San Antonio Spurs Weekly With KD

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By: KD Doane

A podcast desgined for the San Antonio Spurs Fan. Hosted by former 15 year stand up comedian and Life long Spurs fan for 40 plus year KD. KD give REAL FEEL to the stories and games desgined around the SAN ANTONIO SPURS BASKETBALL TEAM. Not only will his tell it like it is style shock you but knowlage of the sport and love for the city and team will light a fire under your; well you know what as a fan! We will cover inseason games, break down and have fun along the way. Such as COMEDIC ROAST of TEAMS, PLAYERS, FANS...

What’s to come this week on the show
Last Tuesday at 3:44 PM

We get you all caught up with the games and get you ready for the NBA draft. Will also talk a little bit about Wembanyama Wednesdays.

Wemby almost got the Quad and Tre gets…

We talk about the game last night in Denver, where San Antonio dropped another one 110 to 105 to the Joker and his crew! We’ll talk about how well Victor Wanyama did flirting with a quadruple double. Also, we talk about the fact Jones end up with a triple double in this one as a spurs fought very hard, but still come up empty. All that and more on today’s show.

Sa vs Golden State 4 st8 for spurs?!

We catch you up on all the action, including the three game win streak of the Spurs and how did they fair against Golden State last night. All of that and more on today’s show.

Fire Coach Pop?! And We get Jazzy in Utah

We talk about how some want legendagry coach pop out of SA and why? We also GO back 2 Back as Spurs win in Utah 118-111 getting ready for the Knicks and Warriors this weekend!

We told you… DON’T mess with…

THE SOCHAN! Jeremy Sochan with a huge performance last night in a win over PHX. And locked the SPURS first and only series win this year beating PHX 3-1 on the season. We talk about Sochans big night and more
In this fast break report!


This episode we discuss the loss to TWolfs and wembys huge performance. And we talk about the Suns blow out as well. But we dig into the hate Jeremy Sochan revives at times. And how flip flopping people are on his skill set! We love the Sochan and in this breakdown you maybe shocked to find out that Jeremy…

WEMBY WATCH.. Is he exposed?

We talk about Vic and whats going on on the floor? Hows his ankel....better yet his ego? After teams bumping him around all year is he slowing down at end of season? All that and more!

Bonus episode; Luka is so good……

We catch up from the action against the Dallas Mavericks last night here in the Frost Bank Center with the Spurs lose this one, 113, 106. We will break down are the spurs getting tired is Wembanyama getting tired one of the worst performances of the year from Victor . We’ll talk about that and more on this episode of the San Antonio Spurs weekly podcast with KD !make sure you like love and subscribe on all your major Casting platforms.

YOUR EMAILS and Questions

We go into the Spurs em,ail grab bag this year and answer some questions from aroud the Globe. Join us for a DIFFERENT show today!

Epi 63: Whos on Spurs Draft Board? Whats Next?

We talk about How Victor has won back to back rookie of the month awards. we also talk about is DILLON BROOKS Wembys Kryptonite? We will dig into the latest 2024 Draft Picks for the Spurs as they are still looking at a POSSIBLE #1 but definate 2 top 10 picks! All that and more in this episode!