I Needed This

10 Episodes

By: Ashley Graham & Nora Jacques

"I Needed This" is the moment we all need. The laugh, the revelation, the affirmation, the validation in another person's trial...it's the word of encouragement, the mirror reflection of another person willing to be true, to bear the intimate details of their souls...to provide the space for the uninvited.Join Ashley and Nora as they discuss necessary topics over coffee. Join the discussion.

Body Image and Wellness
Last Wednesday at 8:00 AM

In this episode, Ashley and Nora delve into the complex topic of body image and the impact of growing up within specific belief systems on self-perception. They explore how our childhood teachings about wellness, body standards, and self-care can shape our mindsets and influence our behaviors in adulthood.

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The Power of Discipline

In today's episode, Ashley and Nora delve into the profound impact of discipline on personal and professional success. They explore how cultivating discipline can lead to better habits, increased productivity, and overall life satisfaction.

Pride, Self-Sabotage and Unworthiness

In this enlightening episode of Today in I Needed This, Ashley and Nora dive into deep and thought-provoking topics. They explore the complex nature of pride, how self-sabotage can undermine our goals, and the pervasive feeling of unworthiness that many of us struggle with. Join them as they share personal anecdotes, practical advice, and empowering insights to help you navigate these challenging aspects of life.

Loving Every Version of Yourself

In this episode of "I Needed This," Ashley and Nora dive deep into the topic of self-love and acceptance. They explore the significance of embracing every version of ourselves and discuss why it’s crucial not to discard our past selves.

Key Points:

The journey of self-love and its evolving nature.Understanding the importance of past versions of ourselves.How our past experiences shape who we are today.Practical tips on accepting and loving every version of you.


Embrace your journey and recognize the growth in each stage.Reflect on past experiences to ap...

Living a lifestyle of worship daily

In the much-anticipated premiere of season 2 of "I Needed This," Ashley and Nora reunite to delve into the theme of living a daily life of worship. In this episode, they explore how to integrate worship into everyday activities, sharing personal encounters and reflections on their journeys toward cultivating a lifestyle centered around daily worship with God. Join them for practical insights and inspiration to deepen your spiritual experiences throughout the day.

I Needed This....Break

The team at "I Needed This" is taking a short break to gear up for an even more exciting second season! We'll be back in action this June, refreshed and ready to bring you more insightful discussions and uplifting moments.

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The Beauty of Aging

Join hosts Ashley and Nora as they dive deep into the topic of aging with grace and appreciation in this episode of "I Needed This." In a world that often associates aging with decline and loss, Ashley and Nora challenge these stereotypes and invite listeners to celebrate the beauty and wisdom that come with growing older.

Throughout the episode, Ashley and Nora share personal stories and reflections on their own journeys of embracing aging. They discuss the importance of self-love and acceptance at every stage of life, emphasizing that beauty transcends age.

Trying Something New

In this episode of "I Needed This," hosts Ashley and Nora delve into the transformative power of stepping outside of one's comfort zone and trying something new.

The Power of Boundaries

In this episode of "I Needed This," hosts Ashley and Nora delve into the crucial topic of boundaries. They discuss why boundaries are essential for maintaining healthy relationships and overall well-being. From defining boundaries to communicating them effectively, Ashley and Nora provide insights into how boundaries empower individuals to prioritize their needs without guilt. They explore the various forms boundaries can take, from physical to emotional, and emphasize their relevance in all aspects of life. Listeners are encouraged to embrace the power of boundaries as a form of self-care and to cultivate healthier, happier relationships and lives.

Asking for Help

In this episode of "I Needed This" Ashley and Nora delve into the significance of asking for help.

They reflect on personal experiences of avoiding seeking help to maintain an appearance of strength.Discuss the Stigma of Asking for HelpOutline the Benefits of Asking for Help

Are you ready to ask for help? Join in on the discussion.