Mark & Ryan Podcast ‘Shorebrothers’

8 Episodes

By: Mark & Ryan

WARNING ‘We are fictional characters, and our content is for entertainment purposes only. Listener discretion is advised.” Mark and Ryan give a blue collar view of the world and local events. More than a labor cast, the men delve into relationships, deliver original music and more!Our Blues is your news!

Last Thursday at 12:23 AM

We talk about blown eardrums, concert fun, and Ryan gets fired from the most automated dock on the waterfront!

Astral Projection

The Shorebros talk about the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius Dr Ryan gets blocked on the X! We talk Comedy and our friend Bonito finds himself in a troubling situation.

Biogenetic Diversity

The Shorebrothers talk RoboCop Cameras and Biodigital Convergence. We also talk Longshore and are still searching for our beloved guests Jimmy T and Bonito SanFrancisco.

Angry Granny

Find out why Granny is pissed off. We also talk about 15 minute cities and finally have our first guest! Introducing our founding sponsor, Mr. Dick Hunter from Dick's Nuts!!!

Roller Coaster

We ride high and low...Will Jimmy T answer the phone? We talk relationships, Bad Juju and some past experiences as musicians in Vancouver BC Canada!

The Rollercoaster

Will Jimmy T be our first guest? We talk Bad JuJu, Ufo's and more!

The BC Triangle

We learn about BC's mysterious triangle where missing persons stay missing, or are sometimes tragically found without explanations. With the Eclipse coming and going, we test out our phone calling capabilities and deal with shipping and computer issues,

The Shore Brothers

Welcome to Season 1! Our blues is your news.... Two brothers along the shore, giving their blue collar views and sharing the highs and lows of a couple lifetime's. Follow along as they discuss the West Coast labor movement, and introduce themselves, Lil' Rock and more!