Moms Can Wine Too

5 Episodes

By: Niani Gibson

Becoming a mom is  taking on a new journey in a life and I’m here providing a safe space for all my mommies. A way to escape and not feel like you’re alone in the mom world because trust me, we’re all going through it in unique ways. We’re a community and sticking together is what is going to make us become more powerful day by day. Moms Can Wine Too is a podcast for my moms of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds. I’m here to give feedback, take advice, share stories, and much more!

Episode.5: Just Keeping It Cool Ft. Shay

Can you keep up with the unexpectedness of motherhood? There is so much to look out for, no one can prepare you for what you are going to take on. Between handling your own life and teaching your kids what is right, there are so many in between moments you don't want to miss and ignore. Let's welcome our first guest on as she shares her stories and experiences as being a lovely mother of two.



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Episode.4: Can Mommy Cry Too?

Being a woman in itself comes with so many experiences that take a lot to process. Having to deal with emotions, hormones, and outside factors can be seemingly overwhelming when trying to show up for your child. When do mothers get a break to sit and understand these emotions?

Episode.3. Breast Pumps and Shot Glasses

Becoming a new mom is an out of body experience that turns you into a brand new person. Sometimes that can be a good or bad depending on your perspective about it. We often lose the true meaning of fun when we become mothers especially with all the societal judgement of a mom experiencing fun in free time. Let's talk about what it's like living life outside of being a mom and what those experiences feel like.

Episode.2. Feeling: Like A Suburban

Confidence is the key to embarking on a better self journey. Developing into womanhood comes with a lot of changes including changes to our body. Having a baby is one of those things where it can be really hard getting comfortable in your new body but that's okay. Let's get into ways to improve your confidence when it comes to embracing this new you.

Episode.1: Strutting Into Momhood

Finding out you’re pregnant comes with a million of emotions that are seemingly impossible to process. Even though pregnancy is a lot in itself, nothing prepares you for the outside noise that comes alone with it. Unnecessary opinions, inputs, and unsolicited advice that you didn’t ask for. Get to know Moms Can Wine Too host Niani G as she gets into finding out about her pregnancy and what it was like sharing it with the world.


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