Adventures on the Can Do

4 Episodes

By: Jothy Rosenberg

Professor-turned-entrepreneur, and founder of nine companies, Jothy Rosenberg talks with business leaders and personal achievers. “Adventures on the Can Do” explores the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, overcoming adversity, and where grit and perseverance can get you. Be inspired by others, and push yourself along your path to success and fulfillment.

Founder this and founder that with many-time startup founder Andrew Sutherland
Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

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This episode of Adventures on the Can Do has as our guest Andrew Sutherland

Andrew is a veteran of 6 startups, starting with his first after school job as a kid growing up in silicon valley.  He is a software engineer that has always worked close to hardware. Working on embedded systems, medical devices and then joining a succession of semiconductor startups where he  worked on both hardware verification and the software toolchains for novel silicon ar...

Getting startup legal matters done right with Gary Christelis

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This episode of Adventures on the Can Do is about those earliest days of formation when you have a small group of founders who have an idea that you all are certain will change the world. To do that you need to form a company which is a legal entity and there are lots of regulations and legal matters you need to get...

Steve McCarthy's family business for filmmaking

Guest: Steve McCarthy

Steve McCarthy is an Emmy Award winning network TV news producer and documentary filmmaker. A former staff producer for 60 Minutes, Dateline and CNN, he formed McCarthy Productions, Inc in 2001 and produced projects for 60 Minutes, Dateline, Charlie Rose, MSNBC, PBS, BBC America, Reuters and others. In 2006 he directed an independent documentary film Finding Paddy, a documentary about 9/11 which aired in more than 20 countries. In 2016 he co-produced the documentary The One That Got Away which aired on PBS. In 2019 he co-directed and co-produced an HBO documentary about journalism through the life stories of Pete Hamill and Jim...

Lindy Nowak and her Up in a Day website design startup story

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This episode of Adventures on the Can Do has as our guest Lindy Nowak

Lindy Nowak is the founder of Up in a Day, a company building professional websites for small businesses without the headache. After a corporate career as a creative director at renowned brands like Women's Health Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and L'Oréal in New York City, she pursued her en...