individuality in life and art, how she’s had to learn to let herself have the good that she deserves in her life, the importance of observation and silence in life, the tension she faces as an artist and business owner, and more.

Haley is a Texas artist and a tenant artist. A student from Parsons the New School for Design, Rollins College, and The American University of Rome, she received a B.A. in studio art with a double minor in art history and creative writing. Though growing up in...

Turning mornings into your competitive advantage

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Nothing to prove and everything to gain with Peter Bromka

Peter is from Oregon and grew up a runner and runs with the nationally recognized elite running group, the Bowerman Track Club in Portland, Oregon. Peter has run multiple marathons, including three in two hours and nineteen minutes. Peter continues to focus on running, but he now uses his experiences and love for storytelling to write about life and running. Most importantly, Peter is a husband and a father.

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Managing Self-doubt

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Learning to trust yourself with Julie Lauren

Julie is an author, podcaster, writer, and digital strategist. Aside from my podcast and writing she works with select clients on content creation, social media strategy, influencer relations, graphic design, email marketing, web design, and more.

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What it takes to contribute authentically with Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson is a transformational coach who works  with teachers, leaders, and entrepreneurs to help them get clarity for themselves, their brand and their organization. She integrates her background in brand and design, yoga, leadership and spirituality into her coaching, and helps people dig in and push past the barriers that are holding them back in work and life. 


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Choosing to challenge ourselves

In this episode, I challenge you to rebel against complacency by sharing with you my experience from running my first 50k trail race. I discuss why I believe in deliberately choosing challenges, the lessons I've learned through challenges, and the benefit of ditching comfort for challenges in our lives. 

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Living a relentless life with Tony Reyes

In this episode, Tony Reyes shares his journey of going from weighing over 400lbs. to now just being weeks away from being able to do a marathon. Tony shares what it was like for him struggling with his weight for his whole life and why he decided to do something about it. 

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Understanding and improving motivation

Every behavior that we have can be traced back to the motivation or lack of motivation we have in a given moment. Motivation is something that we each possess, and we each can improve in our lives. And in this episode, I take a look at what motivation is, break down the ways we are motivated, and give you some practical ways to start improving motivation in your life.


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Pursuing dreams and embracing the process with Alysha Flynn

In this episode, you will hear the story of how running coach, mom, and wife, Alysha Flynn left a corporate job to pursue a dream she had been working on for many years. We discuss the importance of mentors in your life. We talk about how her attitude to figure things out has played a role in building confidence in her as she attempts new things in life and business. And we discuss how her humble childhood has impacted the way she lives and leads her life now. . 

Alysha Flynn is passionate about helping her clients set t...

What do you do with an idea? Part 4

In the final episode of the series, "What Do You Do With An Idea?" it's all about finalizing your ideas, being productive and organizing your ideas. I share the concept of finalizing an idea to walk away from it, as well as what you need to ask yourself before you launch your idea. And then I close out the episode by sharing 10 productivity tips and ways to organize your ideas.

Listen to past episodes from the series: 

Part 1:

Part 2:


What do you do with an idea? Part 3

How do you know what the right idea is for you to move forward with? That question is the one that haunts so many of us. In this episode, I'll help you identify how to know what ideas are more likely to succeed for you than others. Part 3 of the series, What Do You Do With An Idea, is all about idea validation. In this episode, I talk about the three types of validation that your idea will need to have, who to involve, how to include others in the validation process, and what you need to know before...

What do you do with an idea: Ideation story with Kyle Depiesse

After spending years climbing the corporate ladder in pursuits of what he thought was a success, Kyle Depiesse decided that he wanted a different life for him and his family. Without total clarity, Kyle began a journey of turning his idea of a more meaningful life (one that didn't compromise what matters most to him) into a reality.

As a story here inside the series, What Do You Do With An Idea, you'll hear what Kyle learned about taking action toward ideas. We discuss the importance of having others speak into your ideas. We talk about why...

What do you do with an idea? Part 2

In part 2 of the series, "What Do You Do With An Idea?" I discuss why our ideas can sometimes feel like a burden to us, and then help you break free from idea obligation and instead choose an idea opportunity mindset. I share with you a framework for the formation of your ideas and give you practical suggestions for immediate action that you can take with your ideas. 

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What do you do with an idea? Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of the short series called, What Do You Do With An Idea? In this series, we'll talk about what ideas are, how to come up with ideas, how to make better decisions about your ideas, and so much more.

When it comes to our ideas, we all want to know what ideas we should go after, what ideas are the best, how do I stop overthinking my ideas, and a myriad of other things to help us make our ideas a reality. But before we can start making our ideas turn into a reality...

How our childhood impacts us later in life with Jen Lee

Growing up, Jen Lee didn't know what it meant to be loved. She was in a home that was absent from physical and emotional presence from her parents. Jen experienced neglect and abuse growing up. Her upbringing created a void in her life that she tried to fill with substances and relationships. But as Jen hit rock bottom, all of that would start to change, and she decided that she is no longer a victim of her circumstances, and she could change her trajectory in life.

Today, Jen is a mother, writer, speaker, yoga instructor, and personal...

Turning corners and conquering challenges in life

I decided to celebrate turning 40 by having a special conversation with my cousin, Jonathan. Jonathan and I share July birthdays that are just a few days apart, so we're both turning 40 together. We've both had similar trajectories in some of our life experiences. And we both have finished full Ironman distance triathlons.

In this episode, we reflect on what our 30's have meant and what we feel as we head into 40. We both open up about our similar, but different, experiences in losing a parent. And we both share what running, swimming, and biking has taught us...

Danny Prada on questioning beliefs and finding our truth

After spending his childhood and early adulthood with a conservative Christian foundation as his definition of religion, Danny Prada found himself questioning that foundation. In this episode, Pastor Danny Prada shares what the journey has been like for him as he has had to discover what it means to find truth on his own and not settle for an inherited faith. We discuss how he found himself at a point of almost abandoning his faith, how his view of Christianity has significantly changed, and the importance of finding the beauty in what others believe. 

Danny pastors Heartway C...

Undoing My Ignorance

In this episode, I share the journey I've been on as I've been reflecting on my life and the topic of racism. I share how my upbringing has shaped both good and wrong perceptions of people. I talk about why it's not just enough to love and accept people. And I share the five things that I want to teach my son so that he shows up better for all humans.

In this episode, I refer to my friend Leonce Crump and I also reference a book, How To Be An Anti-racist. I'd highly recommend you follow...

Mike Sims on owning your mistakes and letting go of trying to be the perfect parent

For episode 50, my good friend Mike Sims talks about all things parenting and fatherhood with me. We talk about the importance of outside influences for your children, the importance of not undermining spouses or co-parents, what it looks like to love our kids unconditionally, and passing on a strong work ethic. Mike shares the struggles and the victories that he's experienced in over 20 years of parenting.

Mike is a creative director at Adcetera, a Houston-based strategic advertising, marketing, and communications firm. Mike lives in The Woodlands, TX, with his wife, and he has two sons. 


Kellerthinks: What I learned from 30 interviews in 30 days

One minute it was life as normal, business as usual, and the Coronavirus was something other countries had to deal with and not our problem. But then, it feels like in the blink of an eye, everything changed. As things started to shut down, I wanted to help, but I didn't know how to help. What I did have was my curiosity, my podcast, and my passion for hearing people's stories and so I set out on a challenge. I naively decided to do 30 interviews in 30 days to share how people were fighting for optimism and finding the bright...