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Want to know what all digital marketers have in common? They have ALL made bad decisions. In every podcast episode you'll hear from a smart digital marketer who made a bad decision and what they learned in the process. Digital marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners or people who just like to listen to cringeworthy stories, prepare to be entertained and educated. Candid discussions, guaranteed with the odd bit of profanity here and there. New episodes drop every Wednesday, be sure to follow, or miss out.

12 - Mistakes in Marketing Ashley Segura Confesses Biggest Content Marketing Blunders
Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

This week's guest is Ashley Segura, the co-founder of Content Yum.

We take a deep dive into content marketing, SEO, and the evolving role AI is playing today.

Listen as we explore Ashley's new venture, Content Yum, and its human-centric approach to content creation.

We discuss the competition posed by AI-generated content and its impact on SEO and content marketing.

Ashley shares personal stories about the negative effects of spam content and the importance of authenticity in user-generated content (UGC) and what UGC actually is might shock you.


11 - Not My First Rodeo

It's been a tough few months since I launched the podcast.

Partly because I was travelling and hadn't worked out how to keep the cadence of publishing going and also because just having podcast guests puts pressure on schedules.

Solo episodes, like this one, are much easier to make. I can talk directly to you and share my thoughts and feelings, as well as tips, tricks and things that are aha moments.

My digital marketing guests so far have been amazing.

I've loved the conversations and am so thankful that they...

10 - Dave Roth - Confessions of Digital Marketing Missteps

Welcome to Bad Decisions with Jim Banks.

In each episode Jim Banks from Spades Media shares a conversation with a digital marketing expert.

This show will teach you some of the bad decisions they have made, so you don't need to make the same decisions in 2024.

If you are trying to get ahead in digital marketing then this will fast become one of your best digital marketing podcast resources.

In episode 10 Jim delves into the twists and turns of agency life, working in-house with 20 year digital marketing veteran Dave Roth and...

9 - Leaving Money On The Table

Thought I would jazz things up a bit and add in an extra "episode" with a short aha moment or tip while we work on pulling together the guest interviews for Wednesdays.

This particular aha moment is about the Amazon Associates program and how members of the program can stop leaving money on the table when they post their content on YouTube, Instagram or anywhere else for that matter where the geographic location of your visitors can mean the difference between a big fat commission or a big fat duck egg.

There is also a...

8 - Steve Krull - How Missteps in SEO Catapulted His Career to New Heights

Welcome to episode 8 of "Bad Decisions with Jim Banks."

Today we're diving into the intersection of bad decisions, digital marketing, and the power of connections with the CEO of Be Found Online, Steve Krull.

Steve's journey from exploiting a business's website weaknesses to becoming an SEO expert unfolds a tale of liberation and the birth of his agency Be Found Online (or BFO as it is better known).

We explore the raw reality of running a digital agency, touching on the importance of trust in client relationships and why sometimes, smaller is better.<...

7 - Jim Banks - Reflections of a Podcaster 6 Episodes In

So, having interviewed 6 people and being away from my studio I thought I would try something different for this weeks episode of Bad Decisions with Jim Banks.

I thought it would be good to walk and talk, so listen to me walk around the 5.5 kilometer (3 miles) of the Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Grand Prix track and share with you my thoughts on setting up the podcast, how being a podcaster has been, what I've enjoyed, what I've learned, how I create the podcast, what the plans for the future are and so much more.


6 - Unlock Success: Tim Ash Reveals the Biggest Blunders in Digital Strategy

This is episode number 6, and joining me today is my old friend and insightful thinker, Tim Ash.

Tim is well-known for his pioneering work in digital marketing, particularly in conversion rate optimization.

But lately, he's turned his expertise towards a broader horizon, focusing his energy on the intersections of leadership, public speaking, and the primal aspects of human behavior.

Today, we'll unravel the complex layers behind making impactful decisions, the blend of luck and hard work in career success, and the importance of purpose in driving our professional journeys.

We'll explore...

5 - Alita Harvey-Rodriguez - Mistakes to Millions: Alita's Guide to Transforming Marketing Mishaps into Major Wins

Welcome back to another episode of "Bad Decisions with Jim Banks" – the podcast where we delve into the minds of digital marketing leaders making waves and learn from their experiences and, occasionally, their bad decisions.

Today, in Episode 5, we're joined by Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, founder and managing director of MI Academy.

Alita is a powerhouse in digital marketing and innovation, with a decade-long career transforming organizations from the inside out.

This episode covers the unique approach of project-based training and how it directly aligns with achieving specific organizational goals.

We'll dive into ho...

4- Nathan Huppatz - Surviving the E-Commerce Rollercoaster: Tales from the Costume Business

In this episode, we have a lively discussion with Nathan Huppatz, an experienced professional in the digital marketing and e-commerce space.

Join us as we delve into Nathan's journey, from his early fascination with the Internet in the 90s to his ventures in e-commerce, including creating a successful costume business.

Stay tuned to hear about the challenges and successes, and how the impact of COVID-19 transformed the landscape.

Timestamp Overview

00:00 - Fascination with the internet from a young age.

05:45 - Started small importing cars, now...

3 - Vin McCauley - From Avocado Overload to Legal Blender Battles: The Perishable Puzzles of a DTC Maverick

Today, we're going to unpack a whole spectrum of topics with Vin. Brace yourselves for insights on new ventures, chat about the weighty role of high-quality content in marketing, and touch upon the use of AI tools, like ContentX powered by Chat GPT, to generate SEO-friendly content.

We'll also dip into the story of our near-miss trip to Boston right as COVID-19 turned the world upside down, leading not only to a lost business opportunity but also a hiatus in our friendship—a bond that has thankfully been re-forged in part through this very podcast.