LetsGrow - #LFGFAM

10 Episodes

By: Justin Bonnett

With the words "Lets Go", being widely used, we added our own touch and LETS F*****G GROWWWW was born. Being a mobile detailer in Atlanta, the connections to successful people were in abundance.We felt it was our responsibility to learn & share more about them. What drives them? What is their story?

George Atchison II from Skottles & Bottles joins us!_
Today at 9:01 AM

George Atchison II, a staple in the Atlanta car scene, joins us! We discuss the Atlanta car scene over the last 2 + decades and its evolution. From forums such as Import Atlanta to groups on Facebook, a lot has changed! George discusses Skottles & Bottles, an overland event that is going on its 4th year! We discuss its growth, inclusion, their charitable contributions to Society of Humane Friends, Atlanta Mission and other topics!

Jerry Grant from MR DetailWorx joins us!

Jerry from MR DetailWorx joins us! Leaving a full time and taking the jump about 3 years ago, Jerry discusses his growth, always learning and his plans for 2024!

Morgan From Level One Auto Services Joins us!

Morgan Pritchett from Level One Auto Services discusses starting a windshield repair business in North GA. She is hustling and doing what we love, she's growing! Check out her story!

Lori Rogers from LIVE Property Group Real Estate

Lori Rogers tells us her story about starting LIVE Property Group Real Estate! They are dedicated to serving real estate clients across GA. From their residential & commercial sales team, builder & new homes division to their tenant services & property management division. A single company to handle all your real estate needs!

Michael Hill from CCI joins us!

If you're in the detailing industry, a name you hear more and more often is Michael Hill. A hungry student always willing to learn and teach. Diving into creating his own brand, CCI, Michael continues to strive to do better as no not only as a detailer, but friend husband and more! We are beyond thankful for his time!

Susan from Boulevard Homes joins us!

Susan Brown from Boulevard Homes joins us! We discuss pouring into their agents, team building, franchising and more!

Realtor Erin O'Brien joins us!

Erin O'Brien from Erin Sells the South joins us! We talk making the move into real estate, the variables of why someone buys or sells - much more than you realize, manifesting goals and more!

Lindsay from Electric Rose Auto Salon joins us!

All the way from Oregon - Lindsay from Electric Rose Auto Salon joins us! Check out her story - jumping in to detailing during COVID! She discusses being doubted, overcoming adversity and an awesome lowrider bike story!

Jenna from Washed Up Mobile Detailing joins us!

An exceptional individual met through the Shine Supply family, Jenna joins us! Jenna owns and operates Washed Up Mobile Detailing in California. We discuss the hustle, starting your own mobile detailing and a lot else!

Serial Entrepreneur, Kevin Davis, joins us!

Kevin Davis, serial entrepreneur & the genius behind https://detailershelper.com tells his story, his business ventures and more! #LFGFAM