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Empowering leaders with the courage, tools, and hope to ignite a revival of Christian leadership. In each episode of the Texas Leadership Summit Podcast, leaders bring you empowering insights and easy-to-understand takeaways you can use to lead yourself and others. You’ll learn practical ways to grow as a leader, get involved in your community, lead your family, and grow your faith.

Victories in the Fight for Freedom and Faith with Steve Maxwell
Today at 9:00 AM

When faith meets the frontline of freedom, sparks fly. This episode is with Steve Maxwell, founder of Citizens Defending Freedom and the Remnant Alliance, who imparts the story of a devout Christian to a valiant defender of American values. Picture this: a life-changing encounter with Senator Rand Paul, a dive into shaping local education, and a realization that the battlefield for our beliefs is closer to home than we ever imagined. Join us to explore the heart of a man who has taken up arms in the spiritual and societal arenas to protect what he holds sacred.


Church Pillar: The Role of Church Leadership in a Post-Christian Era

Our discussion peels back the layers of church leadership, revealing its crucial role in fostering accurate doctrinal teaching and guiding congregants in their daily lives. As we confront the shift towards a post-Christian church age in America, the necessity for leaders to ward off heresy and faithfully interpret scripture becomes strikingly apparent. We tackle the real-world challenges pastors face, from overcoming personal insecurities to navigating changing denominational landscapes, offering advice for families in search of a spiritual home that aligns with their values.

In a time where the boundaries often blur, our episode underscores the importance of...

Faith in the Fray: A Congressman's Journey from Pulpit to Politics

When a man of faith steps into the public eye, the journey is as transformative as it is challenging. Our latest conversation with United States Representative Michael Cloud offers a rare glimpse into the personal evolution that ensues when a dedicated church member rises to become a guardian of the public trust. Representative Cloud shares his candid experiences, from the emotional and spiritual hurdles of serving in Congress to balancing firm principles with the art of negotiation in an environment rife with diverse beliefs.

The political landscape is a battleground where ideals are tested and character is...

Education Pillar: Integrating Faith in Education

In our latest heart-to-heart conversation, unlock education through the lens of faith with Tim Webb, the visionary behind the Texas Leadership Summit. Together, we explore the wisdom in academic pursuits, arguing that true education extends far beyond the classroom and into the realms of moral and eternal understanding. Discover the pivotal role of education in shaping individuals who are in tune with their faith as we trace the scriptural roots of learning and its significance in reflecting God's image.

Parental guidance stands at the forefront of our thoughtful exchange as we delve into the scriptural duties of...

How To Prevent Leadership Burnout with Megan Butler (Part 2)

Have you ever felt the creeping tendrils of burnout threaten to undo the hard-earned equilibrium in your life? As the founder of Texas Leadership Summit, I had the honor of sitting down with Megan Butler to discuss a topic that hits close to home for many Christian leaders. Our conversation is a deep dive into the world of mindfulness, work-life harmony, and the critical yet often overlooked concept of restorative rest. Drawing from my 18-year pastoral journey, I share the intimate details of how I've navigated through the emotional and physical tolls of ministry, and how you too can...

Being An Example Of God's Love

Imagine walking a path that intertwines leadership with the deepest form of love—sacrificial love. Today, we journey through the often solitary world of leadership, exploring how the essence of agape love, exemplified by Jesus Christ, can not only uplift but transform the responsibilities of those at the helm in business, education, and beyond. Witness the call for a cultural shift in leadership paradigms, where the welfare of others becomes the guiding light for decision-making, mirroring the servant leadership modeled by Jesus. It's a conversation that promises to reshape your understanding of power and influence, ensuring that your leadership le...

How To Prevent Leadership Burnout with Megan Butler (Part 1)

Navigating leadership responsibilities in a Christian context can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope, with the constant pressure to avoid mistakes, the weight of past traumas, and the challenges of a potentially hostile environment. Burnout, a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, can creep in when these pressures become overwhelming. As a Christian leader, finding ways to prevent Burnout is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance in your life and effectively serving others.

 In this first part of the episode, I am joined by Megan Butler, a Christian leader dedicated to helping other leaders navigate, overcome, and p...

The What And The Why Behind Texas Leadership Summit

Join in on a conversation with Tim Webb, the visionary behind the Texas Leadership Summit, as we unite faith-based leaders from all walks of life. Our discussion traces the roots of the TLS and its mission to foster a new generation of leaders under the banner of Christian faith. As we navigate through stories of Texas' storied past, we draw parallels to the present, examining the impact of robust Christian leadership within business, government, church, and education spheres. Discover how TLS equips individuals with the courage and tools to lead with conviction, all while nurturing a community bonded by...