The Redeemed Marriage Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Rusty and Heather Bryant

Rusty and Heather guide couples as they encourage healthy marriages, heal wounded marriages, and begin restoration of broken marriages.

The Thankful Marriage
Last Monday at 2:43 PM

It is not always easy to be thankful for your spouse and your marriage. Having an attitude of gratitude toward marriage is sometimes challenging. Rusty and Heather share some practical […]


Rebuilding Foundations: Finding the New Starting Line After Trust Is Broken

Join Rusty and Heather in this powerful episode as they discuss the initial steps of rebuilding a relationship when trust has been shattered. In this episode, Rusty and Heather introduce […]


The Power of Self-Care in Marriage

In this episode, Rusty and Heather dive into a topic that’s often overlooked but holds immense significance in the health of any marriage: self-care. Join them as they discuss the […]


The One About Kissing

The kiss is such an important part of culture. Everyone remembers their first kiss, and every marriage ceremony concludes with the kissing of the bride. Once married, kissing can certainly be a part of foreplay that leads to physical intimacy. But th...


The Power and Problems of an Apology

The words "I'm sorry" can be so powerful to your spouse. Unfortunately, so many people have trouble saying those words, and some people rarely admit when they are wrong. Rusty and Heather discuss the healing power of an apology, and also 3 problems t...


Safeguarding Your Marriage

Protect your marriage at all costs. After experiencing devastation in their own marriage through betrayal, Rusty and Heather learned the danger of not safeguarding their marriage. In this episode, they name some specific "demons" that you can't defea...


After the Affair Year 1

The first year after a betrayal is crucial. Rusty and Heather discuss steps that they took during the first year after the affair confession that led to a Redeemed Marriage. Even if you are beyond a year out from hurt or betrayal, working through the...


After the Affair Days 4-10

The Road to Redemption is a long journey with lots of steps. In the second part of this series, Rusty and Heather share details of the early days after Heather's confession of infidelity. They share things they did right and also things they would ha...


After the Affair Days 1-3

When an affair or some other betrayal happens in marriage, you find yourself asking "now what?" Very few people talk about their experience, and every situation is different, so it is hard to find a blueprint of next steps. Rusty and Heather have wal...


How To Have A Life Giving Marriage

So many marriages are stuck. So many marriages are settling for mediocrity or even just being roommates. So many marriages are lifeless. Rusty and Heather pull out their list of practical ways to have a life giving marriage. Your marriage can experie...