The Wildly Untamed Podcast

5 Episodes

By: Ry and Mel

Two childhood best friends expressing their thoughts and views on life while considering their different backgrounds, upbringing, and experiences. Listen in as we dive into our lives as 90s baby figuring out adulthood. From mental health, relationships, career, and much more, WATCH OUT! These thoughts may be Wildly Untamed! 

Ep. 5: Is Social Media Toxic?
Last Wednesday at 3:00 PM

Listen in as we discuss the pros and cons of social media. From influencers to unrealistic expectations, we conclude our thoughts and opinions on whether social media is toxic or not.

Ep.4: Own Up To Your Sh*t!

The pros and struggles of taking accountability and how it shows up in our relationships with others.

Ep.3: Was it Worth It? College Experiences

Listen in as we dive in to our college experiences as we reflect on our wild moments, mistakes and growth.

Ep.2: Let's Talk About Health Baby

Discussing topics relating to our personal experiences with health.

Wildly Untamed Podcast Ep. 1 Navigating Friendships

We are excited to be sharing episode 1 of navigating through friendships from our perspectives. #frienship #millennials #podcastshow