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Lessons from overcoming grief with Leslie Oquendo

Leslie Oquendo is an author and now works at Salesforce in business development – after spending 4+ years in talent acquisition and people/culture roles. He joins us on the Gathering podcast to discuss how grief can be part of both the candidate job hunting process and the role which hiring teams play. Leslie’s own journey through grief was […]

Shawn Draisey - Recruitment Consultant

Shawn Draisey is a recruitment consultant with a wealth of experience growing teams for all types of interesting industries. He’s worked with chicken processing automation companies, tire sellers, cannabis cultivators, point-of-sales systems and many other companies through his career – mainly focused on talent acquisition. For this session of StartWell’s Gathering podcast, host Qasim Virjee is […]

Roy Wainer - Founder of Townish

Roy Wainer’s career history began with roles in financial operations – he always loved enabling growth for early stage companies and along the way that meant helping teams get larger. In this episode of the Gathering Podcast from StartWell, we explore how Roy helped a company called Platterz, which used to be in catering, scale to […]

Adam Gellert - Co-founder & CEO of Hired Hippo

Adam Gellert is the Founder and CEO of Hired Hippo, the leading Canadian marketplace for high potential go-to-market job candidates. Taking a unique approach to hiring, Hired Hippo matches candidates with companies through understanding the intent and competencies of candidates whilst also developing a deep understanding of the job opportunities. This process results in hiring […]

Becca Lo - Ace Beverage Group

For this, the 20th episode of StartWell’s Gathering series we sit down with Becca Lo, the Toronto based People & Culture Manager at Ace Beverage Group. Becca went to university for education – but a career in teaching seemed daunting to her as she approached graduation. A temporary role testing products for a startup called […]

Nicola Watson - HR Manager, TribalScale

In this, the 19th episode of StartWell’s Gathering series, Nicola Watson joins us to share the story of how her career in HR has evolved. Previous experience in recruitment led her to larger roles in HR at Ryanair in her native Ireland before becoming the HR manager at a Toronto based remote-first software development consultancy […]

Jordyn Benattar (Speakwell)

For the 17th episode of StartWell’s Gathering Podcast we sit down with Toronto-based public speaking and communications expert, Jordyn Benattar. Jordyn’s working history began at age 3 when she was cast in television commercials and then feature films as a child actor. Her ease with cast and crew working on camera prepared her for a career in public […]

Martin Hauck (The People People Group)

Martin Hauck joins us in studio for StartWell’s Gathering Podcast to discuss the current state of hiring – and how his community of ‘people people‘ shares knowledge to survive this tumultuous time for HR professionals. Currently the Head of Talent at Caseware, Martin has had a decade-plus career in HR, which started when he was […]

Lorena Perry (Director IT Staffing in Canada - Judge Group)

For this episode of StartWell’s Gathering Podcast we sit down with Lorena Perry – the Director for IT Staffing in Canada at Judge Group who place candidates in both contract and permanent roles. Sharing both personal experience and insights into her work; Lorena has recommendations for how recent immigrants to Canada looking for work may […]

Stephen Shedletzky, aka 'Shed'

Stephen Shedletzky, aka ‘Shed’ is a speaker, writer, coach, facilitator and advisor who has worked with Simon Sinek for a decade and now helps leaders listen to and nurture the voices of others with the aim of developing cultures where people feel safe, encouraged, and rewarded to speak up. In this episode of the StartWell […]