Notes for the Children

10 Episodes

By: Pat Priestner

Pat Priestner’s life is a testament to the power of making small changes in life in order to heal, inspire and connect. From the lows of heavy drinking, severe anxiety and complete lack of self-compassion to the highs of peace and happiness through personal and professional success, author Pat takes listeners on the full journey of his life, with some remarkable stops along the way. It’s a tale full of eye-opening anecdotes and personal reflections that serve as a guide and inspiration for your own journey no matter your starting point.  New episodes every Tuesday. Recorded at Blue Light S...


In this episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner candidly explores his past struggles with a controlling personality, shedding light on the impact of a tumultuous childhood marked by family chaos and alcoholism. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and introspection in understanding and overcoming controlling behaviors. Drawing wisdom from eminent Stoic philosophers like Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius, Pat delves into the concept of freedom and strength arising from letting go of things beyond our control.  

Reflecting on his attempts to control the uncontrollable, Pat shares anecdotes, including humorous encounters with whisky bottles. This episode serves a...


In this episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner delves into the pivotal early years of his sales career, addressing the discouragement that often accompanies the high-pressure environment. Reflecting on traditional motivational methods, Pat shares his realization that sustained success requires more than mere slogans. He recounts the challenges he faced during a financial crisis in 2008, emphasizing the importance of reframing losses as invaluable learning experiences.  

 Pat explores habits that feed discouragement, offering practical insights to cultivate gratitude and surround oneself with positivity. Drawing from personal experiences, including a near-bankruptcy situation, Pat highlights the resilience needed to...


In this episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner explores the impact of attitude on one's life journey. He highlights the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, particularly in sales, recounting early experiences in the car sales industry. The discussion evolves into the significance of preparation and mindfulness in fostering a positive attitude, emphasizing the concept of "showtime" and the power of being present in each interaction.  

The narrative also touches on the impact of gossip on attitude and advocates for a more positive and mindful approach. It concludes with a poignant reminder of life's preciousness a...

Early Basics

In this episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner reflects on the seven fundamental principles that have consistently proven effective in sales environments throughout his career - perseverance, setting high expectations, taking incremental steps, active listening, maintaining focus, self-compassion and empathizing with others.  

These principles, initially designed for sales success, seamlessly transfer to various careers. Pat emphasizes the importance of not giving up too early, continually expecting more from oneself, and the need for inner reflection in training. He shares personal experiences, ranging from working in a family-owned delicatessen to collaborating with executives of major automotive a...


In this powerful episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner tackles the difficult subject of bitterness, an emotion that can profoundly affect our lives and relationships.

Drawing on personal experiences and the lessons learned from overcoming bitterness, Pat shares his insights into recognizing, understanding, and ultimately releasing bitterness's grip on one's soul.

Listeners will explore the toxic nature of bitterness—how it arises from unresolved anger and pain, and how it can poison our lives and those of the people closest to us. 

Pat delves into the importance of acknowledging the past wit...


In this inspiring episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner delves into the critical role of self-discipline in achieving success and fulfillment.

Drawing from his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and through personal development, Pat shares valuable insights and strategies for cultivating strong self-discipline, emphasizing its impact on performance, consistency and overall well-being.

Listeners will explore the interconnectedness of self-discipline with mindfulness, gratitude, and resilience. Pat illustrates how these practices enhance our capacity for self-control and help us navigate the ups and downs of life and career with grace and determination. He shares stories...


In this episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner dives deep into the concept of accountability, a principle he credits as a cornerstone of his success. Drawing on nearly five decades of experience, Pat discusses the critical role of personal responsibility in achieving outstanding results, both individually and as part of a team.

Pat introduces listeners to the mantra that has guided Pat's career and the powerful idea that understanding and embracing our role in the outcomes of our efforts is critical to rising to the top of any field. Reflecting on moments of his career...

First Five Minutes

In this episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner shares invaluable insights into the critical importance of the first five minutes of any interaction, especially in the context of sales. Drawing from decades of experience in the automotive industry, Pat underscores how these initial moments can make or break a deal or a relationship. 

Listeners will discover practical strategies and tips for winning over customers and making positive connections right from the start. Pat delves into techniques such as walking meditation, the significance of active listening, the trust-building power of eye contact and the often-underestimated value o...


In this introspective episode of Notes for the Children, Pat Priestner delves into the profound lesson of self-compassion, sharing insights from a journey marked by personal struggles and growth. 

Pat opens up about the critical realization that loving oneself is foundational to loving others, and the inability to treat oneself kindly makes it challenging to extend genuine kindness and compassion to those around us. Exploring the barriers to self-compassion many of us face, including the harsh inner critic that often drowns out our ability to appreciate our worth, Pat shares hard lessons learned along the way. 


In this Notes for the Children episode, Pat Priestner embarks on a candid exploration of anger, its impacts and the pathways to managing this intense emotion. Drawing upon personal experiences and insights from Michael Singer's "The Untethered Soul," Pat reflects on anger as a natural but often destructive response to perceived threats, and its physiological effects like flushed faces and heightened blood pressure. 

Pat shares his journey from being frequently overwhelmed by anger to understanding and taming it while delving into practical strategies for dealing with anger, including the enlightening perspective offered by Buddhism. He g...