The Fence

10 Episodes

By: Mitch B. & Gar M.

We inspire and inform first time exercisers who may be "on the fence" to beginning a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to educate our listeners so that they have the "how" to their "why". The topics we cover could help you improve your physique, bolster your current routine or just help you get strong AF! In a world full of influencers spreading misinformation, we are here to provide the truth.

Season 1 Ep. 15. Sport Performance & Consistency Strategies. W/ Guest Bill castor
Last Friday at 11:00 PM

2:00- Updates @ the NAC
8:00- Bills background and hobbies
9:30- Bills Philosophy 
12:00- Using injury’s or weak spots to provide value
 22:00- Torn biceps
24:00- Tactical games, Spartans and Tough Mudders
38:00- Strategies to improve people’s adherence to a program
46:30- Don’t grow up to quick
52:00- 1st Phorm
54:00- Resources

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Season 1 Ep 14. Processed Food

4:00- Who’s paying for studies, documentaries “misinformation?
7:00- Hunter/gatherer
10:00- Heart attacks then vs Now….
17:00- Vegetable oils & Oxidation 
20:00- Iodine, Bromine, Flouride
26:00- Healthy eating costs- If you don’t pay now you’ll pay for it later with your health.

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Season 1 Ep. 13 Fat Loss Competition & Pitfalls of Personal Trainers

:45- Fat Loss Contest!
3:00- Gar has an Aneurysm
5:30- What is; BMI, BMR, BFP etc
6:30- Weigh ins
8:00- Competition guidelines
9:30- Goal/ Game plan setting
10:00- Difference between scales
12:00- The pros/cons of frequent weigh ins
14:00- Betting, strategy’s, & Brenner gets spanked
15:30:- Pros/Cons of Vegans 
20:00-Pitfalls of personal trainers
25:00- Trainers are more human than you think
27:00- The value of group classes

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Season 1 Episode 12. You are Enough... The Gym is for EVERYONE.

1:15- Brenner’s 1st powerlifting competition
3:00- 15 y/o girl deadlifting 290lbs…
4:30- Your face is pizza sauce
7:00-Spartans, Tough Mudders, Hyrox & Deca
8:00- Brenner’s story
10:00- Breaking backs 
15:00- More certs doesn’t mean you’re a good trainer
18:00- Real Estate
22:00- Trainers are people too
24:00- Mitch got crunk with Snookie
25:00- Brenner’s training Philosophy 
26:00- Do women belong in the gym?
29:00- The down-fall of modern man
31:00- Making the gym a more positive experience 
33:00- Barriers to ent...

Season 1 Ep 11. Pro football & hobbies.

Season 1 Ep 11- Pro football & Hobbies w/ Ryan Feehan (Focused Fitness)

1:00- Intro
3:00- Pro football & Ryan’s backstory
8:00- How many certifications is too many?
13:00- Converting “Toners” to the process
14:00- Can 1 day of exercise change your body?
18:00- Breaking up a fight
22:00- Training clients for free
25:00- The next generation 
26:00- Sex, drugs, alcohol 
26:00- What’s your THING?!
27:30- Brad pulls a knife on Ryan
28:00-Mitches Oktoberfest wedding
29:00- Hobbies and how important they are 
33:50- Inspiring gym members

Season 1 Ep. 10- Sleep isn't for the wicked...It's for the living.

2:00- Growth Hormone
3:15- Dopamine 
4:00- Beta Amyloid (sticky brain)
5:00- REM and the phases of sleep
6:00-Napping good vs bad
9:00- Night terrors
10:00- 3 pillars of physical health
11:00- Circadian rhythm and night owl vs early bird
11:30- Men vs women sleep target
13:00-Screen-time, blue light and insomnia
14:00 Social media dos and donts
16:00- Melatonin supplements good or bad?
18:00- Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, THC and water before bed
19:00- Red lights and night vision goggles
22:00- Alarm clocks
24:00- Sleep Tips!
26:00- R...

Season 1 Ep 9- Power, Blood & the "5 P's" with Brian Reed.

0-1:00- Intro
1:00- Guest Brian Reed Intro
4:50- Strongman vs Powerlifting
7:00- From Track to Tankđź’Ş
10:30- An ideal client is…
10:50- VIP Barbell
14:30- Beware a sloppy coach 
16:30- “Scraping” & other recovery techniques 
18:40- The importance of thorough bloodwork and getting to know your body
19:30- Is powerlifting something a “novice” can get into
20:00-Find a good Dr. who knows and works with athletes to do your bloodwork
25:00-How unchecked genetic factors can break your body down 
30:00- #1 tip to avoid injury in the gym or anywhere

Season 1 Ep. 8 Gym Etiquette.

In this episode Mitch & Gar provide a bunch of actionable tips to help a new gym goer have a successful experience at the gym.

0-1:05- Intro

1:10-Topic of the Day

2:00- #1 Gym Etiquette tip (Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!)

4:20- #2 Are people watching me in the gym?

7:50- Support “rookies”.

8:30- Put weights where they belong.

10:10- Don’t be Gross!

11:00- Clean up after yourself.

11:45- Respect other people’s time in the gym...

Season 1. Ep. 7. Supplements...Substantial or subpar? Pre-workout Creatine & Protein- What 2 Look 4!

Season 1. Episode 7.  With Gar out for surgery Host Mitch Blaak goes "Solo Dolo" with guest Lance Parker. They dive into the top 3 supplements we recommend you try and the 3 pillars of what ACTUALLY builds your dream body.

0:00-1:30- Intro

1:30-3:00- Guest Intro

4:00- Supplements!

5:30- Protein- Where to get it

12:30- Protein recommendations 

17:15- Creatine. Why so GOOD?!

19:00- Creatine Mono vs HCL

24:20- Pre-workout

26:00- What’s in your pre-workout?

27:00- Artificial Sweeteners 

28:00- Beta...

Season 1. Ep. 6- Rehab, "Prehab" & Physical Therapy @its finest w/ Bryan Carestia.

In Episode 6 our guest is Physical Therapist Bryan Carestia of Activcore Newtown.

With his 14 years of experience and revolutionary approach to rehab, Bryan has many interesting tips and points of view that will change the way you think about PTs for the rest of your life.


:45-1:00- Bryans Info, qualifications & story

3:00- Standard PT vs. 1-on-1

9:00- What to look for when hunting for a physical therapist

10:00- "Direct Access"- Bypass your primary DR and a prescription for PT!

14:30- Bryans inspiration<...