So Unserious

3 Episodes

By: ALPA Productions

Eager to reveal her life beyond the camera, Alaine Kristina Limjoco, previously known as The Fashion Bum, pulls back the curtain on what it means to be an influencer. Alaine holds nothing back as she dives into all aspects of girlhood, from navigating relationships with men who wave red flags to the intricacies of the influencer business, and the hilarious mishaps that come with it. Tune in weekly for candid conversations and insights from a diverse array of guests from the influencer world and beyond. This is for the girlies, and it's about to get So Unserious.Follow us on...

Three’s a Crowd: From Best Friends to Roommates to Strangers (Alaine’s Version)
Last Thursday at 12:34 AM

Have you ever found yourself in a nightmare roommate situation? If so, this episode is FOR. YOU. What I initially believed would be an amazing adventure living in LA with my best friends quickly spiraled into one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. Tune in as I share the highs, the lows, and the unexpected twists that led to the end of our friendship and me sprinting back home to my parent’s house.


From Breaking Up to Breaking Free: The Start of my Season of Singleness & International Flings

002. Spilling the tea on my first adult relationship, the journey of losing myself in it, and the eventual breakup that led to my solo journey. I'll share the cringeworthy details of how I poorly handled the situation (it’s embarrassing AF), the invaluable lessons learned, and a few international boyfriends that followed. This episode marks the beginning of my season of singleness, where I embraced a new version of myself and stepped into the dating scene with arms wide open. Tune in to hear how 'Little Miss for the Plot' was born and what’s next to come.


Downgrading to Upgrade: Moving Back Home, Car Repossession, & Dating a Lovebomber

001. Welcome to my very first episode of So Unserious where I’m sharing some intimate details of my life such as calling my parents roommates again, getting my car repossessed, and dating someone who wanted to be in jail so bad! Life is indeed crazy, but at least it makes for some good content. Cheers to new beginnings and I am so excited to have you here xx