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Thu AARDD 09-16-2021
Yesterday at 9:20 PM

Mark talks Colt Python's and fun news stories with Patricia Huff from Gunbroker and missing Gabby Petito case updates with Lee Williams

Wed AARDD 09-15-2021
Yesterday at 5:26 PM

Mark talks with Lee The Gun Writer Williams about a bizarre CCW 4th amendment case in CT and missing Gabby Petito.

Tue AARDD 09-14-2021
Last Tuesday at 9:16 PM

Mark and David Codrea solve the world's problems.

Mon AARDD 09-13-2021
Last Monday at 11:26 PM

Mark talks with Andy Hooser. Could government declare a "gun violence" pandemic and issue mandates by presidential edict?

Sun 09-12-2021 Hour 3
Last Monday at 3:27 AM

The classic AAR Roundtable moves quickly as Neil, Brad, Justin and Mark hit on the SCOTUS, justice Bryers commentary, George W. Bush accusations against Trump voter,s and much more.

Sun 09-12-2021 Hour 2
Last Monday at 3:24 AM

AWR Hawkins and Dr. John Lott keep up the incredible discussions on AAR today with Chicago, terror watch lists, Biden threats, Chipman fallout, and the state of the nation among many other issues.

Sun 09-12-2021 Hour 1
Last Monday at 3:21 AM

Mark talks with Alan Gottlieb on a wide range of topics. Enjoy this incredibly informative hour with the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation

Fri AARDD 09-10-2021

Mark and Lee Williams break down their editorial from Armed American News about the great American divide. The worst is yet to come.

Thu AARDD 09-09-2021

Mark talks with Dave Workman discussing the failed nomination of radial lefty gun grabber, David Chipman to head ATF

Fri AARDD 09-03-2021

Great show that got lost in the FTP sauce last week, but it's up now!

Wed AARDD 09-08-2021

Mark chats with Paul Markel student of the Gun about Social Media, Afghanistan, gun control, the divided nation.

Tue AARDD 09-07-2021

Mark talks with the GunWriter, Lee Williams about the unfolding calls for confiscation of ALL guns in Canada and what it will mean for America when American gun-grabbers begin cheering.

Mon AARDD 09-06-2021

Encore broadcast. Hour two of Sunday's monstercast with Sarasota County FL Sheriff Kurt Hoffman and Deputy Mubarak, former US/Afghanistan interpreter to US Special Operations Forces.

Sun 09-05-2021 Hour 3

A roundtable with guests, Sarasota County FL Sheriff Kurt Hoffman sitting in for Brad Premo, Kahr Arms CEO Justin Moon, and reporter Neil McCabe.

Sun 09-05-2021 Hour 2

EPIC! Mark talks with Sarasota County FL Sheriff Kurt Hoffman and Deputy Mubarak, a former US/Afghanistan translator who just escaped his family, all 33 of them. A human interest story you will NEVER hear on the mainstream media. Incredible. Enjoy!

Sun 09-05-2021 Hour 1

Mark talks with Alan Gottlieb from SAF and Patricia Huff from

Thu AARDD 09-02-2021

Mark and guest dave Workman explore the Roberts court, gun and ammo taxes, loudmouth liberal AOC, and much more.

Wed AARDD 09-01-2021

Andy Hooser sits in the AAR chair today.

Tue AARDD 08-31-2021

Mark and Lee Williams rip the hypocrites. Fun stuff.

Mon AARDD 08-30-2021

Mark and activist-author, Skip Coryell discuss military, current events, and NRA issues.

Sun 08-29-2021 Hour 3

A robust and angry Roundtable with regular contributors, Brad Premo, Neil McCabe, and Justin Moon. Yes, Afghanistan was on the menu as well as hateful social media losers and much more.

Sun 08-29-2021 Hour 2

Mark introduces Clayton Llewellyn founder of Heavens Harvest as a new AAR partner and discusses the importance of always being prepared. AWR Hawkins from Breitbart News updates us on latest 2A news.

Sun 08-29-2021 Hour 1

Mark talks with Marty and Cindy Daniel of Daniel Defense. An incredible American journey resulting in the best rifles made anywhere in the world and the latest Double D Foundation introducing kids to the shooting sports.

Fri AARDD 0-8-27-20201

Mark wraps the week with Capt. Matt Bruce, host, The Captains America-Third Watch. Topics include Afghanistan, predictions, and other stuff.

Thu AARDD 08-26-2021

Mark and Podcaster Hank Strange discuss the events unfolding in Afghanistan and what it means for us. what are some of the options facing what may be, or should be the imminent collapse of the Biden harris administration going forward?

Wed AARDD 08-25-2021

Mark chats with Dave Workman about Firearms industry dynamics and the face of gun confiscation.

Tue AARDD 08-24-2021

Mark talks with Lee Williams about cancelled NRA and gets a surprise call from AWR Hawkins from Breitbart News

Mon AARDD 08-23-2021

Mark and paul Markel keep it real. ALWAYS provocative conversation with the Professor from Student of the Gun!

Sun 08-22-2021 Hour 3

The roundtable welcomes special guest Lee Williams, the Gunwriter in place of Neil McCabe. Gun confiscation is gun confiscation, no matter who does it.

Sun 08-22-2021 Hour 2

Dr. John Lott updates listeners on terror watch lists, Mexico lawsuits against the gun maker,s and Taliban gun bans.

Sun 08-22-2021 Hour 1

Mark gets updates from Alan Gottlieb, victory in HI and PA, the fate of Biden's agenda with Afghanistan ruling the news cycle. Dianna Mueller, founder of the DC Project updates listeners on her group's efforts.

Fri AARDD 08-20-2021

Mark wraps the weekday shows with guests Amber Kunau and Andy Hooser. Lighten up, relax, it's Friday

Thu AARDD 08-19-2021

Mark talks with Lee Williams, The GunWriter about Taliban new weaponry compliments of Dementia Joe and the threat to our borders.

Wed AARDD 08-18-2021

Mark welcomes David Codrea with special in-studio guest, stogie Dave!

Tue AARDD 08-18-2021

Mark continues the conversation with attorney Andrew Branca, Law of Self Defense. want the book for FREE? Visit and it's YOURS! FREE!

Mon AARDD 08-16-2021

Mark and Captain Matt Bruce cover the day's events from DC

Sun 08-15-2021 Hour 3

The Roundtable. Combat veteran and CEO of Leadslingers Whiskey, Brad Premo unloads on Biden with vigor. The collapse of America under Democrats. Guest commentary from Kahr CEO Justin Moon, and reporter Neil McCabe.

Sun 08-15-2021 Hour 2

Fan Favorite, Attorney Andrew Branca, The Law of Self Defense. Carry a gun? Better pay attention to this.

Sun 08-15-2021 Hour 1

Second Amendment updates from SAF/CCRKBA founder Alan Gottlieb and AWR Hawkins with a Breitbart 2A update from AWR Hawkins

Fri AARDD 08-13-2021

Mark and Dave Workman continue the conversation from yesterday to wrap the week.