ROXY - At The Heart Of It

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This podcast celebrates the stories of women in surf, snow, and everything in between. Join us as our athletes, friends and incredible women share their inspiring stories. Get ready to be motivated to make waves and move mountains in your own life. Stay tuned for empowering conversations and uplifting tales that will leave you inspired. Let's dive into the world of remarkable women together.

Earth Day with Malu & Mainei Kinimaka

Welcome to Episode 2 of the ROXY - At The Heart Of It Podcast!

To mark Earth Day we invited sisters, surfers and proud Hawaiians Maluhia & Mainei Kinimaka to discuss the science around our climate, the power of storytelling & the importance of empowering indigenous communities everywhere. 

Maluhia is currently studying the importance of coral ecosystems and the impact they have on our climate at University of Hawai‘i, as part of her Masters degree.

Mainei is a talented film maker and storyteller with her focus and passion being to preserve Hawaiian heritage and amplify iss...

Celebrating powerful women we know and love with Torah Bright, Chloe Kim & Vahine Fierro

Welcome to the first ROXY - At The Heart Of It Podcast! We’re really excited to chat with some of the world’s best in celebration of International Women’s Day.

We asked Olympic champ, Torah Bright, who was the woman who inspired her the most and unsurprisingly, Torah chose her older sister Rowena, who also chased Olympic glory at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Torah & Rowena talk in depth about chasing their dreams, lived experiences as athletes and perseverance in the face of great adversity.

2x Olympic Gold Medalist Chloe Kim ta...