Words that Change Lives

10 Episodes

By: Helen Packham

Would you like to improve your ability to connect with others in a world where mutual understanding appears to be declining? Join Helen Packham, Verbal communications strategist and speaker coach, to explore how we can speak more honestly, talk more authentically, and communicate more effectively to motivate, educate and inspire. This podcast is for leaders, coaches, consultants and small business owners who want to increase the impact of their communication from 1-2-1 conversations to thousands online and in person. No matter how big or small the audience, tune in to learn how the words you use can make a...

Ep 13: Cracking the TEDx Code - How to Land a TEDx Gig
Last Monday at 1:30 AM

In this episode of Words That Change Lives, Helen delves into the world of TEDx talks and the process of landing a TEDx speaking gig. Drawing from her experience as a TEDx speaker and coach, she shares insights on overcoming internal barriers, nailing down the idea worth spreading and understanding the external obstacles in the application process. By cracking the TEDx code, she provides guidance for aspiring speakers to make their dreams of delivering a powerful TEDx talk a reality. 

Here are the highlights:

03:33 Gave TEDx talk, gained confidence, and became TEDx curator.

09:40 C...

Ep 12: Eyes versus Ears with Shiggi Pakter: Head to Head

In this episode, I sit down with Shiggi Paktor, who's carved a niche for herself in the world of audio, from her days as a college DJ to becoming a sound engineering expert. We discuss everything from her love affair with vinyl and DJing, the world of podcasting, audiobook production, and the art of emotional storytelling through sound. Plus, we'll tackle the fascinating interplay between visuals and audio in learning and communication, and the critical role of having an authentic voice in an AI-driven world.

Here are the Highlights:

04:53 Learned English at a young age...

Ep 11: Creativity Through Adversity with Tony Brooks: TEDx Journeys

This episode explores the TEDx journey of Tony Brooks, a leadership psychologist and author, who recently gave his TEDx talk exploring the complex dance between survival thinking and creativity. 

Helen and Tony discuss the intricacies of applying and preparing for a TEDx talk under the theme of "creativity through adversity" and how Tony's upcoming book aims to tackle survival psychology in modern life.

Here are the highlights:

04:38 Emphasise expertise, passion, and impact in TEDx talk.

07:44 Creativity through adversity: managing survival thinking for freedom.

09:31 Event theme: Find link, challenge adversity c...

Ep 10: Humans versus AI with John Spencer Williams

In this episode, we dive into the fascinating intersection of AI and humanity with special guest John Spencer Williams, an author, entrepreneur and a visionary in the realm of AI. 

John will share his insights on the hypnotic power of storytelling, its roots in human history, and its contemporary digital transformation. We also examine the pressing question of human connection and isolation in our tech-addicted society.

Here are the highlights:

03:52 Developed and marketed innovative technology07:54 Using psychology and storytelling to engage audiences.12:20 Fascination with psychology and storytelling's impact.13:20 Sam Altman believes AI will achieve s...

Ep 09: How to Develop an Idea Worth Spreading

In this episode, Helen Packham shares her personal journey of overcoming fear and delivering a TEDx talk with only 24 hours' notice. From her experiences, she delves into the essential components of developing an "idea worth spreading.”

She discusses the importance of aligning your idea with the event's theme, ensuring its clarity and societal relevance, and exploring different types of unique angles to make your idea stand out. The episode provides valuable guidance for anyone aspiring to land a TEDx gig and make an impact with their message. 

Here are the highlights:

05:01 Crucial aspect of lan...

Ep 08: How to Smile on the Inside with Zoe Cross: TEDx journey

Today's episode brings us the breathtaking story of Zoe Cross, a distinguished speaker who's overcome the obstacle of facial paralysis to master the art of communication and share her message with the world. Zoe navigates life with Moebius syndrome and has made the bold choice to not let differences dim her light. Zoe and I delve into her emotional journey to TEDx Frankfurt, and her incredible TEDx talk on "Overcoming rejection by smiling with your heart," and the moments that forged her path from uncertainty to the stage. Join us as Zoe reflects on her TedX journey with me...

Ep 07: Who Do We Give Voice To?

In this episode, Helen Packham engages in an eye-opening and candid conversation with special guest and renowned podcast host Danusia Malina-Derben. Join them as they delve into the critical topic of giving voice to diverse perspectives that can often challenge the status quo. Uncover the struggles, triumphs, and personal growth that come with using one's voice, and explore the complexities of inclusion, identity, and freedom of speech.

Together, they navigate through a thought-provoking discussion on parenting, controversy and diversity. Plus the dilemma of giving a voice to Katie Hopkins. Shedding light on the power of words to...

Ep 06: Direct Words for Direct Wins: Strategies for Getting What You Want

In this episode of Words that Change Lives, your host Helen Packham delves into the art of having honest conversations and using language to create lasting impressions. Helen shares her personal struggles with honest communication and the strategies she has used to improve in this area. She discusses the importance of mindset in feeling confident and worthy of having direct, assertive conversations. Additionally, Helen explores the dynamics of relationships and how they influence our ability to have open, honest conversations. Drawing from her experience in corporate coaching, she introduces the concepts of influencing styles and creating a climate for...

Ep 05: Public Speaking vs Stand-Up Comedy with Louise Stevenson

In this Head to Head episode, "Stand-Up Versus Public Speaking," host Helen Packham is joined by guest Louise Stevenson, a stand-up comedian and founder of Speak Easy Coaching. Together, they delve into the world of stand-up comedy and public speaking, discussing the similarities, differences, and the essential skills required for each. They highlight the importance of confidence, stage presence, and the ability to navigate challenges in both realms. Join us as we uncover valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring performers, speakers, and leaders. Get ready for an engaging and enlightening conversation that can change the way you view...

Ep 04: Purpose-Driven Words with Cordell Jeffers

In this candid conversation, Helen sits down with award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and mindset coach Cordell Jeffers to explore the power of purpose-driven words. Cordell shares his personal journey from facing challenges in inner-city Birmingham to the transformative turning point he experienced living in the Caribbean. This episode delves into the impact of words on our lives, the concept of purpose, and the importance of self-awareness and reflection. Join Helen and Cordell as they dive into how purpose-driven words can change lives in profound ways.

Here are the highlights:

00:01 Cordell, an international speaker and mindset coach...