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By: Matt Cundill

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The Wild and Crazy World of Insurance

Pete Tessier knows Insurance. As the host of the Insurance Podcast, he speaks to Insurance professionals about the challenges in the business. But let's face it - no one really thinks about Insurance unless they work in it. In this episode you will hear about the industry's use of technology and trust issues, a story about a hole-in-one contest at a golf tournament, where the winner was set to receive a car worth $120,000, and the impact of the internet on the insurance industry, mentioning the challenges of trust and fraud prevention in online transactions.

But what about...

Over 40 Fitness Hacks

Brad Williams is the host of Over 40 Fitness Hacks, the podcast for individuals looking to fight the aging process while still enjoying their social lives. Brad provides us with invaluable insights, tips, and tricks tailored explicitly for the over-40 crowd. This episode brings together health and wellness experts from around the globe, and helps you unlock your full potential, regain vitality, and make the most out of every stage of life. Fitness after 40 doesn't have to be this hard!

You can connect to his podcast or book a session with him here. 

You can get a t...

Ayurvedic Healing

Angelica Neri is a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic healer, explains that the "monkey mind" is a common limiting belief that can be overcome through spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. She shares that her passion for healing began as a child, with psychic experiences that she didn't understand until later in life.

In this episode, Angelica describes Reiki as an ancient energy healing technique that can break up energetic blockages and connect to intuition. She shares her personal experience with intuition from a young age, valuing it as the highest form of intelligence and inner knowing that...

Men's Health

You May Also Like learning a little something about Men's Health. I have invited Mike Sea from the Natural Man Podcast on to the show to discuss some of the subjects he has highlighted on his quest to live better. Over the last year, I have discovered that there are a lot of subjects we are not touching on in our day to day lives when we discuss health. Things like 5G, cell towers, dirty electricity, water quality and pollution are all subject matter you might think is tertiary, but it will slowly come to the forefront as time...

Pairing Food and Wine

I love food. I love Wine. I love how they go together. And Natalie MacLean knows how to put them together. She’s authored three books at her latest – Wine Which on Fire is really good.

Natalie is the host of the Unreserved Wine Wine Talk Podcast and shares popular and unpopular views about wine. (Sometimes it is the unpopular views that make her famous)

You will hear about food pairing on this episode - for the rest, you need to read the book:

To order her latest book - Wine Witch on Fire...

The Food In Malaga, Spain

I'm breaking a rule here by promoting something I adore and risk having it slammed with more people. One of the reasons I love Malaga is that it is just slightly off the Travel Spain hit list for North Americans. Most people hit up Madrid, Barcelona, then Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba or San Sebastian to the north. Hanni Martini is a Malaga Food Expert and takes people on food tours in and around the city.

In this episode you will pick up on some of the great places to eat in Malaga, and what to eat. We...

Cryptocurrency 101

I'm sure you have heard the words. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. Satoshis? But what are they? I reached out to my friend Scott McGregor who spends his time day-trading and finding ways to make money in the bitcoin market. Now I decided not to get into it... until I decided to get into it. This podcast is apart of the Podcasting 2.0 initiative and if you find value in this show - send me some sats using one of the newer podcast apps.

Scott's podcast is called Hot Wallet and it also doubles as a YouTube show.


Living Like a Local

I've turned into a big travel snob. The idea of jetting off to Caribbean or Central America to sit at resort and drink all day feels very... dated. If there is one thing that Anthony Bourdain left behind, it is the idea that food can unite the planet, and being curious and uncomfortable about new thing is okay. I won't even start in on cruises. How they are still a thing after the pandemic is a miracle; or testimony to how lazy we have become as a species. The idea of being trapped on ship with American chefs cooking...

The Story of People

Every single person has a unique story of a journey that is like no other. They either do something, did something, or will in the future. This is the purpose of the Do Did Will podcast, hosted by Brenton Donnelly; to highlight the journeys of these individuals, in the hopes of inspiring others to find a do, did, or will of their own.

Brenton also co-hosts the Live from Machete Comics with his friend Chris Machete, where they cover pop culture, music, film, conspiracy theories, and more. So you can take your pick of what content from...

Coffee With Genny B

"Coffee with a friend is like capturing joy in a cup." That's Genny's motto, and if you ask her, she'll tell you there's nothing she loves more than chatting with a friend over a nice hot cup of joe.

Genny is the host of Coffee With Genny B, a podcast about life, friendship, relationships, mental health, and of course, coffee. Genny's a bit of a coffee connoisseur- for her 60th birthday, she travelled around Manitoba with the goal of trying 60 different coffee shops in 60 days. She succeeded, of course, and the conversations and experiences she had were...