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By: Hannah Elicegui

In the world of high impact careers; stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion often masquerade as an inevitable rite of passage, a heavy toll for the privilege of wearing numerous hats. Yet, the undeniable truth is this doesn't have to be your narrative. My purpose for this podcast is solely to help you rediscover harmony, gain clarity, help navigate blindspots, create unwavering resilience, and rekindle your passion for your career & life. For entrepreneurs, physicians, students, nurses, executives, and the leaders of the world.

🔒 A Self Compassion Guided Meditation

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This guided meditation focuses on cultivating self-compassion.  I invite you to find a comfortable seated position or laying on the floor, free from distraction. This meditation walks you through how to speak kindly to yourself and to other's by being rooted in gratitude.

This meditation is meant to calm your body, settle the mind, and cultivate self compassion.

Written by Hannah Elicegui
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Mindfulness Meditation

Confidence In Your Vision

The interview covers various topics related to entrepreneurship, social media growth, mindset, and work-life balance.  Say hello to Megan Weeks: we chat about her journey as a graphic designer and building her business from the ground up.  The rapid growth of her social media following and the factors that contributed to it. The importance of consistency, understanding your audience, and providing value. We chat about transitioning to full-time, overcoming fears, and having a plan.

Golden nugget:
Building a supportive community and the value of vulnerability among entrepreneurs. Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on trusting themselves and being co...

🔒 Tapping Into Courage : Guided Meditation

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A guided meditation about tapping into your inner courage.

This meditation will guide you through a relaxation exercise to reduce tension and create a sense of ease and support. Then you will visualize taking a courageous next step and having a perfect outcome, as well as allowing oneself to fully believe in their capabilities. Emphasized remembering past successes as examples of inner courage and strength.

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Host: Hannah Elicegui

Mindfulness Meditation

Splendid Moments With Morgan

Today on Embody I am interviewing Morgan Balavage, a yoga teacher and business coach for yoga teachers and wellness professionals. Morgan discusses building a sustainable business for those with ADHD brains by allowing flexibility, finding the right medical and community support, practicing self-forgiveness, giving herself permission to write extensive daily to-do lists to stay focused, and licensing her work rather than relying solely on social media marketing. She emphasizes tuning into what genuinely excites you each day.

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Finding Gifts & Joy

Today's episode is about finding one's purpose and passion, gaining confidence, tools for mindfulness and positivity, turning difficult situations into gifts, and more. We talk about personal growth, self-discovery, and living a more mindful, fulfilled life.

I am honored to introduce Bara Mann (she/they) is a transformational life coach, speaker, and catalyst for positive change. With a background in engineering and training in various energy healing modalities, Bara combines analytical thinking and intuitive wisdom to guide individuals toward lives filled with joy, confidence, and inner peace.

She also has an offer for the listeners...

Navigating The Unknown

Today on Embody, Hannah is chatting with Sara a Life Coach who supports clients with career changes, being brave enough to step into the unfamiliar, and back themselves to handle whatever arises.

In today's episode we dive into how to navigate the unknown and what it looks like to take the first step and knowing that you can do it. You can stand on your own two feet.

Interview with Sara Stterthwaite 
Sara is a self relationship coach who believes the secret to a satisfying life lies in becoming the expert in y...

Stepping Into A New Chapter Of Boundaries

Today on Embody, Hannah is interviewing Sonia Siddique Garrett,  a fellow podcaster from Texas.  Sonia and Hannah chat about debunking boundaries and all things that surround them. What they are? Why are they good? What can happen as you start on this journey towards setting boundaries!

For more on Sonia head to : Sonia's Space or listen to her podcast on Apple. 
Sonia Siddique Garrett, a 33 year old Pakistani-American living in Austin, TX. I started my own podcast series 6 months ago where I delve into topics like mindfulness, goal setting, resilience, and practical strategies for leading a mor...

Finding Yourself Again A Guide To You

Today's meditation is all about guiding yourself back to you! As women we tend to be everything for everyone. Some are momma's, wives, girlfriends, daughters, business owners... I want you to take a moment to set that all aside and bring yourself back to your essence. 

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Host: Hannah Elicegui

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On today's podcast interview I am joined by Karen Sanghera, a mother of two toddlers, an entrepreneur, and founder of Birth. With a background in finance and a passion for motherhood, Karen has embarked on a remarkable journey to create her own path in the business world. Before Karen became the fearless mompreneur she is today, she worked as a staff accountant in the bustling financial world of San Francisco. 

During this interview we chat about Karen's mindset as she leaves behind her corporate job and leaps into founding her own company. As we dove deeper into c...

A Moment For Self Compassion

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! It seemed so right to release a meditation that is all about leading with self compassion and sending yourself love. Find yourself a quiet space to rest, free from distractions, & allow yourself to let go of all the external chaos to focus these next 10 minutes on you. 

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Mindfulness Meditation