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By: MaKenzie Fly

YTT Graduation day buzz fading? Feeling overwhelmed by the competition? Don't worry, fellow yogi! "Master Your Yoga Teaching" podcast is your one-stop shop for honing your skills, finding your voice, and igniting your teaching career. Join host MaKenzie Fly. A fellow yoga teacher in the trenches, as I tackle big questions like:How to Stand out from the crowd: Discover powerful strategies to attract and retain students, build your yoga business, and command attention in a crowded market.How to Go beyond the poses: Learn how to connect with your students on a deeper level, transcend basic instruction, and weave...

Clarity; Finding Your Path & Purpose w/ Paul Benedict
Last Wednesday at 10:02 AM

Have you ever thought about broadening your practice to be about more than just the poses? Get ready, today's guest, Paul Benedict, talks all about how he started off practicing yoga without moving a muscle among so many other things.

We talk about:

🏮  Theosophy
📚  The process of writing a book
✏️  The astounding similarities between authors Patanjali and Ekhart Tolle
🔃  Flipping the script on problems
🧘   Biggest misunderstanding with meditation
✍️  Sample of his Clarity Workshop, all about finding your path and purpose  
🥰  Prompts to uncover your dharma code, sankalpa, vikalpa, and departure point


10 Lessons Learned From Being Asked To Resign From A Job I Loved

Opening up and sharing a personal (and somewhat painful) life experience in hopes that it helps you navigate whatever change you’re currently facing. 
In this episode, MaKenzie shares:  
🌤️  Behind the scenes from the shocking and unexpected departure + my side of the story
🐞  10 insights gained from going through a significant career shift
🧡  How you can find silver linings in your storms 

If you’re currently GOING THRU IT, listen and take notes! 

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Part 3: Appropriation vs Appreciation w/ Mayuri Bhandari

We continue to unpack the huge topic of appropriation. I personally learned so much from this chat with Mayuri. I love her passion for this and how she makes yoga teaching more about yoga living and challenges us to become more activists, living yoga to bring about more justice and peace in the world. 

🔍  Pulling the curtain back on Yoga Festivals
🤩  The problem with fame and popularity of teachers
💸  Where is this money going?!? Mayuri calls out this now 115 billion dollar industry as of 2023 think about what we’re funding
🔥  Brown tokenism and the weirdness of being the only b...

Part 2: Appropriation vs Appreciation w/ Mayuri Bhandari

This conversation is part 2 or 3, so if you missed last week go back and catch up before listening to this episode. I continue to chat with Mayuri Bhandari on accidental appropriation and learning more so that we can do better. 

🏵️  How yoga teachers perpetuate the problem of people associate yoga with feeling
       good and peace rather than facing discomfort and training
🚨  The slippery slope of entitlement and supremacy
🔑  The parallels of Jainism in the Yamas and Niyamas
🩹  The levels of ahimsa, and not just surface level “non-harming”
🧱  Barriers to practice such as body image, cost, ageism and ableism 

Part 1: Appropriation vs Appreciation w/ Mayuri Bhandari

Want to make sure you’re teaching with integrity? This week’s conversation with Mayuri Bhandari reveals the ways in which we accidentally aren’t sensitive and respectful toward a culture and practice of yoga. 

In this episode, we chat about:

👏  The difference between appropriation vs appreciation
📚  The responsibility of all yoga teachers to get of history lesson
🌟  Why application of yogic principles matters so much
🧨  Busting the purity myth and illuminating the many influences of Yogas roots and origins
💲💲  How commodification and capitalism is affecting yoga selling spirituality making yoga the antithesis of what it was desi...

Best Class Planning Hack Ever!

Happy June, everyone!

Do you love or hate to class plan?
Inside this episode, MaKenzie shares: 
🍎  An inspirational story to tell in your next yoga class 
🤯  A roadmap of when to drop your thematic cues so you know what to say and when to say it.
⏸️ Why withholding works
👌🏽 3 tips on how to theme effectively
😯  A special surprise for our MYYT family and an opportunity to be a founding member of a new project. 

If you need an injection of inspiration, this one is for you! 

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Yoga for EVERY body; Jivana Heyman on Accessibility, Diversity, & Inclusivity

Do you agree with this statement? “Yoga really CAN be accessible to all…if the teacher has the skill to make it so.” Jivana Heyman, author of that quote and “Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga,” gives us actionable advice on how to skillfully open the doors to all practitioners no matter their size, age, race, ability, orientation, ect. 
In this episode, we talk: 

💕  The singular shift in your persona that immediately makes your teaching more accessible 
🧑  Teaching yoga as a practice and service
🎛️  How to remind student of their own agency, power, and control
🌄  Why you n...

Stick Figuring Out Your Sequences w/ Karin Baltisberger

Have you ever wanted to plot out poses and transitions?  If you, like me, love the idea but can’t draw at all, today’s guest is for you.  When I discovered Karin Baltisberger on instagram it turned my class planning around. Inspired by Karen’s grit and “never give up attitude!”, and the community that she has built who is crazy for her stick figures I just knew I needed her on the show.   
Today we draw our inspiration from:

Karin’s yoga journey 
🤓  Debunking how yoga is only for the flexible
🚪   What it was like leaving her sa...

Sanskrit, Mantra, & Finding Your Voice w/ Claudette Evans

Has anyone ever said, “You have a terrible voice,” and now you’re petrified to open your mouth? This can really get in your head and mess up your yoga teaching. This week, I sat down with my Sanskrit teacher, Claudette Evans. We chat about things like: 

⚡  The power of sound and the vulnerability of using your voice
📚  How your personal history influences your thoughts, beliefs, and identities which affects how you        show up in your teaching  
😃  Sanskrit's vibrational energ y and what’s actually happening when we chant
🏋️  The potency of mantras and how to use them for magic and manifestat...

How to Make Playlists For Elite Mindfulness Experiences w/ DJ Taz Rashid

Are you a music buff or afraid of BPMs? Music can be a powerful tool in your teaching toolbox. Instead of just playing elevator music, learn how to leverage music to be the second teacher and serve your sequencing in all your classes. In this episode, I chat with the Hanz Zimmer of the wellness world, DJ Taz Rashid. We talk about: 

🎶 What came first, yogi or musician and how he got started.
🔊 What makes a great sound experience?
▶️ His recommended method for creating powerful playlists and organization tips
💽 How yoga teacher’s are DJ in disguise