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The 812 is a daily show about the basic workings of city government in Bloomington, Indiana. Hosted by Steve Volan, a recently-retired five-term member of Bloomington's City Council, The 812's primary feature is a half-hour interview with elected and appointed officials in city government, as well as with members of boards, commissions and not-for-profits providing services to the city. Produced by Plateia Media.

064: The Digest for the Week of April 9: Children and Homelessness; Sustainability and Economic Development; Greenways and Protected Bike Lanes
Yesterday at 12:00 PM

After the eclipse hubbub died down, we interviewed several interesting people. On today's highlights from last week's interviews, clips from:

Emily Pike, director of New Hope, the only shelter in the county for families experiencing homelessness; lex Crowley, the city's former director of ESD; and Hank Duncan, the city's bike and ped coordinator.

(Dave Rollo Watch: 64 Days and Counting)

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063: The 812 Overtime -- More about Public Buses and Public Banking
Last Friday at 10:00 AM

Today's episode is not just one, but two doses of The 812 Overtime, extra segments recorded for us by recent guests who just had too many interesting insights for us to fit into our regular half-hour interviews. It's a couple of good, deep dives into local government.

Our first Overtime interview we made back in March with John Connell about Bloomington Transit, where he's the general manager. In this segment, he tells us about the Bus Rapid Transit line coming to Bloomington and how it'll be different from a similar service in Indianapolis. He also talks about the...

062: Hank Duncan, City Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, on People Who Walk and Roll
Last Thursday at 12:00 PM

Hank Duncan, who works in the city's Planning and Transportation Department, is the city's Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. He explains his role in how pedestrians, cyclists, scooter users, wheelchair users, stroller-pushers and more get around town. We discuss protected bike lanes, sidepaths, sidewalks, greenways, curb cuts and more.

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061: Alex Crowley of the Indiana Energy Independence Fund: On Economic and Sustainable Development
Last Wednesday at 11:00 AM

From 2016 to 2023, Alex Crowley served in the Hamilton administration as Bloomington's director of Economic and Sustainable Development. Since last summer, his new role is as executive director of the new Indiana Energy Independence Fund. In the second half of the show, he'll explain what a "green bank" is and his new job running one. In the first half, though, he talks about his time with the city.

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060: Emily Pike, Director of New Hope for Families, on Children Who Are Homeless

How much do you really know about the typical homeless person? Are you sure, or are you just making assumptions? Homelessness among children, for example, is a significant thing. Our guest today is Emily Pike, the executive director of New Hope for Families, the only shelter in Monroe County dedicated to helping children under the age of 18 experiencing homelessness, and the parents or guardians who come with them. 

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059: Eclipse Clips -- How Bloomington's Preparing and Celebrating the Big Event

To everyone visiting Bloomington, and about to make Monday the largest tourism event in the city's history, this episode is for you. 

The 812 podcast is all about explaining how the city of Bloomington works. In the first half of today's episode, we talk with 

Michael Large from the Public Works DepartmentJohn Connell, general manager of Bloomington Transit, and Tim Street, the city's new Parks and Recreation Director. 

Each of them shares what they and their departments are doing about, or for, the eclipse. 

In the second half, we highlight excerpts from our interview with...

058: Michael Large, Public Works, on Trash and

When you hear the words "public" and "works"... what do you think of first? Potholes, maybe? Street paving? Yeah, that's not uncommon. But it definitely depends on the city you're in. In Bloomington, Public Works does everything from animal control to sanitation. Michael Large, the Operations Manager for the city's Public Works department, lays it all out for us, and surprises host Steve Volan more than once along the way.

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057: Catie Pilachowski, Chair of the IU Astronomy Department

Professor Pilachowski, Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, and the Daniel Kirkwood Chair of the Astronomy Department at Indiana University, has been planning for Bloomington's April 8 eclipse for many years. She talks about its significance astronomically, its impact on people locally, her career in astronomy, and shares the plethora of activities her department and IU generally have in store from Saturday through Monday. 

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056: Tim Street, Director of Parks & Recreation

Our guest today is new director of Bloomington Parks & Recreation, Tim Street -- and not once...not ONCE was the word "pickleball" mentioned. But he talks with host Steve Volan about the breadth of city parks issues, including the remediation of invasive trees, the state of the Farmers' Market, programs they're sponsoring for the coming eclipse, and how he feels about the Amy Poehler sitcom "Parks & Rec".

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055: The Digest for March 26: On Water, Public Transit, and Food Trucks

A look back at interviews The 812 has conducted with:

Communications Director Holly McLauchlin of City of Bloomington Utilities, about how the local water works works:General Manager John Connell of Bloomington Transit, about how the local system  of busses is so bussin'and Jordan Davis, host of the No Dishes podcast about the local restaurant scene, and Operations Manager for the Chocolate Moose local ice cream shops chain.

(PS: No, this is not Radiolab. But Jad Abumrad is in town this week!)

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