52 Weeks Couples' Devotional - FTGF

10 Episodes

By: Dyllis and Jacob Minang

Welcome to our podcast channel, dedicated to exploring the themes of 'Fighting the Good Fight.' This series delves into each chapter of the book, offering in-depth discussions on building strong, faith-centered relationships. Whether you're married, dating, or preparing for a future partnership, these episodes provide practical advice and spiritual insights. Join us as we navigate the complexities of love, commitment, and communication, all through a lens of faith. Our goal is to help couples strengthen their bonds and grow together in their spiritual journey. #CouplesDevotional #FaithInMarriage #RelationshipGrowth

FTGF - WK14: Growing the Fruits of Wisdom
Last Thursday at 11:33 PM

Delve into the transformative power of wisdom in our latest podcast episode, "Growing the Fruits of Wisdom," from Chapter 14 of "Fighting the Good Fight." Explore how divine wisdom enriches relationships, guiding us toward love, understanding, and a Christ-centered marriage. Discover actionable steps for incorporating wisdom into your daily life and fostering a bond that mirrors Christ's love for the Church.

FTGF - WK13: Growing Good Fruits

Explore "Growing Good Fruits" in our latest podcast episode from Chapter 13 of "Fighting the Good Fight." Discover the essential role of the Holy Spirit in guiding us to cultivate love, joy, peace, and more within our lives and relationships. Learn actionable steps for nurturing these fruits in daily interactions, creating a harmonious atmosphere rooted in spiritual growth.

FTGF - WK12: Pruning the Fruits of Sloth

In this enlightening podcast episode, we explore "Pruning the Fruits of Sloth" from Chapter 12 of "Fighting the Good Fight." Uncover the hidden impact of sloth on our personal and marital growth, and learn how to overcome this spirit with diligence and faith. Discover actionable steps to cultivate a life of purpose and productivity, breaking free from fear and embracing God's call to use our talents wisely.

FTGF - WK11: Pruning the Fruits of Anger

Dive into our latest podcast episode on "Pruning the Fruits of Anger" from Chapter 11 of "Fighting the Good Fight." We unravel the complexity of anger in relationships, discussing righteous versus destructive anger, and offering biblical wisdom on managing anger. Learn practical steps for cultivating patience, understanding, and peace in your relationships.

FTGF - WK10: Pruning the Fruits of Gluttony

In this episode, we tackle "Pruning the Fruits of Gluttony" from Chapter 10 of "Fighting the Good Fight." We'll examine how gluttony extends beyond food to include excessive desires and consumption in various areas of life. Learn about the spiritual implications of gluttony, its impact on personal well-being and relationships, and strategies for cultivating moderation, gratitude, and self-control. Join us for insights into achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle that honors our body and spirit.

#PruningGluttony #SpiritualGrowth #Moderation #FTGF

FTGF - WK9: Pruning the Fruits of Jealousy

In our latest podcast episode, we delve into "Pruning the Fruits of Jealousy" from Chapter 9 of "Fighting the Good Fight." Discover the destructive nature of jealousy in relationships and the journey towards cultivating trust, understanding, and a deeper connection with your partner. Learn how to recognize the signs of jealousy, address its root causes, and foster a healthier, more secure relationship dynamic.

#JealousyInRelationships #OvercomingJealousy #FTGF #HealthyMarriage #TrustAndUnderstanding

FTGF - WK8: Pruning the Fruits of Lust

Dive into our latest podcast episode, "Pruning the Fruits of Lust," from Chapter 8 of "Fighting the Good Fight." We explore the destructive nature of lust and the pathway to overcoming it through chastity, purity, and the strengthening of our spiritual and marital bonds. Discover how to foster an environment of self-control and honor within relationships, embracing the grace of God for a fulfilling marriage.

FTGF - WK7: Pruning the Fruits of Greed

In our latest podcast episode, we tackle "Pruning the Fruits of Greed" from Chapter 7 of "Fighting the Good Fight." Delve into the complexities of greed, not just as the pursuit of material wealth but also in how we demand love, time, and resources. Discover the spiritual journey toward overcoming greed in our lives and marriages, fostering contentment, generosity, and a deeper connection. Join us as we explore actionable steps and reflect on the transformative power of letting go.

FTGF - Wk6: Pruning The Fruits of Pride

In our latest podcast episode, we explore "The Process of Pruning" from Chapter 5 of "Fighting the Good Fight." Discover the transformative role of the Holy Spirit in guiding our conversations and relationships, especially within the sanctity of marriage. Learn how God's careful pruning can lead us to grow in love, joy, and peace, fostering a spiritually healthier and more fruitful relationship. Tune in to understand the beauty and necessity of this divine process.

FTGF - Wk5: The Process of Pruning

Dive into our newest podcast episode on "The Process of Pruning" from Chapter 5 of "Fighting the Good Fight." This chapter sheds light on how God prunes us through challenges and hardships, removing the bad fruits we bear and nurturing us to grow in grace and goodness. Understand the significance of enduring these trials for spiritual and personal growth, leading to a more fruitful life and relationship.

#PruningForGrowth #SpiritualJourney #ChallengesAsBlessings #FTGF #BearGoodFruit