Her First: Prioritizing You in Business & Life

10 Episodes

By: Michelle Pualani & Joanna Newton

Changing your mindset from a corporate 9 to 5 to an empowered entrepreneur can be challenging. Her First is a podcast to help online business owners, coaches, and creators gain the confidence needed to build a successful business while creating sustainable lifestyle balance. Are you ready to put yourself first in business and in life?The Her First Collective: A community of female online business owners, coaches, and creators to grow both personally and professionally.Join here: www.facebook.com/groups/herfirstcollective/As a founding member of this community, you'll have an opportunity to get support and feedback from Joanna and me...

Mastering Networking with Maria Medina: Building Genuine Connections to Grow Your Business
Last Wednesday at 7:00 AM

We chatted with Maria Medina, founder and CEO of The Coaching Network, discussing the importance of networking in business. She shares her journey from moving to the United States, building her business from scratch through strategic connections, and eventually transitioning into coaching. Maria offers practical tips on becoming a 'super connector,' focusing on authentic relationship building, leveraging networks for essential business resources, and maintaining trust and value.

Maria Medina is the Founder & CEO of The Coaching Network. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs succeed in their careers and businesses by leveraging their networks.


The One Thing All Successful Launches Need

Discover the key elements to a successful business launch in this episode, where we break down case studies of real successful online businesses. Understand common myths surrounding the need for perfection, explore the strategic use of sales channels, and outline a simple yet effective funnel for lead generation. Through real-life examples and case studies, you’ll learn actionable steps and insights on how to build and nurture your leads list and ultimately drive traffic for conversions.

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10-Day Course Creation Challenge

Build a Successful Online Bu...

How to Create Consistency: The Invaluable Impact of Repetition in Health & Business with Manouk Vink

Tune in as we chat with Manouk Vink, a fitness and nutrition coach leveraging a 5-day challenge launch model to grow her list and online membership. We chat about the importance of clear messaging in marketing your online business and Manouk shares insights into her journey from personal training to online coaching, emphasizing sustainable fitness and nutritional practices. She highlights the importance of self-prioritization and small, consistent actions for long-term wellness.



Free Challenge: https://academy.nouksfitness.com/Join-Challenge

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Affiliate Marketing Scandal: Legendary Marketer & How to Avoid “Build a Business” Scams

Not all affiliate marketing is created equal. On this week’s episode join Michelle & Joanna as we talk about the recent scandal in digital business ownership surrounding Legendary Marketer.

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Build a Successful Online Business Using Kajabi

33 Proven Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Online Business

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Best Marketing Strategy Ever of Nicole the Intern & Smashing Her Way to 500k Followers

Breaking down the viral marketing sensation, Nicole the Intern, and her journey to 520,000 Instagram followers. Discover the secret sauce behind her success, from creating relatable content and building a community to leveraging the bandwagon effect and engaging storytelling. Learn tactical tips for your own brand growth.


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Build a Successful Online Business Using Kajabi

33 Proven Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Online Business

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Overcoming Procrastination by Embracing Your “Done” Vision in Business (Moments with Michelle)

Let’s discuss why you might be playing small and how to shift your focus to your ultimate vision for your business. By doing this, you can take inspired action rather than procrastinating on important tasks. Instead of waiting for perfect conditions, struggling with self-sabotage, and battling anxiety, you can overcome your fears, simplify your approach, gain clarity, and achieve peace of mind by concentrating on your dharma instead of seeking external validation.


33 Proven Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Online Business

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How Micro Habits Can Transform Your Mental Health with Dr. Diane Gehart

Welcome back guest Dr. Diane Gehart, founder of Therapy That Works, as she discusses her TED Talk on mental health and the failing mental health system. With over 250,000 clients and 12 books, Diane highlights the importance of understanding the connection between physical and mental health and shares her concept of micro habits for lifelong wellness. She introduces the five pillars of wellness and emphasizes the significance of small, consistent habits in improving mental and physical health.


Listen to Diane’s TED Talk: https://youtu.be/gcyDjquKoSE?si=I0jZ4zzAhuobxURE

Find Diane on YouTube: htt...

When You Go Viral on Social Media: What to Do to Keep the Momentum Going, Gain Followers & Handle the Trolls (Just Joanna)

Joanna discusses her journey of going viral on Instagram & TikTok. She reflects on the contrasting reactions from different platforms, hate comments, and the challenges of balancing viral content creation with running her business full time. She also shares strategic tips for maintaining social media engagement and managing mental health while dealing with online negativity.


Work with Joanna: https://www.millennialmktr.com

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10-Day Course Creation Challenge

Build a Successful Online Business Using Kajabi

33 Proven Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Online B...

Decision Making with Human Design: Balancing Motherhood and Business with Megan

In this episode, we explore the intersection of entrepreneurship and motherhood with Megan Barrett, a seasoned business owner and life coach. Megan shares her journey from food blogger to mindset coach, emphasizing the role of human design in understanding energy flow for a more sustainable business approach. She discusses setting boundaries, choosing clients, and balancing personal well-being with business focus. Megan explains the five types of human design and their application in business to help listeners make better decisions. Whether you're a mother or a busy entrepreneur, this episode offers valuable strategies and wisdom for effective time management.


When You’re Doubting Whether You’re Cut Out for This Or Not (Moments with Michelle)

In this special segment of the Her First podcast, 'Moments with Michelle', Michelle shares a candid conversation about the challenges and realities of striving towards personal and professional goals. Reflecting on her experiences of investing time, energy, and resources without seeing the desired outcomes, she explores themes of expectation versus reality, the impact of self-doubt and negative self-talk, and the importance of release and strategic action. Michelle discusses her journey of self-compassion and the realization that detaching from specific outcomes allows for a more fulfilling process. She encourages listeners to appreciate their journey, release expectations, and take action, emphasizing...