The World Needs To Know Podcast

3 Episodes

By: Mike Kresnik

Mike Kresnik and his friends are confident they have some things to share with the world. Whether it's reflections on movies, music, culture, current events, hobbies, or even how their faith intersects with it all - Mike thinks you need to know about it.

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday! And I am in process of being excited about it. I am in process in finding meaning and significance in being in my 40's.

Along the way over the past handful of years, I have discovered somethings that I wanted you to know. It's ok to delight in the life you have in the fact that you are getting older. Come along with me on my birthday and enjoy a poem and some early 2000's rap.

"Sacred Fire" by Ronald Rolheiser

Another podcast...

Fate, Destiny, and Taylor Swift w/ Aleena Kresnik

What's the difference between Fate and Destiny, and what does Taylor Swift say about looking within ourselves for the answers to these deep questions?

My daughter has been taking Apologetics for two years as part of our Christian Classical school curriculum. This class, among the others she has taken, has forced her to reckon with her faith as well as ideas shared by those who don't adhere to the Christian faith. She asked me to help her with an assignment, so why not come on the podcast and share what she's been learning?

I hope...

It's A Wonderful Life w/ Travis Barrett

Mike – and his friend Travis – think you should know about possibly one of the best movies ever filmed: It's A Wonderful Life. Travis recently posted a short video essay on the movie and there was so much left on the cutting room floor that we just had to record a conversation about it. Join us as Mike starts a new podcast and as we head into the Christmas season discussing what we love about the 1946 Frank Capra film, It's A Wonderful Life.

Watch Travis' video on It's A Wonderful Life:

“Why you should watch It's A Wond...