Lumenaries the podcast

7 Episodes

By: Lumenary Learning - Christopher Bolton

Step into the captivating world of design brilliance with our exclusive podcast series! Join me as I dive deep into enlightening conversations with leading luminaries in the realms of lighting, set, and stage design from across the globe. Uncover the fascinating stories behind iconic productions, gain insights into innovative techniques, and be inspired by the creative minds shaping the future of the industry. Whether you're a design enthusiast or simply curious about the magic behind the scenes, our podcasts promise an illuminating journey that transcends borders. Tune in, and let the spotlight shine on the extraordinary tales of these visionary...

Lumenaries the Podcast - Ep7 - David S Perkins - Inspired to Innovate

"Welcome to [Lumenaries the podcast], where we shed light on the stories of remarkable individuals shaping our world. I'm [Christopher Bolton], your host on this journey through the realms of creativity and achievement. Welcome to [Lumenaries the podcast]! Today, we're thrilled to host David Perkins, a Lumenary in lighting and production visualization and digital rehearsal. David has had an incredible journey and it’s not done yet. The architect behind Carbon for Unreal Engine has recently released Carbon the standalone version of the pioneering software. Join us has he gives us a glimpse behind the curtain.

“Let's shin...

Lumenaries the Podcast - Ep6 - Roland Greil - Making History

Today, we're thrilled to host Roland Greil, a Lumenary in lighting and production design. Roland has shaped unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide, collaborating with artists like Adele and The Rolling Stones. His work on tours such as Rammstein and Genesis showcases his boundless creativity and technical mastery. Roland's influence extends beyond concerts to television, corporate events, and theatre productions. He's not just a designer; Roland is also a respected lecturer and author of "Show Lighting." Join us as we uncover the brilliance and innovation of Roland Greil, a driving force in live entertainment.

“Let's shine a light on...

Lumenaries the Podcast - EP5 - Rob Koenig - Thinking Big

Today, we're joined by the talented Rob Koenig, whose recent recognition as the Parnelli Lighting Designer of the Year is nothing short of inspiring."

"In a field filled with close friends and industry legends, Rob’s win speaks volumes about his dedication and artistry. From his early days as a stagehand to his current role crafting unforgettable grand scale experiences for Metallica and television audiences alike, Rob’s journey is a testament to hard work and passion."

"Join us as we celebrate Rob’s well-deserved success and delve into the stories behind his luminous creations. It's a...

Lumenary The Podcast - Episode 4 - Ola Melzig - Eurovision and beyond

Dear listeners, prepare to be captivated as we welcome Ola Meltzig to our podcast. I Met Ola in 2011 when he did a keynote at the Mediatech Tradeshow in Johannesburg in 2011 about his endeavours on Eurovision.

Since then we have become good friends and in 2019 I had the privilege of joining his team as one of the lighting programmers for Eurovision in 2019 in Tel Aviv Israel. Definitely the highlight of my career.

Ola's journey in live entertainment production is nothing short of extraordinary. Currently, he serves as the Executive Producer at American Song Contest and owns...

Lumenaries The Podcast Episode 3 - Mark Wynn-Edwards - Touring


On today’s episode , we're embarking on an exhilarating journey through the illustrious career of Mark Wynn Edwards.


With over 30 years of industry experience, Mark's trajectory from tech aficionado to design virtuoso is simply awe-inspiring. From crafting architectural wonders in the Middle East to orchestrating visual masterpieces for prime-time TV and blockbuster films, Mark's influence reverberates across continents.


From the infectious rhythms of Jamiroquai to the raw passion of Slipknot's formative years, Mark has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Currently, he's on tour with Simple Minds in Au...

Lumenaries the podcast - Episode 2 - Kristof Blancquaert - EDM


In Episode 2, we have the privilege of welcoming Kristof Blancquaert, a seasoned veteran in the live events, stage production and Lighting industry. Respected by his peers as the top EDM lighting designer and operator. With two decades of hands-on experience under his belt, Kristof brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Currently serving as the production manager and lighting designer for Timmy Trumpet, Kristof is instrumental in ensuring every performance is nothing short of spectacular. Additionally, he’s a big part of the managing managing team for the worldwide operations of Tomorrowland Pre...

Lumenaries the Podcast - Episode 1 - Joshua Cutts - TV Lighting

Global Lighting Design Super Star Joshua Cutts joins me on this Episode to shed some light on his history in the industry and shares some insights on how to get started in this exciting Industry we have dedicated our lives to. 

Career Highlights - Eurovision 2019, The Voice, Idols