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Roundhouse podcast with TJ Williams and Zion Pipkin on Shocker basketball
Last Wednesday at 7:16 PM

Wichita State basketball freshmen TJ Williams and Zion Pipkin join our series on the newcomers. Williams talks about staying at home to play, his time as a Shockers ball boy and his understanding of the history of Heights High School basketball. Pipkin, from Houston, describes what it takes to be a great point guard and how he is improving his leadership skills. He also talks about playing in high school for former Shocker P.J. Couisnard, who demands his athletes work on defense and likes to remind them of his performance in the 2006 NCAA Tournament win over Tennessee.

Podcast with Washington, Meeks, McGinnis, Hill on Shocker basketball

Wichita State basketball newcomers Corey Washington, Zane Meeks, AJ McGinnis and Justin Hill talk about their journey to Wichita State, early impressions of practices and favorite NBA players. They agree on the NBA's GOAT, dispense advice to the youngsters and discuss football as a second sport.

Roundhouse podcast with Holly Harris, Piper Reams on Shocker bowling

Wichita State women's bowling is an NCAA sport and brings its championship tradition to the university's athletic department after winning its 11th national title in April. Coach Holly Harris and senior Piper Reams explain why the move makes sense and how NCAA membership benefits the program. We also discuss the growth of bowling in Kansas, how recruiting changes and how the NCAA tournament field is determined.

Roundhouse podcast with Parr, White, Ortiz on Shocker basketball

Wichita State women's basketball newcomers K.P. Parr, Bre White and Kyleigh Ortiz join us to talk about their first weeks as Shockers. They describe the family atmosphere that WSU coaches create during recruiting. Parr discusses why it's important to be remembered for more than basketball. White reveals her musical side and Ortiz tells us why she is Kevin Durant fan. We also talk TV shows, advice for young athletes and jersey numbers.

Roundhouse podcast with Patrick Harrison on Shocker basketball

Wichitan Patrick Harrison is the new assistant women's basketball coach. We talk about playing at Campus High School for his father and a coaching journey through junior colleges, an NAIA stop, and other places before returning to WSU. Harrison, a Shocker graduate assistant under former coach Jody Adams, discusses lessons from those successful seasons and why he wants to work for Terry Nooner. We also discuss his favorite James Bond movies and favorite Bond actor.

Roundhouse podcast with Kam Durnin on Shocker baseball

Wichita State freshman shortstop Kam Durnin stops in to talk about the Shockers on a five-game win streak as post-season play approaches. We discuss his background as a multi-sport athlete and how he became a kicker for his high school football team. He describes growing up in a family with two brothers close in age and how those competitions shaped his athletic career. We also talk about how a hand injury set him back in the fall and how he maintained a positive attitude when he returned in the spring. We wrap up by breaking down best singers, best dressers...

Roundhouse podcast with Joseph Holthusen on Shocker track and field

Hurdler Joseph Holthusen, a senior from Bishop Carroll, is wrapping up a standout career with the Shockers. We talk about his football roots, the importance of family and Luke Holthusen, his brother and future Shocker. We discuss how Holthusen worked through an injury that cost him much of the 2022 season. We also talk about "Survival," a board game he developed and sells, a recruiting snub and the generation gap he encounters as a redshirt senior. The AAC Championships begin Friday in San Antonio and Holthusen ranks first in the conference in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 13.84 seconds.

Roundhouse podcast with CC Wong, Krystin Nelson on Shocker softball

CC Wong and Krystin Nelson join the podcast to prepare fans for the AAC Championship this week at Wilkins Stadium. They discuss how pitching and defense is coming together in recent weeks to put the Shockers on a hot streak. They talk about pitcher Chloe Barber and how she's improved over her freshman season. Wong tells us about her aspirations to play for Canada this summer. Nelson reveals why she gave up No. 12 and now wears No. 21. We also talk about Addison Barnard's career with the Shockers and their advice for choosing a college.

Iris Okere: Shocker Up

Join President Rick Muma in a conversation with outgoing Student Government Association President Iris Okere. Iris is graduating on May 11, 2024, with a degree in marketing and minors in management and Spanish. Iris will discuss her experiences as a Shocker and future plans. The “Forward Together” podcast celebrates the vision and mission of Wichita … Continue reading "Forward Together – Episode 24 | Iris Okere: Shocker Up"

Roundhouse podcast with Chris Lamb on Shocker volleyball

Wichita State volleyball coach Chris Lamb gives us his perspective on spring practices and scrimmages. We get into how Emerson Wilford's role will increase and why her talents remind Lamb of former Shocker Emily Adney. He breaks down how he thinks Sarah Barham, a transfer from Wofford, and returner Morgan Stout will give the Shockers strong blocking in the middle next fall. Point-scoring is a big question on Lamb's mind, so he discusses sophomore Maddie Wilson and her versatility as an attacker. To wrap up, Lamb talks about how Shocker coaches are using the transfer portal.