Dots In Spacetime

3 Episodes

By: Zaje Richardson

Welcome to 'Dots In Spacetime' where we explore connections between the cosmos and our existence. Join the host, Zaje', as we understand the universe, unravel our existence, and discover how to uplift our experience here individually and together. We talk about interesting current events, personal stories, scientific discoveries, spiritual insights, visualization, manifesting, synchronicities and everything else that inspires us to enjoy life more. Subscribe to the Youtube channel: Follow on Spotify:

I'm no longer a victim, I'm the solution.
Last Friday at 1:00 PM

I felt the need to tell this story because I realized how much I've changed on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and quantum level as I was beginning filming and recording this show. Can you relate to feeling like everyone else was the problem in your life and now you realize that you are the only person who can change your life? You're the only person in your universe who you can change?

How I manifested a 6-figure contract in 5 months.
Last Friday at 1:00 PM

I did a water ritual for a 6-figure contract with our business so my husband could get out of the dangerous work environment he was in. And I we (me & God) manifested it within 5 months. Here's how.

Welcome to Dots In Spacetime
Last Wednesday at 7:45 PM

Hey, I'm Zaje'. Thank you for coming and listening in, I'm so happy you're here!