Quantum Care

4 Episodes

By: Dakota Vest

Hello Everyone!Welcome to my newly created podcast, I’m your host student doctor Dakota Vest and this is Quantum Care!I am halfway through the chiropractic program at Logan University and wanted to create a podcast that would allow me to share with you all the things that I have learned and will learn along this journey. I will bring on guest speakers ranging from students, doctors, and other professionals to cover a wide range of topics to provide you the most benefit in all areas of life. I’ve partnered with a portable and stationary chiropractic table company call...

#4 Dr. Montgomery DC, MS, FASA, LCP interview

Hello Everyone!

On today’s episode we have a special guest speaker Dr. Patrick Montgomery DC, MS, FASA, LCP. I asked him a few questions that highlighted why he became a chiropractor and his journey along the way. He shares some insight on how to survive the chiropractic program and a wonderful quote by Henry Ford. Hope you all enjoy the show!

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#3 student Doctor Matthew Zakutney

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the third episode. This episode I interviewed my good friend Matthew Zakutney. We talked about who he is, why he chose chiropractic as a profession, and shared some advice to new incoming students. During our discussion, we got on the topic about an injury that occurred to his shoulder and how he was adjusted by an AK Chiropractor known as Dr. Scott Huff. We used the term “Yaw” and I wanted to provide some context to what that is. Below you will find a definition from The Applied Kinesiology Synopsis.

The acronym "PRYT...

#1 Intro to Quantum Care

Hello Everyone and welcome to my newly created podcast. This first episode covers who I am, what this podcast is about, and what these future episodes are going to look like. I am a chiropractic student at Logan University and wanted to utilize podcast to promote things that has impacted me in a positive way. Hope everyone enjoys the show!

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#2 student Doctor Robert Taft interview

Welcome everyone to the second episode of Quantum Care!

Today, we interviewed student Doctor Robert Taft who goes to school with me currently. He shares his personal story on why chiropractic means so much to him and why he is enduring this program like so many have in the past. Hope you all enjoy the show!

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